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9 DIY Loft Ladders You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

wooden stair ladder going up to the loft

If you have a loft, you know that finding the perfect ladder to reach it can be tricky. Most store-bought loft ladders are expensive, and it’s hard to incorporate them into every home due to their dimensions. That’s one of the main reasons people build their own custom ladder and incorporate it into their loft design.

However, if you’ve never built anything in your life or have some woodworking skills, building a ladder isn’t simple. Luckily, there are many excellent available plans that are straightforward to build, so you just need to follow the instructions.

This article will showcase some of the best DIY loft ladder plans for people of all skill sets, showing both simple and challenging projects.

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The Top 9 DIY Loft Ladders

1. Simple and Safe Loft Ladder by Berries & Barnacles

Image Credit: berriesandbarnacles
Materials: Two 2” x 4” boards, two 2” x 3” x 8’ or 2” x 4” x 8’ boards, two ½ inch screws, a hanger bolt
Tools: Saw, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you want to build a simple and safe loft ladder, this might be the perfect ladder plan for you. The whole plan is straightforward and only requires a drill and a saw.

You’ll need multiple different-sized boards, some screws, and a hanger bolt, and by following the instructions, you’ll make your own DIY loft ladder in no time. Of course, if these ladder measurements aren’t suitable for your loft, you can always follow the design but change the size of the boards.

2. Simple Loft Ladder for Tiny Homes

Simple Tiny House Loft Ladder
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: Two 2” x 6” x 8’ boards, six 2” x 6” x 2’ boards, 6’ of quarter round oak or pine, some 1 ½ inch screws, some 4-inch wood screws
Tools: Circular saw, drill, jig saw, driver, pencil, speed square
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Most of the time, people living in tiny homes need to maximize the available space and make the home feel bigger. However, finding the right design for your loft ladder can be difficult when living in a tiny home.

If you’re into DIY, you should check out this simple loft ladder design which is perfect for tiny homes. This plan is moderately challenging as it requires more tools, but it’s still simple to make. All you need to do is follow the instructions and get yourself a lovely loft ladder in a day.

3. Cheap & Easy Tiny Home DIY Loft Ladder

Materials: A 16-foot s” x 6” board, a smaller board for the stairs, a pencil, some screws, galvanized piping, two hooks
Tools: Circular saw, measure tape, drill, level, sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Are you looking to build a cheap and easy tiny home DIY loft ladder? If so, you should check out this DIY ladder plan. The finished ladder will be an excellent addition to any tiny home, increasing its functionality and making it look beautiful.

This plan requires you to have wood boards in different sizes, and you’ll need a circular saw to cut the boards. You’ll also need to use a drill and a sander, which is why this is a moderate-difficulty project. However, even a beginner DIYer should be able to make this ladder by following the given plan.

4. DIY Sliding Library Loft Ladder

Image Credit: haydenscharrer
Materials: A pre-made track, bolt, screws, track wheels, lateral screws, wood boards, stain, sealant, paint
Tools: Level, drill, pocket hole jig, saw, measure tape, sander, brush
Difficulty Level: Hard

If you want to make a loft ladder that will stand out and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, consider this cool DIY sliding library loft ladder design.

Although these ladders are called library ladders, that actually refers to their aesthetics instead of their purpose. That said, you can use them for any kind of loft, and they will become the main talk of the room because they look charming and rustic yet modern and simple. This ladder plan is more demanding than most of the others on our list because it requires a lot of tools and has multiple steps to the process.

5. Rolling and Folding DIY Loft Ladder

Rolling Folding Shop Loft Ladder
Image Credit: pneumaticaddict
Materials: Brackets, self-tapping screws, wood boards, hinges, wheels, wood glue
Tools: Measure tape, a pencil, an angle grinder, a drill, a circular saw, clamps
Difficulty Level: Hard

If you’re dealing with a large, high loft and are up for a challenge, you should consider this rolling and folding DIY loft ladder plan. It is one of the most challenging plans on our list because the ladder needs to be movable and foldable. Also, to execute this plan successfully, you’ll need advanced tools, which is why this ladder may be unsuitable for beginners.

Although this plan is difficult, it’s not too expensive, which makes it convenient, plus you can customize the details.

6. Small DIY Loft Step Ladder by Abbotts at Home

How To Build A Wooden Step Ladder
Image Credit: abbottsathome
Materials: Wood boards, self-tapping screws, paint, stain
Tools: Drill, miter saw or circular saw, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re looking for a small ladder for your tiny home, loft, or loft bed, then check out this small DIY loft step ladder plan. It’s an excellent project that’s beginner-friendly and doesn’t require advanced tools, although you need to know how to handle either a miter saw or a circular saw.

As long as you have one of those saws and a drill, you’ll be able to make this little practical ladder in a couple of hours.

7. Pine Lumber DIY Loft Ladder by Ryan Hobbies

Loft Ladder Design & Construction
Image Credit: ryanhobbies
Materials: Two 2” x 6” x 8’ pine lumber boards, two 2” x 12” x 12’ pine lumber boards, glue
Tools: Drill, jig saw, sander, hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you want to make a ladder but don’t have any experience in woodworking, this might be the best plan for you. This pine lumber DIY loft ladder is easy to make, and the finishing ladder looks fantastic. You won’t need a bunch of fancy tools, although this project requires you to have a drill, jig saw, sander, and hammer. All the instructions are straightforward, so as long as you stick by them, you shouldn’t have any issues with successfully assembling your new ladder.

8. DIY Loft Bed Ladder

How To Build A Ladder For A Loft Bed
Image Credit: houserituals
Materials: Wood boards, wood screws, paint, sealant
Tools: Measure tape, circular saw, clamps, drill, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

Many people have bunk beds or need them for their kids or guests. While bunk beds look nice, sometimes they come without a ladder, and it can be tricky to find that perfect ladder for climbing onto the bed. Luckily, this DIY loft bed ladder is a great way to use your hands to make your own loft bed ladder. The plan is easy to execute, and you’ll have a durable and safe ladder to reach your loft bed after you finish.

9. Pull Down DIY Attic Ladder by This Old House

How to Install Pull-Down Attic Stairs
Image Credit: thisoldhouse
Materials: Wood boards, nails, screws, hinges, spring drums, cable pulley, cable holders
Tools: Drywall saw, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Lastly, you can check out this amazing pull-down DIY attic ladder plan. This is a moderate project that will require you to use multiple tools. However, the installation process is straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any issues building this ladder if you follow it. You’ll surely break a sweat while making this ladder, but the end product will be both beautiful and functional. Also, these ladders can cost a fortune in stores, so you’ll be saving some money down the line.

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Building a loft ladder is much easier than it seems—all you need to do is decide on a plan, gather the needed materials and tools, and get to work. With so many available options, there’s a DIY ladder plan for everyone, from experienced woodworkers to newbie DIYers. Remember to follow the given instructions and build yourself a new loft ladder today.

Featured Image Credit: Friends Stock, Shutterstock


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