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Curved vs Straight Shower Rods: How to Choose

luxury shower curtain on rod

If you’ve stayed in a nice hotel recently, you probably noticed that the shower seemed to have plenty of room. It may not have been that the shower space was actually larger though. Instead, it was likely the extra space provided by a curved shower rod. Despite giving you up to one-third more shower space, curved shower rods don’t seem to be found in people’s homes as often as you’d expect. This makes you wonder, is there an advantage to the straight shower rod? When should you choose one over the other? We’re going to briefly discuss the differences between these two similar products, to help you determine which one is best for your bathroom.

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Curved Shower Rod

Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved

If your shower is currently equipped with a straight rod and feels like the liner keeps creeping in on you, then a curved shower rod, like the Zenna Home NeverRust Tension Mount Curved shower rod, can give you plenty of space inside the shower. The liner won’t be bugging you anymore, and the way it hangs down will cause it to stick to the inside of the tub better than with a straight rod. Of course, the extra space inside the shower means you’ll be sacrificing a bit of space in the rest of the bathroom. This means that curved shower rods aren’t the best option for small bathrooms.

More than just providing extra space, curved shower rods seem to look much more luxurious as well, another reason they’re often found in nice hotels. However, they also tend to be more expensive than their simple, straight counterparts. They will work fine with regular shower curtains and liners though, so if you’re switching over from a straight rod you won’t need to purchase new ones.

  • Up to 1/3 more shower space
  • Provides a more elegant look
  • The liner won’t bother you during your shower
  • Tends to be more expensive
  • Reduces space in the rest of the bathroom

Straight Shower Rod

AmazonBasics 1009905-127-A60

Everyone has used a shower with a straight rod and curtain. It’s pretty much the standard, basic shower setup. They’re inexpensive and they can be found anywhere. Showering with a straight rod can also feel a bit cramped. The shower-liner tends to crowd your space and you may find yourself constantly bumping elbows with it. This is even worse if the air turns on and blows the liner into the shower space! Of course, since it doesn’t provide extra room in the shower, it doesn’t take any extra space up in the rest of the bathroom, a big advantage in rooms that are already cramped for space. Straight rods, like one of our favorites, the AmazonBasics A60 are very utilitarian and won’t do anything to enhance the looks of your bathroom.

  • Can be bought for cheap
  • Doesn’t take up extra bathroom space
  • Very plain and ordinary-looking
  • Doesn’t give much shower space
  • The liner tends to move in on you during a shower

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When Should You Pick One Over the Other?

Though they both perform the exact same function, allowing you to hang a shower curtain and liner, there are advantages and disadvantages to each that make them more suitable for certain situations. For example, if you have a very small bathroom that doesn’t have room to spare, you’re going to want to pick a straight rod that won’t cut into your already limited space. On the other hand, if your shower is tiny and cramped, you’ll want to choose a curved rod so the liner isn’t always crowding you while you wash off. If you want to improve the overall look of your bathroom, a curved shower rod can add a luxurious feel to an otherwise plain room. But if you just want the cheapest and easiest solution, then a straight rod can be found inexpensively almost anywhere.

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A curved shower rod can be an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom while improving your shower experience. The extra room in your shower can make it much more comfortable to use, though you’ll be sacrificing some bathroom space. Straight rods are still very popular though. They don’t take up any extra space, they’re cheap, and they can be purchased almost anywhere. You won’t get any extra shower space with a straight rod, but you also won’t give up any bathroom space either. In the end, it comes down to personal preference since both of them work equally well at blocking water from escaping your shower.

Featured image credit: RelentlessImages, Shutterstock


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