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9 DIY Outdoor Chandelier Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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So many of us love to relax, eat a meal, and entertain on our outdoor patios. They have become an extension of our living space. If you are looking to upgrade your lighting, look at these DIY chandelier ideas. Many of the tutorials are simple and inexpensive and can be done with dollar store items or old items you have hanging around in the garage.

Take a look! You may get inspired!

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The 9 DIY Outdoor Chandeliers

1. DIY Dollar Store Outdoor Chandelier by HomeTalk

DIY dollar store outdoor chandelier
Image Credit: Hometalk
Materials: Hula hoops, burlap ribbon, candle holders, twine, battery-operated tea lights, greenery, hooks for hanging
Tools: hot glue gun, glue sticks, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Dollar Store Outdoor Chandelier tutorial is an easy DIY project that you can do in an hour or two. The time to make this chandelier will depend on the amount of creativity you put into it. The materials needed to complete the project are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local dollar store. The tools required are basic crafting tools that can be found in most homes or can be purchased online or at a craft supply, hardware, or home supply store.

This easy chandelier has a lot of possibilities if you want to be creative and put in some effort. You can paint pictures on the clear glass candle holders or just use colored ones. The chandelier can have all the same-colored glass or mix up the colors. You can add greenery like the tutorial or do some flowered vines to add color. Use your imagination to see what you can create.

2. DIY Dollar Tree Solar Chandelier by The Shabby Tree

DIY dollar tree solar chandelier
Image Credit: The Shabby Tree
Materials: Plastic fencing, wire mesh basket, zip ties, solar lights, hanging chain, wire wreath form
Tools: Scissors, wire cutters
Difficulty Level: Easy

Another DIY Dollar Tree Solar Chandelier that can be done in an hour or two. The materials are budget-friendly and easy to work with. This is a project for any crafter and does not require any building or advanced tool skills. If you can use zip ties and wire cutters, the job will be done in no time.

If you want to get creative, you can change things up a bit to reflect your own personality. Paint it with your favorite color or add some greenery. Whatever it takes to make it part of your outdoor décor.

3. Easy DIY Outdoor Rustic Chandelier by The V Spot

DIY outdoor rustic chandelier
Image Credit: The V Spot
Materials: Circular tomato cage, cedar fence boards, 18-gauge wire (colored or copper), chain for hanging, wood stain or tint, gold paint or glaze, plug-in hanging light fixture,
Tools: Wire cutters, chop saw, table saw, drill, ruler or tape measure
Difficulty Level: Easy

Here is a tutorial for an Easy DIY Outdoor Rustic Chandelier using items from your local hardware store or garden center. If you have basic DIY skills, this should be a simple project to complete. If you do not have the proper saw, get a friend or neighbor to cut the cedar boards for you.

Use the basic building concept to create this chandelier and add some of your own creativity. Paint the boards a color rather than stain if you choose or make the boards wider. It’s your outdoor chandelier so you can do whatever you want to show your personality.

4. DIY Hanging Planters Outdoor Light by Northern Cheapskate

DIY attractive outdoor light
Image Credit: Northern Cheapskate
Materials: String lights, hanging planters, zip ties, ceiling hooks
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Super easy

This is a straightforward tutorial for Turning Hanging Planter into an Attractive Outdoor Light is a budget-friendly alternative to buying an outdoor chandelier. You do not need to have any building or DIY skills or tools to complete this outdoor light. The light can be completed in an hour or so and you will need to put the hooks in to hang the light.

The light can be done with plug-in or battery-operated string lights. It will depend on your preference and outlet capabilities.

The metal planters can be left alone or painted. You may want to paint them white or a bright color to match your seat cushions. You can also paint them to look like wood.

5. Fairy Light Project: DIY Solar Light Chandelier by Garden Therapy

DIY hanging solar lights
Image Credit: garden therapy
Materials: Hanging wire basket, hanging chains, Outdoor solar stake light, decorative materials
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

An easy Fairy Light Project: DIY Solar Light Chandelier tutorial that will have you handing your creation in less than an hour. You only need five materials, and it does not require any tools. It can be done alone on the weekend or a cute project for you and your grandchild.

Whether you use this in your garden or on your patio, use beads or crystals to reflect the light. Paint it mother of pearl and add some seashells. See what you can do.

6. Gorgeous DIY French Beaded Chandelier by The Lemonista

DIY hanging solar lights
Image By: The Lemonista
Materials: Hobby Lobby hanging plant basket, beads, spray paint, hot glue, ball canning jar lid, jute twine
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

To make this Gorgeous DIY French Beaded Chandelier you will need a few supplies, an afternoon, and a bit of patience. It does not require any special tools and is easy to do.

The step-by-step tutorial lists where the supplies were purchased, the cost, and the amount needed to complete the chandelier. The beads are spray painted in ivory, but you can choose to paint the beads any color that you would like. Maybe do an ombre effect or black and white. The color can always be changed to match your décor.

7. DIY Hanging Solar Light by Grandmas House DIY

DIY hanging solar light
Image By: Grandmas House DIY
Materials: Glass bowl shades, solar lights, hanging baskets, washers, gorilla glue
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

The step-by-step guide for the Hanging Solar Light is easy enough to be done in about an hour. It will require an upcycled glass bowl shade from an old light fixture or sconce. If you do not have one, you can purchase a glass shade at your local lighting or hardware store. The remaining items can be purchased at your local family or dollar store.

Paint the hanging basket to match the glass bowl or have contrasting colors like black and white. The guide shows the lights on the deck railing also. The upcycled bowls look good on the deck railing, also. You can see a picture in the tutorial.

8. Rustic DIY Candle Outdoor Chandelier by Remodelaholic

DIY rustic candle outdoor chandelier
Image By: Remodelaholic
Materials: Six-foot board, eye bolts, Kreg screws, decorative chain, stain (optional), two sets of candles, screw hook
Tools: Miter saw, Kreg jig tool, pliers, drill, sander (for unclaimed wood), hole saw (optional)
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The step-by-step instruction for the Rustic Candle Outdoor Chandelier gives detailed instructions for you to complete this project. Sarah provides pictures and offers additional options like using Velcro on the candles rather than routing holes in the wood. The project can be completed by a seasoned DIY’er or a beginner.

The reclaimed wood that was used can be left to look weathered or you can purchase new boards at your local hardware store. You also have the option of having new boards cut to length when you purchase them. Having the boards cut at the store will be helpful if you do not have the tools to do it at home. Either way, you can have a rustic chandelier hanging on your patio by the end of the weekend.

9. DIY Outdoor Pendant Light by Unexpected Elegance

DIY outdoor pendant light
Image By: Unexpected Elegance
Materials: Baskets, light kit, decorative loop, rope, hook for hanging, gorilla glue
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

The tutorial for the DIY Outdoor Pendant Light is short and simple. The project should be completed in an hour or so with five materials and no tools. The lights can be made with inexpensive baskets and a few other items.

Since the lights are made with baskets, you can make them with your favorite set from the local home store. The lights can be made with one basket design, or you can use three coordinating ones.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you like fairy lights or reclaimed wood, there is an affordable outdoor chandelier project for you. Most of the chandeliers can be completed in less than a day and do not require a lot of materials. So, if you are a beginner DIY’er, look at these outdoor chandeliers and give one a try.

Featured Image Credit: Ussama Azam, Unsplash


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