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15 DIY Shooting Bench Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Man sighting on a shooting bench

If you are a hunter, gun collector, or target shooter, a shooting bench can be a great way to improve your shot while providing comfort. Shooting benches also make it easy to compare two similar rifles by providing a constant. If you would like to have one of these benches but don’t have a deep wallet, you can build one as good as any other with a few supplies, tools, and plenty of patience.

We are going to list several plans that you can build today, and for each, we’ll give you a short description along with a picture—so you can see if it’s something you want to make.

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The 15 DIY Shooting Bench Plans

1. Permanent Shooting Bench from OhioSportsman

Built a shooting bench
Image Credit: Ohio Sportsman

Difficulty: Intermediate

The permanent shooting bench is extremely stable because you can put the legs directly into the ground. It’s easy to build and doesn’t have any angles in the cuts, but the wood is thick so you will need a power saw—making it not quite a beginner build. However, the resulting project is durable enough to last you several years.

2. Two Station Shooting Bench from AZ Pilot

AZ Pilot Builds Great Two-Station Shooting Bench
Image Credit: Bulletin Accurate Shooter

Difficulty: Advanced

The Two StationShooting Bench from AZ Pilot is an advanced build that can take several days to complete, and since the wood is quite thick, it’s better to use power tools. There are several angles to cut, and it requires plenty of lumber since it’s a two-seater, but the result is one of the most durable on this list, and it should last several years. You can finish it in several ways, but the classic stain always looks the best.

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3. DIY Double Shooting Bench from HowToSpecialist

Image Credit: How to Specialist

Difficulty: Beginner

The DIY Double Shooting Bench from HowToSpecialist is a highly customizable yet easy-to-build, useful, and comfortable project. It requires only wood glue, screws, putty, and stain. There are no difficult angle cuts, and you can make it with a handsaw if that’s all you have. While the plan does not include wheels, the included pictures show you how to install them to make it portable.

4. Free Shooting Bench Plan from MyOutdoorPlans

Free shooting bench plans
Image Credit: My Outdoor Plans

Difficulty: Beginner

The Free Shooting Bench Plan from MyOutdoorPlans is similar to the last plan in many ways but provides an additional seat, which can help stabilize the bench while using it. You will need lumber screws and wood glue to complete this project, along with a hammer, tape measurer, and saw. There are no difficult cuts to complete, and you should be able to finish it in a day or two. Just like the last plan, it’s easy to make this portable by adding caster wheels.

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Folding Shooting Bench Plans

5. Portable Shooting Bench from Portercalls

Portable shooting bench
Image Credit: Porter Custom Calls

Difficulty: Easy

The Portable Shooting Bench from Portercalls is another easy-to-build bench with folding legs to create a bench you can take anywhere. It only requires a single piece of plywood and a few iron pipes for the legs. The rest of the materials are minor and easy to find, so you should be able to complete this project in a day or two.

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Portable Shooting Bench Plans

6. Spool Shooting Bench

DIY Shooting Bench Plans
Image Credit: American Hand Gunner
Difficulty: Beginner

The Spool Shooting Bench recycles an old electrical wire spool or cable spool that you might be able to find discarded near a construction site or at a dump. Building the shooting bench is easy, and since it is so simple, it is quite durable. Besides the spool, you will only need a wooden post to help create the seats, and you won’t need any special tools. The only downside is that the instructions are not too clear.

7. DIY Portable Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Intermediate

The DIY Portable Shooting Bench fits together like a puzzle once you finish building it, so it’s easy to transport to wherever you need it. It’s lightweight, stable, and durable and uses only relatively thin plywood in construction. The instructions aren’t super clear, but it is easy enough to figure out if you watch closely, and you won’t need any special tools.

8. Barron Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Barron Shooting Bench uses a simple design and easy-to-find materials, like scrap wood, nails, and other items. The finished product is lightweight enough to make it portable yet stable and provides plenty of room for shooting.

9. Gould Brothers Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Moderate

The Gould Brothers Shooting Bench is a moderately difficult project that mainly uses 2×4 boards and screws. The author explains how to build it without using expensive tools, and you can complete it in a day or two. It’s also relatively inexpensive, and even if you need to purchase all-new wood, the author claims that it will cost less than $100. One of the things that we like best about this plan is that it has wheels, so it is easy to transport to where you need it.

10. DIY 2×4 Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Beginner

The DIY Shooting Bench is easy to build and only requires a few nails and 2x4s, as the name suggests. It’s one of the easier-to-follow plans on this list, and the author illustrates all the steps in video format, so it is easy to know what you should do next. The finished product is comfortable, durable, and just lightweight enough to move to any location. The total cost of the lumber is relatively low, and you can add paint or varnish to help it tolerate moisture and sunlight better, extending its useful lifespan.

11. Airbuks DIY Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Advanced

The Airbuks DIY Shooting Bench Plan is a great option for someone looking for a shooting bench that is relatively lightweight and easy to carry. This plan strategically places holes that do just that while working to make the bench more attractive and less like a DIY project. It can be difficult to build because of the many curved cuts, but it is worth the effort if you are a skilled woodworker.

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Folding Shooting Bench Plans

12. Knockdown Shooting Bench

DIY Shooting Bench Plans
Image Credit: Scribd
Difficulty: Beginner

The Knockdown Shooting Bench is an easy-to-build project that only requires a sheet of plywood and a hand saw. It’s perfect for right- and left-hand shooters, it’s lightweight, and you can assemble it quickly without any tools. The project is free with website sign-up, and you can even download the instructions. Adding a varnish or lacquer coating will help the bench resist moisture and be more durable.

13. Take Down Portable Shooting Bench

DIY Shooting Bench Plans
Image Credit: Reddit
Difficulty: Advanced

The Take Down Portable Shooting Bench is an incredibly attractive project that you can build out of ordinary plywood. However, it has many curved cuts that require specialized tools, so it’s better suited for an advanced woodworker, especially since the instructions are little more than a detailed diagram. Once built, it’s easy to assemble and transport, and you can finish it in several different ways to help protect it from moisture.

14. Adjustable and Portable Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Beginner

The Adjustable and Portable Shooting Bench is incredibly easy to build and recycles an old ironing board. It’s the perfect bench for target shooting with multiple people who all like the bench to be at different heights. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and has a felt surface that keeps everything more stable and comfortable than standard wood. The author shows you how to build it in video format and even demonstrates how it works.

10. Southern Ginger Adjustable Shooting Bench

Difficulty: Moderate

The Southern Ginger Adjustable Shooting Bench is large, stable, and durable. It has an adjustable bench that makes it suitable for multiple users. It uses high-quality wood that you can purchase at your local home improvement center, and there are ways to shrink the project to save on costs. The instruction video is easy to follow, and if you have the tools, the bench will only take a few days to complete.

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Portable Shooting Bench Plans

15. DIY Concrete Shooting Bench

DIY Shooting Bench Plans
Image Credit: Ultimate Reloader
Difficulty: Moderate

If you have a space to set aside for shooting permanently, the DIY Concrete Shooting Bench is the perfect plan. This bench will last many years with little maintenance and is surprisingly easy to build. The author gives a great explanation in video format and links to the plans. The text instructions have plenty of images and are easy to follow, and there are tips on everything from mixing the cement to constructing the tabletop.


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Shooting benches are fairly easy to build, and in many cases, an old school desk or picnic table is all you need. However, many of the designs on this list will work even better, and you can build most in a single day, even if you are a beginner. If you have the skills and resources, some of the projects on this list will produce a shooting bench you can pass down through the generations.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this list and found a few plans you would like to try. If we have helped you improve your experience, please share this guide to shooting bench plans you can build today on Facebook and Twitter.

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