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15 DIY Trundle Beds You Can Construct Today (with Pictures)

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Trundle beds are an excellent way to accommodate overnight guests, especially if you have a small apartment with no extra rooms or if you need to save space. They are especially useful in a kid’s room for slumber parties while maintaining space for their bottomless pit of toys and gadgets.

Purchasing a trundle bed isn’t the cheapest option as they are typically quite pricey, but if you have the inspiration and motivation for DIY, the good news is that you can easily DIY a trundle bed that’s sturdy, creative, and practical. No matter what space you have or skill set involved, we have a plan that you can build today!

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The 15 DIY Trundle Bed Plans

1. DIY Trundle Bed Anyone Can Make by Angela Rose Home

DIY trundle bed
Image Credit: Angela Rose Home
Materials: Wood, pine boards, wood stain, nails, screws
Tools: drill, nail gun, miter saw, sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Save space and money will create a stylish trundle bed that your guests will love. This DIY trundle bed is an easy design for a DIYer, as long as you have the right tools and a lot of patience.

The design is simple as it doesn’t include bed posts or a headboard, but the result is a modern and functional trundle bed. Building this bed may feel like a giant game of Tetris, but it is much simpler than it looks.

2. DIY Kids Trundle Bed by atCHARLOTTE’sHouse

DIY trundle bed
Image Credit: at Charlotte’s house
Materials: Plywood, screws, handles, casters, paint
Tools: Drill, circular saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

A trundle bed for your kids’ room is ideal for those weekend sleepovers while still having space for the mass of toys that live primarily on the floor. The design is simple enough for any DIY mom or husband to put together pretty quickly. The materials won’t cost you much, and you don’t need any premium power tools. Once it is all constructed and sturdy, a coat of paint will give it a finishing touch.

3. DIY Trundle Bed on Wheels by BUNNINGS

DIY trundle bed on wheels
Image Credit: Bunnings
Materials: Wood, window packers, caster wheels, nails, putty, PVA glue masking tape, sandpaper
Tools: Drill, sander, miter saw, hammer, nail punch, T-square, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Easy

Make sleepovers a dream with a trundle bed on wheels. It slides under an existing bed, saving space and providing another bed when a guest stays over. When selecting timber for your hardwood frame, keep in mind that it must be able to accommodate a mattress and under-bed sliders, and it must fit under the bed.

If you need to make this already simple DIY project more convenient, you can get the wood pre-cut, so you’re ready to go.

4. DIY Roll Away Trundle Bed by landeelu

DIY trundle bed
Image Credit: Landeelu
Materials: Bunker board, caster wheels, handles, fabric
Tools: Drill, staple gun
Difficulty Level: Easy

You can build an extra bed for your guests in just an hour with this simple DIY trundle bed project. It involves minimal materials and basic tools that most people already have at home. It can be customized to fit any size bed and can very easily be rolled out for sleeping and rolled right back into storage to save space. This plan is ideal for a child’s bed.

5. DIY Trundle Daybed by Dani Koch

DIY daybed expandable twin to king guest bed
Image Credit: Dani Koch
Materials: Stud boards, finish boards, furring strip, furniture legs, screws, corner top plates, sandpaper, wood stain
Tools: Miter saw, Kreg jig, drill, clamps, sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A daybed is an excellent piece of furniture when guests stay over often, but with this DIY project, you can turn a twin daybed into a king bed more easily than you think. It is not a classic trundle design, but it works the same way and will save you a lot of time and money.

It has an easy-to-follow plan that any woodworking beginner can pull off and requires tools that most beginners will already own, so if you are looking for a neat project to expand your skills, this is a great one for you.

6. DIY Loft Bed with Trundle by Instructables

DIY loft bed with trundle
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Wood, caster wheels, screws, wood stain
Tools: Circular saw, drill, sander, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY loft bed is based on a simple box design that is ideal for very small spaces. This box design is a beginners dream and is a great DIY project for a carpentry beginner. Once the bed and trundle are constructed, you can easily slide it out for your guest and have two comfortable and sturdy beds. You can add a guard rail or headboard to this plan or even choose to add it on at a later stage.

7. DIY Trundle Bed for Beginners by One LifeThyme

DIY trundle bed for beginners
Image Credit: One Life Thyme
Materials: Plywood, nails, caster wheels, handles
Tools: Miter saw, hand saw, electric screwdriver, hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Trundle bed is great for a novice because the cuts are mostly small, straight angle cuts, with basic wood joining, so if you are a beginner and are in full DIY mode then this one’s for you. You can add a headboard or finish it off with multiple large pillows for a rustic daybed look.

Choose a stain or a paint color to match your décor. Then, add a mattress and some pillows, and that’s it! Your guests will swoon over this daybed design and rest easily and comfortably for the night.

8. Simple DIY Twin Bed Trundle by Her Tool Belt

DIY simple twin bed trundle
Image Credit: her Tool belt
Materials: Plywood, board, caster wheels, pocket hole screws, wood glue, primer, paint
Tools: Drill, pocket hole jig, clamps
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If it’s time for your kids’ room to have an upgrade, a trundle bed is a great idea and will be a hit at sleepovers. If you have basic woodworking skills, this design will be no sweat for you, but if you are a beginner, it may require just a little extra time and patience.

If you prefer extra storage, the mattress doesn’t have to stay, and you can store extra bedding or toys in the trundle until an extra bed is needed.

9. DIY Rolling Trundle Bed by Infarrantly Creative

DIY rolling trundle bed
Image Credit: New Infarrantly Creative
Materials: Wood, caster wheels, screws, wood stain
Tools: Drill, circular saw, sander, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are looking to add a trundle to an existing bed, this is a quick and easy plan that won’t cost you a lot of money. You can have it done easily in a weekend, and you will be prepared to host guests the following weekend. It is easily customizable to suit any bed you want to add a trundle to, and it can easily slide in and out for easy access.

10. DIY Trundle Bed with Nook by HGTV

DIY trundle bed
Image Credit: HGTV
Materials: Wood, board, screws, nails, casters, galvanized rail support, galvanized caps and pipe, wood stain
Tools: Sander, drill, carpenter square, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

You can create an extra sleeping space as well as an extra cozy nook for a small desk or reading bean bag with this awesome DIY trundle bed plan. This is a great design for a kid’s room since the space can be adapted for many functions. It’s a fairly easy design for someone with basic woodworking skills but can make a great project for someone looking for a bit of a challenge.

11. Simple DIY Trundle Bed by frazzledJOY

DIY trundle bed
Image Credit: frazzled JOY
Materials: Wood, casters, furniture movers, liquid nails straps, screws
Tools: Jigsaw
Difficulty Level: Easy

Adding a trundle to your bed for extra sleeping space can’t get easier than this. First, you need to add casters to an existing bed to make it easier to move around, and then you can get onto the trundle. All that’s required for the trundle is a piece of board cut to size. Then, you’ll add some furniture movers, attach them with liquid nails, and you will be surprised at how well it slides out. This plan is perfect if you need to organize a trundle bed on short notice.

12. DIY Trundle Bed using Bunkie Board by The Spruce

DIY trundle bed
Image By: the Spruce
Materials: Bunkie board, plywood, handles, casters, corner guards
Tools: Drill, circular saw, staple gun, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are a novice looking to DIY a trundle bed, or you need to put one together quickly, this project can be put together in just a day or two, and most of the materials can be found at a hardware store. The Bunkie board can be found in a furniture store or online. It keeps your trundle bed looking neater, and the pull-out handle fits perfectly on the leading edge of the Bunkie board.

13. DIY Pallet Trundle Bed by SMS Designs

DIY pallet day bed with roll out trundle
Image By: SMS Designs
Materials: Pallets, screws, wood glue
Tools: Drill, miter saw, orbital sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you enjoy the rustic pallet look, then what better way to DIY a trundle bed than with pallet wood! This bed is simple to construct and is sturdy enough for your guest to enjoy a good night sleep.

It’s important to note that you need to take extra care when working with pallets as they can contain harmful pollutants. Do some research and decide if this material is suitable for you before beginning your project.

14. DIY Trundle Bed with Bookcase by Addicted 2 Decorating

DIY built-in bookcases & daybed
Image By: Addicted 2 Decorating
Materials: Wood, screws, construction adhesive, L-brackets, casters
Tools: Jigsaw, drill, Kreg jig, table saw, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

If you are looking for a big project to exercise your DIY and woodworking skills, then try this plan to build a trundle bed with bookshelves on either side. It makes a great attraction to any room and will be an amazing piece of furniture for both storage and space saving. Make sure you put some time away for this one and start the project with a good dose of patience. It will be absolutely worth it in the end.

15. DIY Single Trundle Bed with Storage Drawers by AnaWhite

DIY captains bed with trundle bed
Image By: Ana White
Materials: Wood, plywood sheet, caster wheels, drawer slides, pocket hole screws, brad nails, handles, wood glue
Tools: Kreg jig, miter saw, circular saw, sander, speed square, tape measure
Difficulty Level:

Make your own bed, complete with trundle and storage drawers! Spend a few hundred dollars instead of thousands, and you can customize the finish and hardware. If you are a skilled woodworker, this design is ideal, but it may prove difficult if you are a beginner; nonetheless, give it a try if you are compelled to!

The finished bed will be large and may not fit through a doorway. You may want to build it in pieces and then move into the room to put it all together.

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Trundle beds allow you to provide your guests with the comfort of a real bed while keeping the bed completely hidden the rest of the time. These DIY trundle bed plans are inexpensive and great projects for any professional or beginner looking for extra space for their guests while also saving space. Whatever kind of space you’re trying to fill with a trundle bed, one of these DIY plans will fit the bill!

Featured Image Credit: Scott-lee, Shutterstock


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