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20 Festive DIY Wood Christmas Tree Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

white wood christmas tree

Christmas is a time of year for family, food, and fun. It’s also one of the biggest DIY and crafting times of the year, with millions of folks making their decorations. One of the most popular projects in the last few years is DIY wood Christmas trees, especially from pallets. Wood brings a natural, homey and rustic element to any Christmas celebration. A DIY tree doubles down on all three for a beautiful decoration that will last for years. If you’re keen on making a DIY wood Christmas tree of your own this year, we have 20 plans for you below.

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The 20 Festive DIY Wood Christmas Tree Plans

1. Basic DIY Pallet Christmas Tree by DIY Huntress

Skill Level Low
Materials Pallet, wood screws, nails
Tools Needed Table saw, drill, hammer (for removing nails)

Simple, rustic, and charming, this is the epitome of DIY wood Christmas trees. There’s no space between the wood planks, which some people like. You can space the planks wider to make a taller tree if you wish. See the plans from DIY Huntress.

2. DIY Wood Christmas Tree Shelf by Tinsel + Wheat

Skill Level Moderate
Materials Wooden planks, screws, wood glue, nails
Tools Needed Table saw, miter saw, drill

This fun little tree from Tinsel & Wheat is perfect for hanging on a wall. The stars, letters, and trees inside add a sweet touch. However, you can forego those extras and put in anything you like, including other decorations, small photos, etc. Consider it a knick-knack shelf explicitly made for the holidays!

3. Rustic DIY herringbone Wood Christmas Tree by Remodelaholic

Skill Level Moderate
Materials Pallets or weathered fence slats, nails, wood glue, paint
Tools Needed Miter saw, hammer, optional air compressor and nail gun

These trees from Remodelaholic expand on the basic pallet Christmas tree by adding depth and character with a herringbone pattern. You could easily make one in a day, but it might be better to cut enough pallet wood and make several simultaneously. Then, you’d have several trees of various sizes to place in and around your yard. Plus, making them taller is as simple as adding more of the same size pieces of wood.

4. DIY Scrap Wood Block Christmas tree by Lizzy & Erin

Skill Level Moderate
Blocks of scrap wood, screws, wood glue, raffia, green paint, brown stain, metal (or other material), bow
Tools Needed Table saw, paintbrush, sponge

Lizzy & Erin show you how to make this delightfully blocky wood Christmas tree! Using blocks of scrap wood, you build it up like a pyramid, with an easy, circular base and cute raffia bow on top. The size can be changed using bigger or smaller blocks.

5. Painted DIY Santa Pallet Tree from HubPages

Skill Level Moderate
Materials Pallets, paint(s), wood glue, wood screws, string lights, nails
Tools Needed Table saw, drill, hammer

This DIY wood Christmas tree from Hubpages is so jolly and festive! It’s the same as a basic pallet Christmas tree except that, once made, you paint it to look like Santa and Mrs. Claus. Add some lights, and you’ve got a DIY tree that will brighten your holidays!

6. Rotating DIY Christmas Sticks Tree by Church Stage Design Ideas

Skill Level High
Materials 2×4 boards, steel pipe, stain, threaded flanges
Tools Needed Table saw, wood glue, paintbrush

This unique tree is made using several 2x4s cut to small, medium, and large lengths and then attached to a central metal pole. It’s very attractive but will likely weigh a lot when finished, which might be problematic for some people. Still, it’s impressive and will make a memorable Christmas tree wherever it’s displayed. You can find plans for this attractive DIY Tree at Church Stage Design Ideas.

7. Easy DIY 2×4 Wood Christmas Tree by Rogue Engineer

Skill Level Low to Moderate
Materials 2×4 scrap boards, wood screws, wood glue, paint, nails
Tools Needed Table saw, drill, paintbrush

Rogue Engineer brings us this basic but adorable wooden tree that harkens back to Charlie Brown and his pathetic (but ultimately beautiful) tree. You can also use green and red paint to make this charming tree stand out even more or decorate it with some basic trimmings.

8. Stackable DIY Christmas Tree Shelf by Woodshop Diaries

Skill Level High
Materials Square dowels, plywood, wood glue, wood screws
Tools Needed Miter saw, drill, jig, saw, nails

From Woodshop Diaries comes this gorgeous DIY wood tree that’s also easy to store after the holidays have come and gone. It’s stackable, so the parts fit inside each other for easy storage! You’ll need extra DIY skills, though, since there are angles, small cuts, and more to deal with. If you’ve got the skills, this would be a lovely way to celebrate and show off decorations, holiday plants, and more.

9. DIY Wood Christmas Tree Corner Shelf from All the Hobbies

Skill Level Moderate to High
Materials Plywood, wood glue, stain, paint, wood screws or nails
Tools Needed Jig saw, large straight edge, circular saw, table saw, stain, nail gun, or drill.

All the Hobbies has the plans for this gorgeous wood Christmas tree corner shelf and shows you how to make it in their excellent video also! Once finished, you can do all sorts of things with this shelf! Paint it, decorate it, display your Christmas village, you name it! It would even look nice after the holidays as a knick-knack shelf.

10. Modern DIY Wood Christmas Tree by Joinery & Design Co

Skill Level Low
Materials Plywood, paint, stain
Tools Needed Jig or coping saw, table saw

From Joinery Design Co come these precious small wooden Christmas trees come from Joinery Design Co for display on a desk, table, or centerpiece. They’re very easy to make, and you can make several of these in different sizes for a wonderful table centerpiece. Also, staining them with Christmas colors would likely look amazing and add a splash of color to any Christmas display.

11. Rustic DIY Christmas Card Holder Tree by Prudent Penny Pincher

Skill Level Low
Materials Wood tree, stain, twine, mini clothespins, floral wire,
Tools Needed Paintbrush, hot glue gun, scissors

Although this is a store-bought wood tree, the directions for making it into a card holder from Prudent Penny Pincher are excellent! Once finished, you’ll have all the room you need to hang your precious Christmas cards from friends and family. You can also decorate or paint it any way you like before hanging your cards. It’s a fantastic afternoon project for the holidays!

12. DIY Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree by Down Redbud Drive

Skill Level Low to moderate
Materials Wood tree, fabric scraps, quilt batting, stain, buttons, ribbon
Tools Needed Hot glue gun, permanent marker, scissors

This charming DIY wood Christmas tree uses fabric scraps to knock the charm up a notch! Brought to us by Down Redbud Drive, flannel scraps and buttons turn a bare wood tree into something extra special to put a nostalgic spin on your holiday fun. You could also use them to pin small holiday charms or cards to the front.

13. DIY Wooden Triangle Christmas Tree by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Skill Level Low
Materials Plywood, stain, wood glue, nails, paint
Tools Needed Miter saw, jig saw, stencil

Adventures of a DIY Mom comes to us with this easy, cute wood Christmas tree that will add life to your holiday displays and give your home a more rustic feel. It’s an easy afternoon DIY project that offers satisfying results. These would make excellent holiday gifts for your friends, also.

14. DIY Wood Christmas Tree Candy Stand by Woodshop Diaries

Skill Level Moderate
Materials Plywood, stain, wood glue, screws, paint
Tools Needed Miter saw, jig saw, drill, painters tape

Another entry from Woodshop Diaries, this exquisite wood candy stand not only looks amazing but lets you offer holiday candy and treats to your guests with some flair! The tree is stained in two colors and big enough for lots of treats but small enough to fit on a side table. You can also use it to serve snacks and finger food at your holiday parties and impress your guest with your cooking and DIY skills!

15. DIY Scandinavian Wood Christmas Tree by Kippi at Home

Skill Level Low
Materials 2×4 scraps, foam, vinyl decals, stain
Tools Needed Table saw, pencil, gloves, sandpaper, foam, or paintbrush

While admittedly basic, these darling wood Christmas trees from Kippi at Home are a fun project for the whole family. You’ll need some vinyl decals, which you can buy at any hobby store, but you can use colored electrical tape as well. DIY projects don’t get much easier than this, but the results are truly beautiful. Plus, the sky’s the limit in terms of the way you decorate them.

16. DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Tree by Funky Junk Interiors

Skill Level Low
Materials Wood fence planks, wood blocks, pencils, paint, wood dowel, wood glue
Tools Needed Table saw, drill.

If you’re looking for an adorable DIY wood Christmas tree, these from Funky Junk Interiors are a real treat! They have a wood base that looks like a present and are about as rustic as decorations come. You can make several and use them as a centerpiece or put them all over your home. Paint them in different color stains for an even bolder look!

17. DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Tree by Hometalk

Skill Level Moderate
Wood fence planks, wood blocks, pencils, paint, wood dowel, wood glue, old knobs, old handles
Tools Needed Table saw, drill, screwdriver, screws, nails.

If shabby-chic is what floats your boat at Christmas, these DIY plans will captivate you! They use scrap wood, scrap parts, scrap handles, and, well, more scrap. The results, however, are surprising, and every single one will be 100% unique. Plus, using knobs, handles, and hangers, you’ll be able to hang some of your favorite Christmas ornaments on it too! Find all the details on Hometalk to make this memorable DIY tree.

18. Basic DIY Wood Christmas Tree by A Girl and a Glue Gun

Skill Level Low
Materials Scrap 2×4 planks, wood glue, aluminum pail, dirt, paint
Tools Needed Table saw, wood glue

Yes, this is a basic DIY wood Christmas tree, but we think you’ll agree it’s got quite a bit of charm in its simplicity. It’s also simple to construct using wood scraps, a pail, and a glue gun. If you have wood scraps, you might not even need to cut anything! Several of these trees from A Girl and a Glue Gun on your front steps would look amazing and give your home a rustic touch.

19. Painted DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Tree by Beck and Phil

Skill Level Low
Materials Pallets, different colored paints, stencils, screws, or nails
Tools Needed Table saw, drill, wood glue

Not far off from your basic pallet Christmas tree, this one from Beck and Phil adds a variety of colors and words to make it even more festive. You can use whatever color combination you like and whatever words you feel capture the holiday spirit best. Whatever you choose, the resulting wood pallet Christmas tree will add an exquisite touch of Yuletide fun to your front yard.

20. Painted DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Tree from Toolbox Divas

Skill Level Moderate to High
⅜” threaded metal rod, 1×2 boards, 2×2 boards, washers, hex nuts, wood stain, paint screws
Tools Needed Table saw, drill.

Toolbox Divas brings us our last DIY Wood Christmas tree plans today, and it is impressive! The tree will be the centerpiece of your DIY Christmas collection and will easily allow you to hang some of your cherished ornaments for display. It’s a decent-sized project, but most DIY enthusiasts should have no problem making it look fantastic. Also, you can stain it whatever color you like to add more color to your holiday festivities!

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Final Thoughts

The Christmas holidays bring out the DIY in people more than any other. The DIY wood Christmas tree plans we’ve discussed are all free, relatively simple, and will make fun projects for folks who have DIY in their blood. Most are ridiculously cheap to make, so you don’t bust your holiday budget. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the plans we’ve presented and wish you all the best in making the ones you love most.

Featured Image Credit: hudsoncrafted, Pixabay

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