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5 DIY Wreath Hangers You Can Make at Home Today (With Pictures)

a Christmas wreath hanging on the door

You brought home a beautiful wreath to hang – only to realize that you have no way to hang it. You could purchase a wreath hanger, but then you’d have to wait on the hanger to get to your house. Plus, these tend to be surprisingly expensive.

Alternatively, you can make a wreath hanger pretty easily. Most people have the items needed for this DIY project lying around their house. Plus, there are several ways to make a wreath hanger. Therefore, try another if you don’t have the materials for one plan.

We’ve listed several methods below, allowing you to choose whichever option you like best (or can do promptly).

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The Top 5 DIY Wreath Hangers

1. Wire Hanger Method by DIY Inspired

DIY Wreath Hanger Tutorial
Image Credit: diyinspired
Materials: Wire hanger, wire cutter
Difficulty: Easy

All you need is a wire hanger and wire cutters for this method. You’ll need to make several cuts to separate the hanger in two. Then, you can bend the wire to hang a wreath. This method assumes that you have something to hang the back of the hanger on, as well. Therefore, it works best when hanging a wreath on top of something, but it isn’t quite suitable for the front door.

Either way, this method is very straightforward and should only take a few minutes.

2. Pipe Cleaner Method

Materials: Pipe cleaner
Difficulty: Easy

For this method, all you need is a pipe cleaner. You’ll attach the pipe cleaner to the wreath and then make a loop. Therefore, you can hang the wreath anywhere, assuming there’s a hook. While this method requires finding a hook of some sort, it makes hanging wreaths on hooks much more effective.

You can make a hook from anything, as well. You can also purchase adhesive hooks that can last a long time on a front door. Alternatively, you can use a nail, though this would mean putting a hole in a wall.

3. Slightly Different Wire Hanger Method by Pretty Providence

Image Credit: prettyprovidence
Materials: Wire hanger
Difficulty: Easy

For this method, you’ll also need a wire hanger. However, you’ll only be untwisting the hanger—not cutting it. Therefore, it works great for those who don’t have wire cutters lying around. The method is pretty straightforward.

However, we do recommend adorning the wire with yarn or ribbon. Otherwise, it doesn’t look the best. It could do with a little fixing up.

4. Ribbon Method by BHG

How to Hang a Christmas Wreath- 3 Easy Methods
Image Credit: bhg
Materials: Ribbon, Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

One of the simplest ways to hang a wreath is to use a ribbon. Simply put, you’ll want to wrap the ribbon around the wreath and then attach it to the door. As you’d expect, this is extremely simple. There are several ways to attach the ribbon to your door. One of them is to staple it over the top of the door. However, this method is easy to edit, allowing you to adjust it to your setup.

Finding a nice ribbon for this method is extremely helpful. You want it to look nice and preferably match your wreath.

5. Box Wreath Hanger by Girl in the Garage

How to Make a DIY Wreath Hanger
Image Credit: girlinthegarage
Materials: Old drawer, Paint, Plywood, Saw, Sandpaper, Stain, Hook (and things to install the hook)
Difficulty: Medium

This method is much more involved than others. It involves hanging a wreath and creating a whole platform for placing it on. You’ll need an old drawer to use as the “box” for hanging and plenty of paint. The steps are pretty straightforward, even if the formatting of the instructions is a bit confusing. Luckily, there are many pictures, so you should have no issue following along.

Because this option is so much more involved, many steps are involved. Therefore, we recommend this only for those with plenty of time. Having some DIY skills from previous projects is also helpful.

You can easily edit this method to suit your needs. You can change the paint color, hook, and stain. Therefore, you can easily make the finished project yours.

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There are many ways to hang a wreath. Many methods use wire hangers cut or twisted to turn them into wreath hooks. However, these only work for wreaths being hung on doors. Ribbons and pipe cleaners can make hoops or hang wreaths directly on doors.

If you have extra time on your hands, consider making a whole hanging box to display your wreath in. Of course, this works best for indoor displays. It may be a bit more work upfront, but it makes a beautiful centerpiece for a wall or fireplace.

Featured Image Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva, Pexels


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