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Dolphin Triton vs Nautilus: 2024 Comparison – Which One’s Best?

Dolphin Triton vs Nautilus

Dolphin Triton vs Nautilus

We know that 99% of pool owners would be happy with either of these cleaners, both for their incredible cleaning ability and ease-of-use. The Dolphin Nautilus is a bit less costly than the Triton, so if you need to watch the wallet and are OK with giving up a few features, it is the better value. Let’s dive into all of the differences between the Dolphin Triton and Dolphin Nautilus.

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What Are the Differences Between Them?


Both units are more than capable of picking up both dirt and small leaves and debris. They are both compact and easy to put into the pool. Neither unit has hoses that will get it tangled up, and the Dolphin Nautilus and Triton rarely get caught up in the corner of the pool. If you are looking for a robotic pool cleaner that cleans the sides of your pool, both of these machines are capable.


Pricing is considerably more for the Dolphin Triton model.


Both models are incredibly durable and built to last. The only problem we see here is that with the extra features available on the Triton, there is more that can go wrong. Dolphin stands behind their product. Both of these come with a warranty, but it is something to consider if durability is a concern.


The Dolphin Nautilis is slightly lighter (about four pounds) and a little easier to maneuver than the Triton. It comes with an easy to open and empty top where the debris has collected. The Triton model comes with a great carrying handle that makes removal from the pool a breeze. That being said, getting to the debris to empty it is a bit more complicated than it is with the Nautilus.

Quick Rundown of Dolphin Triton:

As we mentioned earlier, the Dolphin Triton is the more premium model. It retails for several times the cost of the Nautilus, but it does not come up short when it comes to benefits and features.

Dolphin Triton

  • PowerStream technology allows this robotic pool cleaner to stay along the sides of the pool and make sure that your entire pool is left clean. If the surface is horizontal or vertical, the Dolphin Triton can handle it. This is great for pool owners that struggle with algae or a water line that needs continually scrubbing.
  • With the superior grip technology, this pool cleaner will have the entire pool done in two hours.
  • Easy to use and works great even in larger pools.
  • Automation is probably the thing that sets this model so far apart from the Nautilus. You can program the Triton to run every day, every other day, or every third day. Also, there is an app you can download your phone to turn the unit on whenever you need it. The Triton has Bluetooth technology. A remote control also helps you direct this pool cleaner to an area of concern in your pool.
  • The Triton is a very energy-efficient model when compared to suction and pressure cleaners. Not having any hoses or a booster pump to run it will also save you some of your own energy!
  • The Dolphin Triton is expensive.
  • Weighs more than the Dolphin Nautilus

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Quick Rundown of Dolphin Nautilus:

Dolphin Nautilus

The Dolphin Nautilus is the lower-priced model in this battle. Will you have to give up too many features?

  • A very pool owner-friendly model. It comes with easy to follow instructions, and the overall system is simple to operate. You will not find yourself ready to pull out the manual vacuum just because of installation and setup on this model.
  • The Nautilus does not have any hoses or wires, and it can clean a pool up to 50 feet long. One of the great benefits of a robotic pool cleaner is not having to attach it to your pump and not needing a booster pump to run it.
  • The Dolphin Nautilus uses a CleverClean technology to map out your pool and effectively develop a plan to clean it. You won’t see this machine randomly wandering around the pool and skipping areas.
  • The Nautilus claims to clean any pool in less than three hours.
  • Lower priced model that can save you hundreds if not thousands over the Dolphin Triton.
  • Not as fast as the Dolphin Triton
  • Not Bluetooth
  • Not as easy to program
  • No top handle makes it harder to get out of the pool

What the Users Say

We know how important it is to read consumer reviews on products. In addition to our own experience, we did a little research to see what other people are saying. The majority of users believe that both of these products do an adequate job cleaning the pool. Several people mentioned the Dolphin Nautilus getting stuck and not being quite as high quality. The Dolphin Triton seems to perform a bit better overall, but as we said, when you are dealing with a more complex unit, more complex issues can come up.

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It is hard to choose a clear winner between the Dolphin Nautilus and the Dolphin Triton. Based on the cost difference between the two, it seems that the Nautilus does prove to be a better value. If you need Bluetooth and programable technology, then by all means, go for the Triton. To us, it just seems like quite a bit of a price difference for these features considering both units are capable of cleaning the entire pool in a fast and efficient way.


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