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How Many Watts Does a Crockpot Use? Pros, Cons, & FAQ

Crockpot SCV700-KC Crock Pot

Crockpot SCV700-KC Crock Pot

Kitchen appliances, including crockpots, help you easily and quickly prepare your meals. However, many of them use a lot of power, especially if working simultaneously. It’s always beneficial to know how many watts each appliance you own uses so that you’re prepared for possible blackouts and save energy.

People worldwide use crockpots to prepare various meals, from soups to desserts. These helpful appliances prepare the meal slowly, under a low temperature, so they are not huge energy spenders. The answer is somewhere around 150 watts, although that can vary depending on the temperature you set and the size, model, and brand of your crockpot. Read on to learn more about the power consumption of crockpots and if they make a good investment.


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The Watt Usage of Crockpots

While the wattage of your crockpot can vary based on its size, brand, and model, one of the most important features that will determine the watt usage is the temperature you set.

The average wattage usage of crockpots is around 150 watts, typically when set at a medium temperature. The crockpot will spend around 250 watts when set to a high temperature. Using your crockpot at a low temperature will use around 70 watts, which is significantly lower.

Crockpots VS Common Household Appliances – Power Consumption Differences

When you hear that an appliance spends around 150 watts, that doesn’t sound like a large number, and it’s not. Most other household appliances have higher wattage requirements, including eclectic ovens and air fryers, which are also used in meal preparation.

Appliance Power Consumption
Crockpot 250 Watts
Electric Oven 2,150 Watts
Espresso Coffee Machine 1,300 Watts
Air Fryer 1,500 Watts
Hair Dryer 1,250 Watts
Vacuum Cleaner 200 Watts

Even an espresso machine you probably use for your morning coffee uses more watts than a crockpot. That makes crockpots great for preparing meals, saving energy, and lowering your utility bills.

Do Crockpots Consume Lots of Power?

Crockpots don’t consume a lot of power, especially when you compare them with other appliances you use to prepare food. Because of that, many people use crockpots when RVing or during a power outage.

If there’s a power outage, and you’re simply outdoors and need to prepare a meal, you can get a smaller-wattage power generator and still be able to run your crockpot without any issues.

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Are Crockpots Energy Efficient?

Crockpots are energy efficient, so you should choose them for meal preparation instead of other appliances whenever you can. It can be stressful knowing the meals will take a long time to get done, but as long as you prepare everything in time, that shouldn’t be a big issue.

If needed, you can always set your crockpot to a high temperature; that will prepare the meal faster, and although it will use a bit more watts, it’s still much less than other cooking appliances.

Buying a Crockpot – Is It a Good Investment?

Although crockpots are not the most conventional appliance for food preparation, they are indeed a good investment. If you’re considering getting a crockpot but unsure if it’s the right cooking appliance for you, here’s a list of things that make it an excellent investment:

  • They are easy to use
  • They save you money and time
  • They save energy
  • They are easy to clean
  • You can use them for various recipes
  • You won’t need a lot of oil/fat

Pros and Cons of Using a Crockpot

Like every appliance, crockpots have benefits and disadvantages, although everything about them is mostly positive. They save energy, allow you to prepare healthy meals, and you can take them anywhere with you. However, they have a downside—the meal preparation takes quite a long.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Saves you money
  • You can prepare healthy meals
  • Great for traveling and RVing
  • Doesn’t require a high-wattage power generator
  • Ideal for people living a minimalist lifestyle
  • The preparation time is quite long

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Final Thoughts

Crockpots use between 70 and 250 watts, mostly depending on their temperature setting. Overall, they are an excellent appliance for anyone who wants to live a greener life and reduce their energy usage and utility bills. It’s also one of the most convenient cooking tools for outdoor activities, making cooking outdoors seem easy peasy!

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