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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Foundation? Updated in 2024

digging the brick foundation of a house for hydro isolation of basement

Does your house have a problem with the foundation, and you’re now wondering how much it costs to fix it? Is it better to repair the foundation or seek a complete house renovation instead?

The foundation is a critical part of any building. It keeps it stable and secure for the long term. Foundation issues can cause serious problems, depending on their severity and how long they’ve gone without repair or maintenance.

The number of repairs needed will depend on the nature and severity of your cracks and other damages. Thankfully, we’ve provided a ballpark cost range to give you an idea of what to expect. The average price for repairs is $4,728. Keep reading as we explain further.

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The Importance of Fixing a Foundation

A foundation is the basis of a good home. Most of us take for granted what is under our feet. We think nothing of it until something happens, such as a crack, sinking, or another major problem.

Foundation problems are not only frustrating, but they can be expensive to fix if they go undetected. Here are several benefits of repairing your house’s foundation:

It Increases Your Home’s Value

Fixing your foundation will increase the value of your home. It’s true if you are selling your home or getting a loan.

A damaged foundation will decrease the value of your home. It can have a massive impact on how much money you’ll get for your house when you sell it.

It Saves Time

It can be easy to ignore the signs of a foundation problem. There may be a severe problem with your home. It’s crucial to understand that putting off foundation repair can cost you more money in the long run. It can also cause more damage to your home over time.

It Prevents Property Damage and Flooding

The foundation of your home provides support for your house. If the foundation starts to crumble or shift, it will no longer provide adequate support. It can lead to sagging floors, bowing walls, and structural damage to your home. The damage depends on how severely the foundation has failed and how long it has gone without repair.

If you do not get your foundation repaired right away, you risk flooding in your basement or crawlspace because a damaged foundation causes issues with plumbing.

Foundation Repair
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How Much Does Fixing a Foundation Cost?

The cost of fixing a foundation can vary depending on the type of repair, foundation, and the severity of the damage. Every house is different, and every foundation is unique.

The average price for repairs is $4,728. If the foundation repair involves hydraulic piers, that’ll cost $10,000 or more. It’ll cost you as low as $500 if your foundation only has minor cracks.

The table below shows the average cost of foundation repair depending on the type of damage.

Type Of Repair Repair Cost
Settling or sinking $600–$3,000
Cracking $250–$800
Leaking $2,300–$7,300
Bowing Walls $4,000–$12,000

You may want to know the method of repair that a professional will use to repair your foundation.

You’ll pay between $1,000–$3,000 for piering and underpinning. If the foundation involves house leveling, you’ll pay $600–$1,200.

Also, if it involves sealing, a professional contractor will charge you between $2,490–$4,260. And lastly, if stabilizing is needed, be ready to part with between $5,000–$10,000.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Foundation Repair?

A foundation problem can affect the value of a home and can be costly to repair. Foundation problems are not always visible from the outside, which is why they can go undetected for a long period.

Some of the factors that affect the cost of fixing your foundation include:

Type of Foundation

The most common types of foundations include pier and beam, concrete slab, and basement. Each has its unique set of problems and costs to fix them. For example, a pier and beam foundation needs more extensive repair than the others.

Soil Stability

Soil stability is a crucial factor in determining the cost of foundation repair because it determines whether you need foundation underpinning.

If your home has a problem with soil stability, it can cause your foundation to settle and sink into the ground. Foundation underpinning refers to the process of adding support to a weak foundation.

Home Size

You must also factor in the size of your home. The size determines how long the work will take and how much material is needed to complete the project.

More materials and a long project time lead to an increased cost overall.

Accessibility of the Damaged Area

Accessibility plays a crucial role in determining the cost of foundation repair. A home with a slab will have more expensive repairs. Also, it takes longer than a home in a crawl space.

Additionally, if the damage is accessible from above, costs should remain low. If it’s challenging to reach from above, costs may be higher. This is due to the need for added labor and special equipment, such as scaffolding or pneumatic drills.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Repair of Foundation?

If you own a home, you probably have homeowners insurance. So, does that insurance policy cover damage to the foundation? Yes and no.

In most cases, homeowners insurance covers damage to your foundation if the damage is due to an insured peril. For example, if your home was flooded after a hurricane, your insurance policy will not pay for repairs.

Also, natural wear and tear, pressure from tree roots, and faulty construction aren’t covered.

homeowners insurance
Image Credit: Andrey_Popov, Shutterstock

Causes of Foundation Problems

Your Home’s Foundation Isn’t Constructed Well

A poor foundation can lead to big problems. If your home was built on a weak, sandy soil base and not properly anchored, it may shift over time.

If you live in a high water table area, the soil may expand and contract as it becomes saturated and dries out. It can cause cracks in your foundation walls.

Landscaping Too Close to Your Foundation

Large bushes and trees planted too close to your home can create problems if not maintained well. The roots can grow into the soil near your home and create cracks in your foundation as they expand.

Plumbing Issues

Water is an enemy of homes. A burst pipe or leaky drain line can cause tremendous damage to wood joists and subflooring. It also

creates an environment for mold and mildew growth.

Foundation damage may not be an immediate result of plumbing leaks. However, they can lead to foundation problems when they weaken structural components of the house.

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can cause foundation issues, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Your home may be standing on soil that used to be solid enough when the house was first built

Over time, that soil has eroded due to rainwater runoff or irrigation systems. It leaves areas of your home vulnerable to shifting and settling.

How Do You Save Money When Fixing Your Foundation?

Foundation repair is often one of the most common home improvement projects, but you may not realize that you can make that process much easier on yourself by doing a few things.

Some of the things you can do to save money on foundation repair include:

Get Many Quotes

Getting different quotes from different foundation repair contractors is a crucial step in getting the best service for your money. You can get a few quotes and use them as bargaining tools to get a contractor to lower their price. It also gives you a fair idea of the market rate for foundation repair services in your area.

Preventive Maintenance

As a homeowner, you should be careful not to create harmful conditions for your foundation. For example, make sure you don’t plant trees near the foundation. Their roots may grow towards the foundation and cause cracks in it.

Also, never direct rainwater towards your home’s foundation. It can weaken it over time. Homeowners must do everything they can to prevent any damage to their foundations.

Prioritize Repairs

Prioritize the repairs that need to be done urgently. If not treated in time, the damaged areas will worsen with time and cause more damage.

It will even increase the repair costs because you will have to fix all the damaged areas. So, it’s recommended that you prioritize repairs. This way, the most urgent repairs are fixed first.

Ensure the Foundation is Waterproof

Another issue that can cause severe damage to a home’s foundation is water. If a home’s foundation isn’t waterproof, water can seep in and make the foundation rot and become unstable.

Before fixing an issue with your home’s foundation, make sure it’s waterproof. It’ll prevent further problems from occurring.

Waterproofing your foundation is a job that professionals should do. Still, it’s a lot cheaper than foundation repair work, so it’s worth paying for this service from time to time.

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It’s helpful to know what you’re getting into before you embark on the foundation repair project. A standard foundation repair can be relatively expensive, but there are many factors at play.

For one, the quality of materials has a massive effect on the cost of foundation repair. If the repairs are shoddy, it may cost more money, in the long run, to fix them later on.

The key to making your home last is to take care of it early on and keep up with the maintenance process.

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