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How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace a Garbage Disposal in 2024?

Garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is a great tool, but accidents happen and parts wear out, which means you’ll need to replace it. Many people want to know how much it currently costs to do so. The short answer is that it will likely cost between $200 and $400, but it can vary considerably depending on several factors. If you need a new garbage disposal, keep reading as we take an in-depth look at what factors affect the price.

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The Importance of a Properly Working Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal that is starting to wear out can begin to smell bad, which indicates that the blades can’t cut up large pieces of food. You may also notice water leaks, which can lead to mold and expensive water damage. Damaged garbage disposal units also tend to make more noise than they used to, and they may stop working altogether. Trying to continue to operate the unit that isn’t functioning correctly can cause it to overheat, possibly creating a fire hazard.

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How Much Does Replacing a Garbage Disposal Cost?

The cost of replacing your garbage disposal unit can vary considerably because manufacturers use many different models. For example, some repair jobs may cost as little as $75, while others can cost more than $750. Choosing a professional over the DIY approach will raise the repair cost, as will adding accessories. Some homes may also need adjustments to their electrical systems, increasing the expense. Repairing any damage caused by the broken dishwasher will also add to your bills.

Average Cost $400
High Cost $950
Low Cost $150

Additional Costs to Anticipate


Several things can affect the final cost of replacing your garbage disposal unit. The cost of the unit itself can vary depending on what brand you choose. There are several available from companies like General Electric, InSinkErator, Chooba, Waste King, and Moen.

Brand Average Cost
General Electric $100–$300
InSinkErator $100–4350
Chooba $100–$200
Waste King $50–$70
Moen $100–$250

Garbage Disposal Type

There are two main types of garbage disposal units available. The first is a continuous feed, the most common and least expensive option. You can add waste to the grinder as long as the power is on. It’s quick and enables you to dispense with large amounts of waste.

The second type is a batch feed, which grinds the food in batches, as the name suggests. This unit is a little more expensive than the continuous feed, and it requires you to fill a small container with waste before grinding, so it’s not as easy to get rid of large amounts of food quickly, but it does save power and is a good choice for a small family.

Garbage Disposal Type Average Cost
Continuous Feed $170
Batch Feed $210


Replacing an existing garbage disposal is much easier and less expensive than installing it for the first time because all the wiring for the electronics and other components is already there. In many cases, you can follow the instructions on the package to replace it yourself to save on labor costs, and it won’t take too long. However, if you are not handy, you can hire someone to install it for you. It will usually take 2–3 hours to complete, and a professional can charge $20–$70 per hour.

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New Faucet

If you need to replace other items, like the faucet, you will have to pay more. Depending on the brand, it can cost as much as the garbage disposal unit, and the labor to replace it will also be about the same. Installing a new faucet with your garbage disposal can cost as little as $200 or as much as $1,000.


If you need to install new wiring or outlet, you can expect to pay extra. The electrical outlet and switch are usually only a few dollars, but the cost of hiring an electrician to install them can often run $75 or more.

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How Often Should I Replace My Garbage Disposal Unit?

Most garbage disposal units last about 10 years before needing to be replaced. One used by a large family will naturally wear out faster than one used by a couple or a single person, and the kind of food that you tend to eat will also impact longevity. When the disposal unit is getting old, you may notice that it struggles to break down food, and it will usually start to make more noise. It may also start to jam more frequently, take a while to start, and begin to smell bad.

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How Do I Keep My Garbage Disposal Unit Working?

  • Always allow cold water to run when you are using the disposal unit, and let the water run for about 15 seconds after it’s finished grinding. The cold water lubricates the system while it’s working and helps keep the motor cool. It also cleans the blades when it’s finished.
  • Adding ice to your garbage disposal unit is a good way to clean it. Drop a few cubes in once a week, and cover the opening so they don’t bounce back out.
  • Use a degreaser to keep fat and grease from sticking to the blades. These fats can reduce the machine’s efficiency, causing it to wear down faster and contributing to bad odors.
  • Use a drain snake every 2 years to ensure that no clogs are present and that there is plenty of room for the system to work properly.
  • Grind up citrus peels frequently to help clean the blades and add a nice fragrance to the system. Citrus also helps prevent bacterial growth.
  • Don’t use hot water when grinding because it can raise the temperature of the motor and cause fat to get into the machine.
  • Never purposefully put grease or fat into the disposal unit. Fat can clog the drain and stick to the blades.
  • Only grind food in your disposal unit. Other items can damage the blades or cause them to jam.

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Replacing your garbage disposal unit usually costs between $200 and $400 if you already had one installed and there is no damage. The cost can be quite low if you can do the work yourself and you get an inexpensive brand; just remember to choose one that resembles the one that you have now. If you need to hire a professional, it will cost more, especially if you are updating the system and need to make improvements.

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