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How Often Should You Paint Your House? Facts & FAQs

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Your home is one of the most important investments you will ever make, so it stands to reason that you want to protect it. Some protective measures include repairs, cleaning, and painting.

That said, all paintwork has a life span, after which it begins to look tired and weary. That’s why it is essential to take proper care of your home by regularly painting the exterior and interior. With these regular paint jobs, your home will maintain its value and look great for years.

The frequency of painting your house depends on factors like the type of paint used, climate, and wear, but a general guideline is every 5 to 10 years for exterior surfaces and every 3 to 5 years for interior surfaces.

Here we will look at some simple repainting frequency rules that you should observe to keep your paintwork looking fresh and new.

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How Often Should You Paint Interior Walls?

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Generally, repaint your interior walls every three to five years. However, it is essential to note that this duration can vary depending on the color and type of paint you use. High-quality products will typically last you longer than low-quality ones. Additionally, the type of wall and the amount of traffic it sees can also impact the longevity of the paintwork. Some walls, such as the kitchen walls, require repainting more frequently than others.

Below is an extensive overview of the different interior walls and their recommended duration of repainting.

Living and Dining Room

Typically, if you apply high-quality paint in your living or dining room, you won’t need to repaint them for at least five to seven years. The reason for this is that even with high traffic, the furniture and room decor can protect the paintwork from wear and tear.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Due to high temperatures, food splatters, and messy fingers on the walls, the paintwork in most kitchens often fades and wears much faster than in other rooms. On the other hand, with the high humidity in the bathroom, the paint tends to chip off much faster. For both these rooms, you should repaint them every three to four years for the best results.


Since these areas see much less traffic than the kitchen and bathroom, you can expect your paintwork to last four to five years. However, if you have little kids in the house, it might be a good idea to repaint even earlier than that since their toys, paints, and crayons can cause damage to the paintwork.


Corridors and hallways often endure a lot of traffic, which can cause the paint to fade much faster. They typically see a lot of scuff marks, dents, and other damages that can occur over time. For this reason, you should repaint your hallways every three years.

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How Often Should You Paint Your Ceiling?

Often, painting your home’s interior also means painting your ceiling. Over time the ceiling begins to show signs of wear and tear in the form of dirt, discoloration, and cracks. These can give your home an unsightly look.

Repainting the ceiling is often an efficient way to update the look of your home and can also refresh the entire interior. Typically, ceiling paint lasts about twice as the paint on the walls. Therefore, you should repaint the ceiling every ten years. You might wait even longer before repainting if you have high ceilings.

Alternatively, to ensure that your ceiling is always looking new and fresh, you can choose to paint it every time you repaint your walls. This measure will ensure that your ceiling never gets to the point of discoloration and deterioration.

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Painting the Trim & Baseboards

When painting your home’s interior, it is also essential to pay attention to your trim and baseboards. These areas often get overlooked because they are such small details, but they can add great character to your home. In fact, your home’s doors, baseboards, cabinets, window trim, and other wood sidings take most of the beating in your home. This is because these areas endure a lot of foot traffic and scuffs, scratches, and other damages that can occur over time.

You should repaint your trim and baseboards every two years or so. However, high-quality paint can stretch the repainting to three or four years. Additionally, if you seal the trim and baseboards every two or three years, it will also help them last longer and keep them looking fresh.

How Often Should You Paint Exterior Walls?

The exterior walls of your home endure a lot of wear and tear, which can cause them to crack, peel and fade over time. This can make your home look unappealing, and it might also impact its value. For this reason, it is essential to repaint your exterior walls every three to five years.

The amount of time you can go between repainting your exterior walls will depend on the weather conditions in your area, the type of paint that you use, and its quality. Most exterior paint jobs last for about five to ten years. However, if your home is exposed to extreme temperatures, strong winds, or rain, you might have to repaint it more frequently, maybe every three to five years.

How to Tell It’s Time to Repaint Your Home

Aside from waiting for the recommended period, there are a few other signs you should look for when determining if it’s time to repaint your home’s walls.

They include:
  • Fading. Among the most obvious signs that you need to repaint your house walls is when the color begins to fade. Fading can be caused by sun damage and can happen to both interior and exterior walls. Once you notice the color fading, it’s time to repaint.
  • Cracks and peeling. Moisture, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions can cause cracking and peeling. This should be fixed by sanding and repainting the area.
  • Time to sell. If you are planning to sell your home, then repaint the walls. The repaint will make your home look more appealing and increase its value. When you repaint your home’s exterior, use high-quality paint that will last longer and make your home look even better.
  • It’s just time. Sometimes you might decide to paint your home for no other reason except that you feel like it. If you want to give your house a new look and freshen up its interior or exterior without waiting for the signs that it needs to be repainted, then go for it. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look completely new and even change its ambiance.
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Risks of Not Painting Your Home Regularly

If you do not paint your home regularly, it will begin to show signs of wear and tear. The deterioration will make it look unappealing, and it can also affect its market value. Additionally, not painting your home regularly might allow moisture to enter the walls, which can cause the paint to bubble, crack, and peel. This will not only make your home look worse, but it can also lead to costly repairs.

Should I Hire a Professional or DIY?

When it comes to painting your home, you have the option to either do it yourself or hire a professional. Hiring a professional is highly recommended if you lack painting experience. They have the right tools and skills to properly prepare your walls and ensure that the job is done correctly.

On the other hand, if you are willing to take on the project yourself, you can save money. However, you can only achieve the desired results if you have the proper knowledge and skills. Therefore, research and read up on how to properly paint a house. It is essential to consider all your options before deciding whether to hire a professional or take on the project yourself.

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Painting your home can be daunting but remains integral to its maintenance and upkeep. By repainting your walls, trim, and baseboards, you can ensure that your home looks its best and retains its value over time. The frequency you must repaint your home depends on its location, the type of paint you use, and other external factors. Keep an eye out for the signs that it’s time to repaint.

However, you should aim to repaint every three to five years. Remember to use high-quality paint and tools. It will help ensure that your walls stay looking great for longer and make it easier to maintain them over time.

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