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How to Fix a Cracked Mirror Closet Door (2 Methods)

closet with mirror door

A mirror closet door offers the benefits of a full-length mirror combined with the benefits of sliding closet doors. They are ideal whether you’re getting ready for work or a big night out, and they don’t have the same clearance requirements as a traditional swing opening door. As such, they have become a very popular addition to the modern bedroom, but they aren’t without their problems.

A mirror closet door is a very large mirror that is somewhat susceptible to breakage. Some also use quite flimsy plastic tracks, and they are heavy and potentially tricky to deal with. However, with some assistance and basic DIY skills, it is usually quite easy to replace the mirrored door.

Read on to determine what you will need and how to complete the replacement safely and successfully.

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The 2 Methods of Repair

There are basically two versions of the same method when it comes to fixing a cracked mirror closet door: using a car windshield or glass repair kit. You might be able to repair the mirror without having to throw it away and replace it, but if the crack is especially large or the mirror is completely broken, it may mean replacing the door for a new one.

Fixing With a Glass Repair Kit

If you’ve ever repaired a cracked car windscreen or glazed window, the process for repairing a mirror is very similar. Your local DIY store or car auto store will sell a glazing repair kit, and this should include everything you need to get the job done. You may want to have a cloth and some water to hand, though.

1. Apply Stabilizer

Thoroughly clean the mirror before you start. You want to remove any dirt and debris to ensure that this doesn’t cure to the mirror or get in the crack and prevent you from being able to properly fix it. Be careful when doing this because there may be small shards of glass, and even the smallest piece can cut and injure.

Once the mirror is clean, remove the backing from the stabilizer film, ensuring it doesn’t fold over and that the adhesive doesn’t stick to anything else. Press the film over the crack, ensuring that you cover the full length of the affected area. Apply from the corner and smooth from this end to the other, ensuring that there are no bubbles or creases.

Ensure that the film is neatly and firmly fixed.

2. Apply Resin

While the stabilizer film is in place, prepare the resin. You will usually get a syringe and a tube of resin. Push the plunger all the wall in, place the tip of the syringe in the epoxy resin and slowly pull the plunger out so that it draws the resin into the syringe without any air bubbles.

Push the tip of the syringe through the stabilizer film and ensure that it is in the crack in your mirror before gently pushing the syringe and emptying the resin into the cracked section. You don’t need to move the syringe because the resin will fill out in the crack and the stabilizer film will ensure that none gets out of the crack.

Remove the syringe once you’ve finished and allow the resin to harden. This usually takes 20 minutes but follow the guidelines on your repair kit.

3. Let It Cure

Once you have allowed the resin to dry, peel off the stabilizer film. It will be firmly stuck on, so you may need to pick at one edge to start it peeling.

Place a single drop of resin over the crack and apply the curing film on top. As you apply the film, it will spread the resin out to cover the crack. Smooth the film out to ensure there are no bubbles or creases.

Leave the resin to cure for an hour, or according to the packaging instructions. Once cured, remove the film, and clean away any excess resin before cleaning the repaired area with glass cleaner and a smooth cloth.

Replacing the Mirror

If the crack is too large or the mirror too badly damaged, you may need to replace the mirror. In most cases, closet door mirrors are attached using a frame. The glass sits inside the frame, which prevents it falling out or moving. Replacing the mirror should be an easy job but you will need to ensure that you replace it with a mirror of the same size or it won’t work.

Before you start, apply masking tape over the mirror in an X shape. If the mirror cracks or smashes, this should prevent the pieces from flying.

man reinstalling the closet door
Image By: Pavel L Photo and Video, Shutterstock

1. Safely Remove the Mirror

Unscrew the frame and remove any gaskets and other fasteners that are keeping the mirror in place. Use gloves and remove the mirror, ensuring that you support its weight as you lift it out. Put the old mirror somewhere safe, and if it is completely smashed, dispose of it safely in thick paper bags, rather than standard refuse sacks or plastic bags.

2. Add New Mirror

Put the new mirror in place, replace gaskets, and then firmly screw the frame back in position. The screws need to be firm but take care not to damage the frame or your new mirror.

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Mirror closet doors are convenient, but they can become cracked or otherwise damage over their lifetime. Fortunately, a crack can be repaired using a glazing repair or windshield repair kit. And even if it is too badly damaged to repair, replacing it is a relatively easy task that can be done in an hour or two—although you will need to ensure that you buy a replacement mirror that fits the frame exactly.

Featured Image Credit: reisetopia, Unsplash


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