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How to Keep a Shower Curtain From Blowing In — 6 Tips & Tricks

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One of the most annoying yet insignificant problems is when you take a shower, and your curtain seems to attack you by blowing inward. It’s not a big deal under most circumstances, but there are ways to prevent the shower curtain from blowing in. Let’s check out some of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish this task.

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Why Do Shower Curtains Blow In?

A few leading causes include air pressure changes, hot air, and air circulation from external sources.

  • Air Pressure Changes: Air pressure changes come from the air pushed by your shower’s water as it cascades down. The air pressure drops dramatically around the flow of water, and the air has to go somewhere.
  • Hot Air: The hot air produced by the shower’s hot water rises and is replaced by cold air from outside the shower, which seeps in between the sides of the curtain. As the cold air filters in, it presses the shower curtain inward.
  • Air Circulation: Air circulation from external sources, like bathroom windows or fans, can push air in between the shower curtain and make it blow inward. Combined with the two causes above, circulating air can make your shower curtain dance like a kite in the wind.

The 6 Ways to Keep a Shower Curtain From Blowing In

1. Get a Weighted Curtain

Many heavy-duty shower liners or curtains are available at stores and online. For instance, heavy-duty vinyl liners are more resistant to air pressure and circulating air and steam.

You can find shower liners and curtains of varying thicknesses, most of which are measured in gauges. For example, a three-gauge liner is thicker than an eight-gauge liner. A thicker shower curtain that weighs more is less susceptible to swirling air.

2. Use Shower Curtain Clips

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Image Credit: Sagrapho, Shutterstock

A simple but effective way to stop your shower curtain from blowing in is to get shower curtain clips, which you attach to your shower’s wall. When you get in the shower, you put the shower curtain in the clips, and they secure it in place.

Not only do these clips protect you from the curtain blowing in, but they also reduce unwanted splashing. Make sure you space these out along the vertical height of both the shower wall and where the bottom of the curtain is, or the curtain will just bunch up.

3. Wet the Shower Curtain

The cheapest of all the methods on this list is to wet the bottom portion of your shower curtain against the bathtub wall. This is only for curtains because the premise of the tip is that wetting the curtain makes it heavier and more resistant to blowing air.

This is far from foolproof since the middle of the shower curtain tends to scrunch up and allow air in, foiling your efforts. This can be effective for short showers or if you don’t want to shell out for special clips or suction cups.

4. Use Suction Cups

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Image Credit: Peter Sobolev, Shutterstock

Suction cups are sometimes included in shower curtains or liners, but you can buy suction cups that clip onto the bottom of your curtain. To use them, firmly press them against the side of the bathtub. Ensure you do this along the entire width of your shower curtain.

Suction cups are one of the best ways to secure a wayward shower curtain. If you don’t use enough suction cups or don’t attach them securely, they might slide around on the slick bathtub walls while you shower.

5. Attach Your Own Weights to the Curtain

You can craft your own homemade weights to attach to your shower curtain or buy any number of commercial shower curtain weights. Most weights clip onto the bottom of the curtain, which makes the curtain resistant to moving air.

Weights can range from super-glued rocks, magnets, or simple ornamental weights with clips. Consider matching your choice with your shower curtain or bathroom aesthetic.

6. Hang Something on the Curtain Rod

shower curtain hooks
Image Credit: Samuel Plainfield, Shutterstock

Hanging something heavy over the shower curtain rod adds weight to the curtain and prevents the top half from blowing in on you while you shower. We would suggest a plastic or wire shower organizer, which will serve a dual purpose: extra storage space for shower products, and it weighs the curtain down.

If you don’t have something like that, you can get creative and use a wet towel or anything to weigh the curtain down enough not to blow in.

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It’s unpleasant and annoying when your shower curtain blows around and sticks to your skin, but there are numerous ways you can choose to fix the problem. Whether you simply glue small weights to the bottom of the curtain, use clips, or wet the curtain, you’re sure to find a solution to fit your situation.

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