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How to Reset the Maintenance Light On a Toyota Camry in 5 Easy Steps

2018 Toyota Camry (ASV70R) Ascent sedan

Having the maintenance light come on in your Camry can be annoying and frustrating. The glowing light can be a distraction. There are many reasons why someone might want to turn their maintenance light off. Some people change their own oil, some oil change technicians won’t reset the light, and sometimes the light comes on in between your personal maintenance cycle. Whatever the reason, the light can be reset at home by the car’s owner.

These five steps will work for Camrys of all types from different eras. The process only takes a few minutes, and afterward, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance light any longer. Here is how to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry in five easy steps.


  • What you need: the car key
  • Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Complexity: Easy

To reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Camry, you just need to have the ability to put the car in the ON position and a key. Anyone with a key and the right knowledge can reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry, no matter what year.

Why Is the Maintenance Light On?

The maintenance light on the Toyota Camry will come on after the car runs a certain number of miles. Usually, the light comes on between 4,500 and 5,500 miles. The miles are determined by the car’s odometer. The light serves as a constant reminder to have your car serviced. You should not reset the maintenance light unless you provide the required maintenance on your car. The maintenance light serves as a reminder to get your oil changed and have your vehicle looked at by a professional.

The maintenance light is different from the check engine light. The maintenance light on a Toyota Camry usually says MAINT REQD or something similar. The check engine light looks like an engine. The check engine light denotes a problem in the car that needs to be repaired. The maintenance light is not connected to something that is broken. It is only connected to the odometer reading on your car.

check engine light
Image Credit: Sheila Shelton, Shutterstock

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How to Reset the Maintenance Reminder on an Old Generation Camry

These steps work for old model Toyota Camrys built before 2018. The new model Camrys have a different system connected to the car’s computer system. You can find the brief instructions for the new Camrys below.

1. Turn the Key to Position One

Ignition car key
Image Credit: Frank Leuderalbert, Unsplash

The first step is to turn the key to position one. That is the first section of the starter ring. Turn the key to this position but do not turn it any farther.

2. Press and Hold the Odometer Button

odometer button
Image Credit: Supakorn Angaumnuaysiri, Shutterstock

With the key in the first position, press and hold the odometer button. The odometer button is a stick that protrudes from the dashboard in the bottom corner. The head of the stick has a button that helps reset odometer trips and cycle through different odometer readings. Press that button and hold it down. Do not release the odometer button.

3. Turn the Key to Position Two

hand turning car key to start the car
Image Credit: Anutr Yossundara, Shutterstock

Next, turn the key to position two. That is the last position before you crank the key to start the car. Do not start the car. You should continue to have the odometer button pressed as you turn the key to the next position.

4. Hold Odometer Button Until Light Flashes

car odometer showing mileage
Image Credit: BonnyJodwin, Pixabay

With the key in position two, watch the dash. The maintenance light should flash and turn off. Remember, the maintenance light is the MAINT REQD light. Sometimes the odometer flashes instead of the maintenance light. The best bet is to hold the odometer button for ten seconds for the best results. After the odometer or maintenance light flashes, you can release the button.

5. Start the Car

driver starting the car engine
Image Credit: lzf, Shutterstock

The last step is to start the car. The maintenance light should now be off, and it should remain off. It should not illuminate again for another 5,000 miles. You should only reset the maintenance light when the car has received an oil change in order to keep your car on the best maintenance schedule possible.

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How to Reset the Maintenance Reminder on New Camrys

Resetting the maintenance light on a Camry built from 2018 until the present is more straightforward than the older models. The maintenance light on the new model Camrys is connected to the car’s computer. To reset the maintenance light, you have to scroll through the car’s settings on the central console.

  1. Turn the Camry to the ON position.
  2. Scroll to SETTINGS using the arrows on the steering wheel. Press OK.
  3. In SETTINGS, scroll to VEHICLE SETTINGS. Press OK.
  5. It will ask you to reset it. Press YES.

After you tell the car to reset the data, the light and associated messages will turn off and remain off until the odometer rolls over roughly 5,000 more miles.

Check The Manual and Computer Settings

When in doubt, check the owner’s manual or the car’s settings via the central console. The owner’s manual should have more exact information about your specific make and model of Camry that could be slightly different. If any of these steps fail to work, the best bet is to repeat them. Trying again will usually yield a positive result. It is easy to accidentally miss one of the steps and cause the light to remain on. After a couple of attempts, it should work without any issues.

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It only takes five steps to reset the maintenance light on both older model Camrys and newer model Camrys. The old model Camrys require an odometer reset using the key, while the new Camrys simply need to reset the maintenance schedule via the car’s computer. Both methods can be done in just a few minutes and will banish the pesky maintenance messages for another couple of months.

Featured Image Credit: 2018 Toyota Camry (ASV70R) Ascent sedan | Image Credit: EurovisionNim, Wikimedia Commons CC-BY SA 4.0


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