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13 Most Expensive Homes in Indiana (With Pictures)

a historic home in Indiana

The typical home value of homes in Indiana is $221,019,1 which means the most expensive homes in the state will exceed your expectations. Some of their prices are so high that it may make your head spin.

It’s worth noting that Indiana is a non-disclosure state,2 meaning employees can’t display sale prices to the general public. But, of course, that counts for home values, too, which is why we’ll include the latest listed prices of these luxurious homes.

If you’re looking for a dream home on a big budget with some scenic views, you may find your ideal property in Indiana. Here are the 13 most expensive homes in Indiana, mostly situated around Lake Michigan or the wooded areas of southern Indiana.

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The 13 Most Expensive Homes in Indiana

1. Hamilton Rd. S, Fort Wayne – $30,000,000

Price: $30,000,000
Bed and bath: 16 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms
Year Built: 1997
Lot: 50 acres

The W. Hamilton Rd. S in Fort Wayne is a single family home built in 1997 on a 50 acres lot. The livable area is 38,000 square feet, featuring central cooling and heating and an attached parking garage.

It has 16 bedrooms and 24 full bathrooms. The home also has a fireplace, carpeted flooring, and high ceilings, making for a truly luxurious living experience.

As for the exterior, the outer walls of this breathtaking home are entirely stone with slate roofs. Since horses are allowed on this property, you may even utilize it as a luxury horse farm.

2. 5799 Sunset Ln, Indianapolis – $4,000,000

Price: $4,000,000
Bed and bath: 6 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms
Year Built: 1930
Lot: 3.10 acres

Finally, we’re no longer in the double-digit millions! 5799 Sunset Ln in Indianapolis was built in 1930, sitting on 3.10 acres of land. After a meticulous and thorough renovation in 1995, this beautiful home was sold for $4,000,000 on Jun 22, 2020.

It has six bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and five partial bathrooms. This 1930s estate sits adjacent to the former Lilly estate and on the exclusive and sought-after Sunset Ln. It has its tennis court, pool and pool house, and rolling lush gardens with a waterfall leading to the stream below.

This castle-like home also has an exercise room, eight fireplaces across different rooms, attic access, built-in bookshelves, high ceilings, hardwood floors, built-in appliances, in-law quarters, and central cooling, all within the total interior livable area of 20,710 square feet.

In simpler words, this is a sanctuary within Washington Township.

3. 3413 S Wallick Road, Peru by Zillow– $6,900,000

3413 S Wallick Road, Peru by Zillow
Photo Credit By: Zillow
Price $6,900,000
Bed and bath 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms
Year Built 1924
Lot 119 acres

3413 S Wallick Road in Peru is an excellent property for those who prefer the perfect mix of modern and vintage. This home was built on 119 acres of land in 1924 and had a total livable space of 11,054 square feet. Currently, it’s not up for sale.

It has seven bedrooms, seven full and two partial bathrooms. It features central cooling and heating, a spacious carport holding eight cars, multiple fireplaces, and attic access. Its federal-colonial architecture style is breathtaking, featuring asphalt roofs and a brick exterior.

Since the house is located in Peru, Indiana, it has quick access to grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other necessary businesses. If you like walking your dogs, some great nearby dog-friendly areas include Riverwalk, Maconaquah Park, and Nickle Plate Trail.

4. 1425 Castania Way, Indianapolis by zillow – $6,500,000

1425 Castania Way, Indianapolis by zillow
Photo Credit By: Zillow
Price $6,500,000
Bed and bath 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms
Year Built 2007
Lot 7.6 acres

Those who prefer modern, Asian-style homes would be awe-struck by the beautiful 1425 Castania Way in Indianapolis. This contemporary mansion was built on a 7.96-acre lot in 2007 and is currently not up for sale.

It has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and three partial bathrooms. It features hardwood floors, central cooling, a finished basement, multiple fireplaces, and an attached garage that can hold up to four cars.

It has a modern stone exterior and includes appliances, such as a dishwasher, dryer, washer, microwave, cooktop gas, garbage disposal, cooktop electric, oven double, wine cooler unit, and refrigerator.

The best part is that the modish glasswork throughout the house floods the home with warm, natural lighting. So, we’d say its shocking price tag is somewhat justified.

5. 5916 N 300 W, Fremont by zillow – $5,700,000

5916 N 300 W, Fremont by zillow
Image Credit: Zillow
Price $5,700,000
Bed and bath 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Year Built 1987
Lot 3,571,920 square feet

The 5916 N 300 W in Fremont is the perfect example of a luxury cabin (or mansion) in the woods. Its complete secludedness makes it the ideal property for introverts, but it’s unfortunately no longer up for sale.

This single-family home was built in 1987 on 3,571,920 square feet of land. Along with the main house, a guest house, a coach house, and three outbuildings explain the shocking price tag on this property.

This is the ideal property for those that prefer to be in nature, as over 500 trees surround this house. Moreover, the custom woodwork, vaulted ceiling, massive stone fireplace, and full-length windows are part of this home’s unique features.

6. 9950 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis – $4,000,000

Price $4,000,000
Bed and bath 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Year Built 1940
Lot 3.27 acres

This former Harrison Eiteljorg property was constructed in 1940 and is filled with a historic charm. 9950 Spring Mill Rd in Indianapolis is settled between the woods and breathtaking landscape and built on 3.27 acres with a total livable space of 7,875 square feet.

This property will be your dream home if you prioritize peace and privacy. Beautiful picnic spots, excellent views, a running pantry in the kitchen, a wood-paneled office, and multiple fireplaces with authentic carvings are a few desirable features of the house.

The private living area on the main level and five en-suite bedrooms on the top floor make it a perfect family house. Few other luxurious features include an in-floor pool, a huge patio, and a garage with the storage of 4 cars.

7. 3405 Lake Shore Dr, Michigan City by zillow – $3,999,000

3405 Lake Shore Dr, Michigan City by zillow
Image Credit: Zillow
Price $3,999,000
Bed and bath 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms
Year Built 1998
Lot 0.39 acres

Another dream house in Michigan City is a lakefront property that mostly stays on top of the market due to its picturesque views. 3405 Lake Shore Drive was built in 1998 and covered about 0.39 acres with a living space of 9,700 square feet, making it perfect for a single-family residence.

It has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, each offering a fascinating view of the lake. A few of the best features of this property include a beautiful white stone fireplace and the main bedroom with a patio. The brilliant beach-like interior and six car parking spaces make it even more perfect.

Unfortunately, this luxurious residence is off the market for now. However, if you’re wondering about the hefty price tag, you should know that this home has its own elevator.

8. 10606 Brooks School Rd, Fishers – $3,685,000

Price $3,685,000
Bed and bath 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms
Year Built 1990
Lot 5+ acres

Beautiful views and spaciousness are necessary if you’re willing to spend your big bucks on a home. Built in 1990, 10606 Brooks School Rd sits on over 5 acres of land with a total livable area of 13,652 square feet.

This beautiful lakefront house has seven bedrooms, six full baths and two half baths, and two laundry rooms. The number of these rooms makes it more than enough for a single family to live while enjoying breathtaking views of the lake from every window.

A few features that set this house apart include seven fireplaces (yes, seven!), three screened porches, two dining areas, a gunite pool, a spa, and a huge paver patio. These outstanding qualities surely explain why the house is off the market for now.

9. 415 Springwood Dr, Carmel by zillow – $3,000,000

415 Springwood Dr, Carmel by zillow
Image Credit: Zillow
Price $3,000,000
Bed and bath 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms
Year Built 2006
Lot 1.71 acres

415 Springwood Dr in Carmel was built as a single-family residence in 2006, but it was sold for $3,000,000 on Feb 26, 2021. This home’s black and white exterior exhibits a timeless beauty, featuring five breathtaking bedrooms and eight bathrooms inside. That includes five full and five partial bathrooms.

Its interior includes built-in bookshelves, raised and vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, hardwood floors, a wet bar, and central cooling. Meanwhile, the exterior offers a carriage/guest house, fence full rear, fire pit, pool in-ground, and irrigation system. It also has multiple attached garages, holding up to four cars.

The best part is that the house has seven fireplaces in the basement, den, library, family room, and great room.

10. 3650 Spring Hollow Rd, Indianapolis – $3,500,000

Price $3,500,000
Bed and bath 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms
Year Built 1906
Lot 3.44 acres

3650 Spring Hollow Rd in Indianapolis is known as Golden Hill, one of the city’s first country estates. This mansion was built in 1906 on 3.44 acres of land and restored to its former glory with the help of state-of-the-art technology that enables modern living in a historic home.

Its crowning feature is the in-house elevator, which takes you from the basement to the ballroom, which is another feature that explains the 3.5 million price tag. It has eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms (eight full and two partial), and a finished basement. Besides, its exterior combines stone, stucco, and brick, including an attached garage holding up to six cars.

It also includes appliances, such as a dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, range/oven, and refrigerator.

11. 229 E Winfield Street, Culver by zillow– $1,950,000

229 E Winfield Street, Culver by zillow
Image Credit: Zillow
Price $1,950,000
Bed and bath 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Year Built 1992
Lot 0.26 acres

229 E Winfield Street in Culver is the perfect property for those that can’t resist the charm of cottages. Located on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee, this 1992 home sits on 0.26 acres of land, featuring two parking spaces and central cooling.

This house has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and one partial bathroom within a total interior livable area of 4,156 square feet, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t have a basement. In addition, it offers a beautiful view of Lake Maxinkuckee, which you can view from the home’s multi-level deck.

The living room floor-to-ceiling fireplace is undoubtedly the focal point of this property, but the easy access to the beautiful lake is a feature you can’t overlook.

12. 3 S Greatwater Avenue, Beverly Shores by zillow– $1,799,000

3 S Greatwater Avenue, Beverly Shores by zillow
Image Credit: Zillow
Price $1,799,000
Bed and bath 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Year Built 1999
Lot 1.24 acres

3 S Greatwater Avenue in Beverly Shores was built in 1999 on 1.24 acres of land with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a finished basement. With just over 6,000 square feet of livable space, the interior of this home is truly awe-inspiring.

It includes a main floor laundry room, cathedral ceilings, a great room, skylights, a den/office, a whirlpool tub, a sunroom, and related living. The property also includes an attached garage holding two cars.

In addition, landscape lighting, a patio, a private in-ground pool, and storage are some of the exterior features of this modern property. Finally, it’s worth noting that the home is perched on the second largest dune in Indiana, with every room offering a view of the lake.

13. 408 SE Riverside Drive, Evansville – $910,000

Price $910,000
Bed and bath 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Year Built 1890
Lot 6,969 square feet

408 SE Riverside Drive in Evansville, known as the Woolley House, is a historic home built in 1890 in the Historic Riverside District. It has six bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two partial bathrooms, a partially finished basement, and central cooling.

The hardwood floors, hardware, and stained-glass windows are some of the original components of the Woolley House. Other elements that portray this home’s original beauty include custom wall coverings, marble fireplaces and baths, beamed ceilings, and fine art glass.

Finally, a wet bar, breakfast bar, garden tub, cathedral ceilings, formal dining room, entrance foyer, and built-in speaker system are amongst the many features that make this house unique.

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Living in any of these houses seems like a dream come true. Although all properties on this list were sold recently, they’re great at giving you an idea of where to find a luxurious life in Indiana. So now, explore the neighborhoods mentioned above to find the property of your dreams.

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