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19 Types of Habanero Peppers: An Overview (With Pictures)

Habanero Peppers

The Habanero is a type of chili pepper that is delicious in many dishes. It is known for having a citrusy flavor and a spiciness rating between 100,000 and 350,000 on the Scoville heat unit scale¹.

Even though all habanero peppers have a similar flavor and heating scale, there are different varieties of habanero peppers. By knowing the different types, you can select a pepper that is perfect for your dish and taste buds.

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The 19 Types of Habanero Peppers

1. Mild or Sweet

Habanero Peppers
Image Credit: mikeysheppperd, Pixabay

One of the most popular types of Habanero Pepper is the Mild or Sweet variety. These varieties have very little heat, but their flavor is fruity and citrusy. These Peppers are found in many Central American and Caribbean dishes.

2. Red

Red Habanero Peppers
Image Credit: Hans, Pexels

The Red variety is not the hottest variety, but it is pretty spicy. Whenever it is dried, it can reach 445,000 units. The flavor is fruity on top of its spiciness, making it a great addition to almost any dish.

3. Orange

Orange habanero peppers
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay

The Orange Habanero is similar to the Red and is a true Habanero. You can easily find Orange Habaneros at any store in your area. They are grown commercially in Texas, California, and Mexico. These habaneros are easy to preserve and incorporate into different dishes.

4. Peach

The Peach Habanero is very similar in appearance to the Orange Habanero. However, the color is dull. Peach Habaneros are perfect for growing inside because they will brighten up the area in a small container.

5. Golden

Golden Habanero Peppers
Image Credit: Nathaelus, Pixabay

The Golden Habanero is one of the hottest varieties, though the exact heat will depend on the growing conditions. The hotter and drier the climate, the hotter the pepper will be. This pepper is named after its golden appearance.

6. Mustard


These habaneros have a distinctive color that almost looks like mustard with purple highlights. This is a relatively new variety. They taste similar to a regular habanero, but they are difficult to find.

7. Big Sun

Big Sun is a unique habanero variety from Africa. The chilies are wrinkled and large. They end up turning yellow upon maturation. It is the same spiciness as other Habaneros, but it is super fruity too.

8. Red Savina

The Red Savina is one of the hottest chili peppers. In fact, it was in the Guinness Book of World Records from 1994 to 2006 for producing the hottest pepper. It is twice as hot as most other habaneros. It isn’t very common because it has a required permit for growing.

9. Black

Black habanero on a white background
Image Credit: Only Fabrizio, Shutterstock

The Black Habanero is a unique variety. It is very similar to the Jamaican Chocolate, which we will look at soon. It takes longer to grow than most other habanero varieties.

10. Caribbean Red

Red Habanero Peppers
Image Credit: lbokel, Pixabay

The Caribbean Red is one of the hottest Habaneros with a 445,000 Scoville rating. It has a citrusy and smoky flavor, similar to the Orange Habanero, but it is twice as spicy.

11. Hot Paper Lantern

The Hot Paper Lantern is one of the hottest varieties. Its Scoville rating is between 400,000–450,000 units. This chili is about 3 inches long and only grows in short seasons. They’re popular in northern gardens since they are one of the only varieties that can grow in colder environments.

12. Jamaican Chocolate

Jamaican Chocolate Habaneros have a deep brown color, almost like chocolate. Their flavor is smoky, and they’re often used in Jamaican jerk varieties. This species is very similar to Scotch Bonnet Peppers, which we will discuss shortly.

13. Yucatan White

The Yucatan White has a white color and spicy flavor. The pepper almost looks like a Jellybean. Adding Yucatan White Habanero to your dishes will create an authentically Mexican flavor. It is one of the hotter varieties with a smoky flavor.

14. Peruvian White

Peruvian White Habaneros are super hot and often exceed 300,000 Scoville units. This is a rare variety, and it has a creamy white appearance.

15. White Giant

The White Giant is much larger than other white Habanero Peppers, explaining its name. It is closer in size to a regular habanero. Like other white varieties, the heat is intense and somewhat smoky.

16. White Bullet Habanero (TM)

The White Bullet Habanero is a trademarked variety. They are shaped like a bullet and have an ivory white color. These peppers are three times hotter than regular Habaneros. You can expect to get around 1,000 chilies per plant.

17. Condor’s Beak

Condor’s Beak is not a variety you will stumble upon easily. It is very rare and uncommon. These chilies can be bright purple or dark red. They taste like regular habaneros, but they look much more decorative.

18. Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Scotch Bonnet Pepper
Image Credit: Ivan Torres, Pexels

The Scotch Bonnet is not technically a Habanero, but it is a direct family member. These peppers are normally red or yellow, and they are popular in Caribbean jerk dishes. These peppers look much like habaneros, but they are slightly smaller.

19. Datil Peppers

Datil Peppers
Image Credit: Nick Collins, Pexels

Much like the pepper above, the Datil Pepper is not technically a Habanero, but it is closely associated. It has the same heat as habanero, but it has a sweeter and fruitier flavor. These peppers can be grown anywhere, including indoors.

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Which Habaneros Are Hotter?

If you are a fan of hot habaneros, most white varieties have scorching heat. Likewise, Jamaican Chocolate, Black, and Red Savina are all hot varieties that will add a kick to any dish.

Where Are Habaneros From?

Most habaneros are from the Amazon region within South America. However, they spread out, and they are commonly found in South America, Central America, and Latin American islands.

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Next time you have a habanero, think about what type it is. Its individual species can determine a lot of factors, such as its color, flavor, and heat level.

Featured Image Credit: Shivam Patel, Pexels


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