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10 Most Expensive Homes in Kansas (with Pictures)

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Despite depictions that Kansas is a boring state with not much outside the open range, Kansas is home to many luxurious houses. In fact, there are many homes in Kansas that have sold for over $1,000,000.

Take a look at these 10 most expensive homes in Kansas to see what we mean.

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The 10 Most Expensive Homes in Kansas

1. 1217 W 55th Street

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $7.29 million

The most expensive home sold in Kansas was located in Kansas City. This home was built in 1920, and it sits on a 22-acre plot of land. As you might expect, this luxurious home features many amenities, including a swimming pool, terraces, and tennis court.

The home isn’t missing out on detail work, either. The interior design is minimal yet elegant. There is marble, hardwood, a wet bar, and plenty of bedrooms for space.

2. 2201 NW 76th Street

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $4.5 million

The second most expensive home to be sold in Kansas is also located in Kansas City. It was sold for $4.5 million. It sits on even more land than the above-mentioned home. It sits on 37.35 acres and offers 9,678 square feet.

This home is fully furnished and comes with everything a king would need to live happily. It even has a 28-foot-deep pond, a water fountain, heated marble floors, and some of the finest fireplaces from India.

3. 5550 Ward Parkway

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $4.5 million

This Kansas City home also sold for $4.5 million. If you can’t tell yet, the vast majority of Kansas mansions are located in Kansas City specifically, though there are a few other cities that frequently see $1,000,000 homes.

This home sits on 1.5 acres of land and has 8,741 square feet. This backyard feels more like a hotel, and the bedrooms feature great walk-in closets and spectacular appliances to ensure you are comfortable.

4. 3616 W 64 Street

City: Mission Hills
Sold For: $4.3 million

Luxury is a must in this $4.3 million home. It has an open floor plan that allows you to stretch out. Many of the rooms are perfect for family activities and group entertaining specifically.

There are plenty of outdoor amenities you can enjoy as well, including a four-car heated garage, a heated swimming pool, a hot tub, a summer kitchen, and a security surveillance system. With these amenities, you can enjoy the outside property just as much as you do the inside.

5. 5601 Mission Drive

City: Mission Hills
Sold For: $3.4 million

This Mission Hills home sold for $3.4 million. It was constructed back in 1924 on a plot spanning 1.25 acres. Even though this home is meant to be a single-family house, it comes with five bedrooms and four and a half baths.

Despite being built nearly 100 years ago, this home comes with all the modern amenities you would look for, including modern finishes and modern appliances. All the while, it has a formal appearance that is glamorous.

6. 5550 Ward Parkway

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $3.225 million

This home shows stunning attention to detail. It includes numerous rooms, all serving a luxurious purpose. If you pay attention to each room, you will find architectural details that are unmatched.

Some of our favorite features include limestone fireplaces, deep moldings, wide plank antique flooring, and French doors. If you are a reader, you will love this library which is complete with walnut paneling and a fireplace.

7. 721 Ward Parkway

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $3 million

This home is downright gorgeous, and it was sold for $3 million. This home was built in 1948 and features 1,223 square feet. The home brags two stories, three bedrooms, and one and a half baths.

Something that’s unique about this home is that its garage can hold up to five cars. It even includes trails, equestrian facilities, and additional storage. This home is certainly the outdoor lover’s dream as a result.

8. 711 Ward Pkwy

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $2.95 million

This Kansas City home has a luxurious feel. It has a French style that almost looks like a European villa. This home only dates back to 2003, but it looks much older as a result and sold for $2.95 million.

This elegant home has many rooms, bathrooms, and features. It even has a library, a wrought iron staircase, and floor-to-ceiling windows. These features will ensure that you feel like royalty inside.

9. 6511 Seneca Road Mission Hills

City: Kansas City
Sold For: $2.7 million

Here is yet another Kansas City home that is incredibly expensive. This home was sold for a total of $2.7 million due to its spacious size and high-class features.

The home is elegant with architectural details, moldings, and gourmet kitchens. At the same time, this home has a comfortable feel that anyone will feel at home in.

10. 18325 Melrose Avenue

City: Overland Park
Sold For: $2.35 million

Finally, the last property on our roundup is in Overland Park. This private estate sold for $2.35 million. It’s no shock that this property is so expensive.

It is situated on 11 acres. The outside property includes a pond and a carriage house. Inside, you can find a breakfast room, a chef’s kitchen, and a geothermal HVAC system. There is even a pottery room.

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How Does the Most Expensive Kansas Home Compare to the Most Expensive Home in the World?

Even though the most expensive home in Kansas sold for $7.29 million, that home is nothing in comparison to the most expensive homes in the world. There are two homes that are estimated to be worth $1 billion.

The first is Buckingham Palace. Although it has not been sold, experts estimate that Buckingham Palace is anywhere from $2–$4 billion. An Indian home called Antilla is the most expensive non-royalty home, and it is estimated at $1 billion as well.

house divider Conclusion

As you can see, Kansas is home to some expensive houses. Though most of these homes are in Kansas City, some of these expensive homes are elsewhere. Happy home hunting—or dreaming of home hunting!

Featured Image Credit: Antranias, Pixabay


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