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15 Most Expensive Homes in Minnesota (With Pictures)

Duluth, Minnesota

You may think of the most expensive real estate markets being in cities like Manhattan or San Francisco. Both top the list of the average home price. The size of the lot and the house don’t always go hand in hand. The median is 1,828 square feet in Minnesota on an average of 0.22 acres for the West Central Region. The state also has minimum lot sizes for urban and rural districts.

More than 80% of Minnesota residents live in urban areas. That’s where the money is.  Yet, only 13 out of its 87 counties are entirely urban, with the majority being a mix. Nevertheless, you’ll find many expensive homes in the state. The top ones are located around the most famous of Minnesota’s lakes, Lake Minnetonka. Shoreline lots command the highest prices and property taxes.

This area took off as a tourist mecca from the start. The lake attracted wealthy visitors from the metro area with interest from the East Coast elite. This influx of money fueled development that includes the so-called McMansions and vibrant hotel scene. Those factors, in turn, have influenced the high real estate prices that the area garners.

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The 15 Most Expensive Homes in Minnesota

1.  4060 Sibley Ave, Deephaven

Price  $3 million
Square Footage 6,510 square feet
Bedrooms 5 bedrooms
Bathrooms 3.5 bathrooms

The private location of this property is one of its major selling points. It’s off the beaten path, which makes it quieter and more relaxing. It has several features that make it worth a look, such as an amusement room, gourmet kitchen, and screened porch. The lot is 0.94 acres with a four-car garage. The 1999-home has a walk-out basement on one of the quieter bays on Lake Minnetonka.

2. 335 Lakeview Ave, Tonka Bay

Price $4 million
Square Footage 5,155 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 6 bathrooms

This is another impressive property located on the beautiful Gideon Bay. It features a rare double lot, and even a private basketball court. This home was recently sold in June of 2022. The new owners get to experience lake views from every room, a double-sided fireplace, double owner’s suites, and a gorgeous balcony.

3. 2560 Cedar Ridge Rd, Woodland

Price $4.17 million
Square Footage 7,631 square feet
Bedrooms 9 bedrooms
Bathrooms 6 bathrooms

This property has something that few lots can claim—210 feet of shoreline on Wayzata Bay. It’s one of the most expensive parts of Lake Minnetonka. The appearance of the house is deceptive, making you think it would cost a lot less. It’s all about location, location, location, which this one has in spades. Established landscaping adds to its value and privacy.

4. 2665 Maple Ridge Ln, Orono

Price $4.2 million
Square Footage 7,520 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 6 bathrooms

This property falls short of the definition of a mansion yet impresses, nevertheless. It has 152 feet of shoreline and plenty of room for an opulent dock. The vibe is like an English country estate with its detached carriage house and billiards room. Everything is high-end about this house and makes its price tag seem like a steal.

5. 4595 Merrywood Ln, Minnetrista

Price $4.35 million
Square Footage 6,162 square feet
Bedrooms 5 bedrooms
Bathrooms 5 bathrooms

This property has a lot to offer with 270 feet of shoreline and three wooded acres. It’s definitely a little bit of paradise on one of the busiest lakes in the state. It has several high-end features, such as a quartz chef’s kitchen, a modern, open-air design, and a private guest suite. The lake views are nothing short of fantastic.

6. 20590 Park Pl, Excelsior

Price $4.5 million
Square Footage 3,292 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 4 bathrooms

This 0.72-acre property has 100 feet of shoreline with amazing waterfront views. The lot is wooded, adding to its privacy and value. It’s not a large site, but it still packs a lot of features, making it worth a look. It’s a classic example of Lake Minnetonka’s heyday, having been built in 1900. The dock and outdoor structures are in place.

7. 27190 Edgewood Rd, Shorewood

Price $4.7 million
Square Footage 10,900 square feet
Bedrooms 6 bedrooms
Bathrooms 8 bathrooms

This property is an oldie but a goodie, built in 1987. That’s old by Lake Minnetonka standards. However, it received an upgrade in 2010 to bring it up to date. Its profile is classic with its brick construction. It has an amazing 230 feet of shoreline. The lot size is large at 3 acres. The spaciousness carries over to the house with its impressive square footage.

8. 2315 Huntington Point Rd E, Minnetonka Beach

Price $4.8 million
Square Footage 5,258 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 5 bathrooms

This 2016 edition of the property replaced the 1900-era house that once stood on this lot. It’s an example of some of the development that has decimated the rich local history of the area. The house has many windows to take advantage of the open-air views. It has an attached three-car garage, two fireplaces, and a detached two-car garage.

9. 2501 Crosby Rd, Minnetonka

Price $5.3 million
Square Footage 6,663 square feet
Bedrooms 5 bedrooms
Bathrooms 8 bathrooms

This property is new to the market being completed in 2020. As you may expect, it has the latest and greatest, including a four-car garage, private swimming pool, and spectacular lake views. The design is modern, with plenty of windows to take in its scenic vista. The existing landscape gives it welcome privacy that adds to its aesthetic value.

10. 3750 Northome Rd, Deephaven

Price $5.5 million
Square Footage 10,090 square feet
Bedrooms 8 bedrooms
Bathrooms 8.5 bathrooms

This property brings it home with its 1.96-acre footprint in this high-rent district. It’s an older house, built in 1930, which gives it a lot of character that you may not see in modern construction. The landscaping is impeccable, which adds to its curb appeal. Privacy also reigns superb with this one. That makes it well worth the dollar value.

11. 60 Clay Cliffe Dr, Tonka Bay

Price $5.5 million
Square Footage 9,637 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 7 bathrooms

This property is located within a gated community, giving homeowners the extra peace of mind of a secure location. This 1.54-acre site has an incredible 430 feet of shoreline. That fact alone puts it on the radar. While it was built in 2001, it has a contemporary feel with updated appliances and creature-comfort features. It also has an installed elevator.

12. 2468 Lafayette Rd, Wayzata

Price $5.7 million
Square Footage 5,889 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 6 bathrooms

This site features beautiful landscaping that adds to its value and curb appeal. The 0.65-acre home was built in 2018. It has an elegant profile, fitting for its location. It has a four-car garage and two fireplaces. It is a waterfront property with an installed dock to get you on the water right away. The lot has a spacious front yard that adds some privacy and noise-canceling to this site.

13. 2209 Huntington Point Rd E, Minnetonka Beach

Price $10.4 million
Square Footage 8,374 square feet
Bedrooms 5 bedrooms
Bathrooms 7 bathrooms

This property is a relatively new one, having been built in 2012. This town was the home of the world-famous Hotel Lafayette, built by railroad magnate James J. Hill. The lot has over 160 feet of shoreline, which is a significant factor in land prices regardless of the structure on the property. Standout features include a six-car garage and an outdoor family room.

14. 1400 Bracketts Point Rd, Wayzata

Price $11.3 million
Square Footage 25,297 square feet
Bedrooms 7 bedrooms
Bathrooms 13 bathrooms

This property is one of the largest you’ll find in the state. It is a 13-acre site that offers 360-degree views of Lake Minnetonka. The house was built in 1918 and retains the classic character of its era. There are an incredible 12 available parking spaces on the site, fitting for its capacity. It has an elevator, an indoor grill, and nine fireplaces. It is elegance on steroids.

15. 5570 Maple Heights Rd, Greenwood

Price $14.72 million
Square Footage 7,511 square feet
Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms 5.5 bathrooms

This property is the most expensive one sold in the state. It’s one of the few to have a name, Windermere Estate. It’s situated on a 1.3-acre private island. And how many homes can boast a glass-enclosed atrium and 12-person movie theater? It’s also located on a quieter bay, ensuring privacy and a relaxing atmosphere.

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The most expensive homes in Minnesota emphasize comfort, convenience, and stunning views, thanks to their location on Lake Minnetonka. Many benefit from this feature. It brings a relaxing feel to many houses that is hard to replicate in lots in large urban markets like Manhattan. It just goes to show that your dollar can buy more than a posh location. It can also give you unbelievable views.

Featured Image Credit: JamesDeMers, Pixabay


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