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10 Landscaping Trends in 2024 (With Pictures)

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Over the past two years, people have spent more time than ever in the confines of their homes. More people have taken up gardening and have embarked on projects to upgrade and update their outdoor space. And, as people gradually return to work and life begins to see some semblance of normality return, not all of these trends will die away.

It is expected that many people will find time to tend their garden even when they do return to work, while the spotlight on climate change means that sustainability is likely to be at the forefront of many peoples’ minds.

Below are 10 landscaping trends this year to give you inspiration and to keep an eye on.

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The Top 10 Landscaping Trends in 2024

1. Reds, Oranges, And Purples

Landscape Garden
Image Credit: Pixabay

A jewel garden is one that includes vibrant plants that shine in the sunlight like jewels. They tend to incorporate plants in jewel-like colors, and they will be popular today. Common jewel colors include red, orange, and purple, and so you should expect to see dahlia, tulips, roses, calendula, and a host of other colorful plants in gardens. Jewel gardens are suitable for any amount of space, and you can plant directly in earth or use pots and planters.

2. Natural Gardens

Rewilding a garden means to return it to its natural state: how it would have looked if grass hadn’t been planted and plants weren’t carefully pruned and trained. While carefully manicured gardens have been popular for some years, this year will see more people want a wild garden that is filled with meadow flowers and wildflowers. This type of garden not only means delicate, pretty flowers, but it encourages wildlife like butterflies and bees, and it offers a great way to enjoy nature while in the comfort of your own garden.

3. Tapestry Lawns

A tapestry lawn is a lawn that uses low growing perennial plants, rather than actual lawn grass. It can be seen as an extension of a natural or rewilded garden but while it does require less attention than a perfectly coiffured patch of grass, it does require some mowing to keep on top of the perennials. Other alternatives to grass lawns are chamomile and thyme lawns, which also smell amazing as they waft in the wind.

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4. The Dahlia

Image Credit: Pixabay

The dahlia is a perennial plant with a tuberous design. They come in white, red, yellow, or purple colors and they look spectacular in person as well as in photos, hence they are regularly found on social media. Related to the sunflower and daisy, these flowers are already popular, and they will continue to appear in gardens throughout 2022. You don’t have to fill the entire bed with dahlias, but it would look impressive if you did.

5. Water Features Are More Popular Than Solar Lights

lush green garden with waterfall cascading down the rocky stones
Image Credit: Chandanaroy, Shutterstock

Running water is said to promote peace and tranquillity and having a water feature can also attract new wildlife to your garden while giving you something peaceful and hypnotic to watch. While solar lights and outdoor lighting will remain popular this year, especially because they enable people to continue enjoying their garden long after the sun has gone down, it is contemporary water features that will take the spotlight.

6. Bird Baths

Bird Bath
Image Credit: Pixabay

While in lockdown, many people found solace in nature, whether it was at home in their own garden or while out taking permitted exercise breaks. While lockdowns are coming to an end, peoples’ love affair with the natural world will likely continue. Bird baths allow you to attract local birds to your garden, which means that even if you don’t have time to take long country walks, you can still see some of the natural sights that got you through the year.

7. Hazel Fences

Hazel fences, also called hazel hurdles, are made by weaving hazel branches around a series of posts. Hazel is thicker than willow, which is another popular woven fence material, and this gives it greater strength and durability while still maintaining the natural and somewhat rustic look associated with this type of garden feature. It can be used as a boundary fence, or it can be used to partition sections of your own garden. Looking to hide away the waste? Try installing a hazel hurdle.

8. Sustainability

Climate change has hit headlines a lot over the past couple of years, especially following the COP26 meeting, and people are paying attention to the fact that we need to live more sustainably. One of the ways that we are encouraged to promote greater sustainability is by using less plastic and buying fewer new items. Upcycling and recycling are two of the most common ways to do this, and as climate change isn’t going anywhere, we can expect to see more upcycling as more reports and news stories on the climate are published. Expect to get to know wooden pallets almost intimately in the next 12 months.

9. Self-Sustainability

chili and herbs on a raised garden bed
Image Credit: AndreasGoellner, Pixabay

As well as climate sustainability, people will look for ways to become more self-sustainable, which means that grow-your-own vegetables, fruits, and herbs, will take center stage. You don’t have to grow everything you eat but growing some tomato plants and starting your own herb garden is a great start. And, if you catch the bug, you can always add more raised beds and expand your vegetable patch in the months and years to come.

10. A Holiday Away From Holidays

barbeque grill using gas and propane
Image Credit: tab62, Shutterstock

This is the year of the staycation, and while more travel is permitted, some people are reluctant to get out and travel, while others have realised the benefits of staying at home during their downtime. This means luxurious and comfortable outdoor living spaces that can range from a fairly simple grill area or outdoor kitchen to an opulent outdoor covered space.

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How Do I Take Care Of My Lawn?

Lawns are not only great for walking on and letting the kids play on, but they actually have health benefits to the homeowner. Grass traps air pollution, preventing it from getting into our lungs. It also produces the oxygen we breathe, while natural greenery can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. To continue enjoying your lawn, ensure it is mown regularly, watered when needed, weeded routinely, edged, and fed as required.

How Can I Make My Garden Look Nice?

Improving the look of a garden doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, there are some improvements you can make that cost nothing, including upcycling and recycling items that you aren’t currently using. You can also add flowers, plant vegetables, and include pots. Pots are great because they can be moved according to season or your whim. Add furniture and reupholster and repair existing furniture. A water feature is not only on trend this year but is also relaxing and looks attractive.

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The garden can be a relaxing and tranquil environment, as well as somewhere to prepare and eat dinner or entertain guests. It doesn’t have to take a lot of work to establish or maintain, and if you find that you struggle for time, you should look for landscaping designs that minimize your involvement. Above are 10 landscaping trends to provide inspiration and help you create the ideal outdoor space.

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels


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