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11 Most Expensive Homes in Nebraska (With Pictures)

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Certain places such as Malibu, New York, California, or Hollywood pop up whenever you think of luxury homes. However, there are many other places where luxury home markets thrive, and one of these places is Nebraska. Here you can find amazing places with a level of luxury only rivaled by your imagination.

The Nebraska luxury home market has an amazing story, plus a million-dollar market that is a favorite among real estate firms. In this article, we will look at the most expensive home in Nebraska and provide information as to what to expect if you decide to take a trip and check them out.

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The 11 Most Expensive Homes in Nebraska

Let’s check out the most expensive homes in Nebraska and what gives them their price tag.

1. 709 S 96th St. in Omaha

This property was designed by Purdy and Sack, a famous interior design and architecture firm known for making several amazing residential and municipal buildings since 1983.

They come with several amenities that would be especially amazing for sports enthusiasts, including a full tennis court and swimming pool.

The house also comes with five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and amazing walk-in closets that would make anyone proud. You will also get an eight-car garage, four fireplaces, a private garden, a patio, a balcony, an outside stone façade, and a beautiful chimney to top up the whole house.

2. 12445 N 179th Cir. in Bennington

This is a stunning 14,000-square-foot. house, located at the banks of Newport Landing Lake.  Adding to the grandeur are beautiful windows that fill every room with light and a great view of the water body.

The house comes with six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms plus a 24-car garage, perfect for hosting a large group of people.

The house also has four full-sized kitchens, heated indoor swimming pools, a wine cellar, heated driveways, fire pits, car lifts, and guest quarters with a kitchenette and sundeck. You also get a bar area, heated floors, and house-wide wireless speakers.

One of the standout things that come with the house is the Da-Vinci roof, a type of composite roof made to appear like natural materials that are low maintenance.

The house is on sale for $2.3 million.

3. 19990 Sheffield Cir. in Bennington

This house was inspired by European architecture. It sits on a 14-acre plot at the end of a long tree-lined driveway. You get a soccer field on one side and a pumpkin field on the other. The house was built in a French-Chateau style with a stucco design plus a fountain at the house’s entrance.

It also has a Luster stone paving, which gives it a courtyard look with stone walls and railings. It features gourmet kitchen grain counters plus state-of-the-art cooking equipment. You also get a spiral stairway connecting the house’s three floors.

The house is on sale for $2.5 million.

4. 28407 W Maple Rd. in Waterloo

This is one of the smallest houses on the list, but this should not confuse you with a normal house or apartment, as it still stands its ground in size. It sits on 100 acres of land near the Platte River.

There is a pond and a beach in the huge tract of land on which the house sits. The house has sitting rooms with huge windows, a deck, a fire pit, a four-car garage, and a two-bed/two-bath guest house. The guest house also has riverfront views and an amazing wooden interior.

The house is perfect for duck, turkey, and deer hunters. It is currently listed at $2.5 million.

5. 13001 S 48th St. in Bellevue

This house is a marvel to look at. It sits on a 20-acre plot of land in Bellevue, Nebraska, designed by Dick Lind. There is a rumor it was made for a certain celebrity who currently does not reside there.

Being designed by Dick Lind makes the house stand out, as they are a firm popular in the state and have been designing buildings for almost 40 years.

The property comes with 12-car parking, 10 bathrooms, four bedrooms with vaulted ceilings, and window fillings with high skylights. You will also get fireplaces, a whirlpool tub, rec room, walk-in showers, huge backyards, a built-in grill, a pool house, and a covered deck and fire pits.

The house is currently listed at $2.65 million

6. 17702 Island Cir. in Bennington

This may be one of the most expensive houses in the Nebraska market, listed at $2.75 million. The house is 10,535 square feet with five beds and six baths. It sits on a 1.36-acre plot of land with a five-car garage and lake storage.

The house has high vaulted ceilings, a butler’s pantry, a chef’s kitchen, a hearth room, and a sunroom. You will also get a boat dock, outdoor kitchen, wine room, and gazebo.

7. 2021 S 189th Cir. in Omaha

This single-family home sits on 11,776 square feet and comes with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also has a seven-door garage and a saltwater pool with a waterslide at around 35 feet.

Other features include a wine room, a two-story fireplace, hearth room, a loft overlooking the pool, a wet bar, pool room, movie room, and a huge family room perfect for guests.

You will also get some luxury features, including custom cabinets, quartz countertops, and wooden flooring.

The house is currently listed at $2.95 million

8. 404 W Washington St. in Venango

This is one of the older houses on the list, built in 1937 with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It may seem like a smaller house compared to the other houses on the list, yet it is listed at a whopping $16.8 million.

The reason for the high price tag includes 5,498 acres of fertile land.

The farm sits on a property that spreads over 23 miles with 35-quarters of productive land, several grain elevators, and enough space for dry land crops. You also get natural gas, livestock crops, and fields of wheat.

If you are interested in farm life, this is the perfect home for you.

9. Riverfront Plaza in Omaha

If you want to be part of the Omaha downtown skyline, this is your best bet. The property has 360-degree views, an amazing floor plan, a gourmet kitchen, and a beautiful dining room.

The house is listed at $3.3 million and is currently the highest in the area.

10. N 62nd Street in Omaha

This is another amazing property to look at if you are ever in Omaha. The house comes with seven bedrooms, eight baths, a Normandy-style cottage design, hardwood floors, a coffee bar, walk-in closets, and a beautiful patio.

The house is currently on the market for $1.82 million.

11.  S 214tth Avenue in Elkhorn

This is an amazing property in Elkhorn, listed for about $1.39 million. The house has five bedrooms, five baths, and a four-car garage.

It is located on a three-quarter acre plot of land with all the latest upgrades, including modern home technology, a commercial-grade golf simulator, an indoor sports court, and an exercise room.

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The Nebraska Real Estate Market

The 2020 pandemic has created a challenge for the real estate market. However, creative forms of selling have created a shift in how real estate is sold.

Nebraska’s real estate market has become a more affordable housing market compared to other states and, at the same time, sees a reduced number of houses as demand goes higher. However, the affordable nature of upscale housing does not compromise quality regardless of price. You will get everything from heated garages, pools, supersized mansions, gourmet kitchens, and beautiful views.

To better understand the affordable nature of the Nebraska real estate market, the price currently stands at $104 per square foot for normal houses, whereas for luxury houses, you get a square foot at $213. Pre-pandemic market listings had about 3,500 listings, which have been reduced to hard-to-find, and fast-selling listings, which have between 500–600 homes maximum with an exclusive listing of about 50 homes that pass the million-dollar mark.

Nebraskan Prices

One great thing about the Nebraska real estate market is that buyers don’t have to compete with the impossible prices in other states. The most luxurious options for an upscale home in Nebraska will see you spend at least $5,750,000, which is a great value per square foot. You can get a mansion from as low as $1,000,000 and even a few options below the million-dollar mark.

Most places where you can get affordable upscale homes include Bellevue, Kearney, Lincoln, Grand Island, and Omaha.

When choosing the right homes, you have a couple of options, including buying a home or a DIY option. However, if you do the math, building materials have increased in cost, plus staffing shortages are also a problem, making purchasing a house the better option.

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All the listed houses have something in common, which adds to the high prices. These include:
  • Number of garages
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling height
  • Window and light quality
  • Landscaping
  • Stand-out features such as tennis courts, pools, gym, outdoor facilities, wine cellar, and bars
  • Architectural design
  • Curb
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Finish
  • Walk-in closet
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Floor plan
  • Good location

You can never go wrong in spending for a home and all the luxuries that will make your day-to-day worthwhile. With the above listings, you have various choices. However, you might also just be looking for fun. Either way, we hope you enjoyed this list of some of the most expensive homes found in the state of Nebraska.

Featured Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay


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