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8 Mudroom Bench Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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Whether you live on a farm or love the traditional American home design, you likely have a mudroom that sees frequent muddy boots and feet. One way to make the most of your mudroom is to create your own mudroom bench.

Believe it or not, but mudroom benches are relatively easy to make. Although the exact level of difficulty depends on the model you select, you should be able to make your mudroom bench in as little as one day.

Below, you will find eight mudroom bench plans that you can build today. Each one of these plans is free and can transform your mudroom into a classy second entryway that keeps the rest of your home clean and organized.

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What Is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is the second entryway to your home. This entryway serves as a space where you and your guests can remove any dirty shoes, clothes, and other items before entering the home. This leaves the rest of your house clean and tidy.

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Image Credit Scott Prokop, Shutterstock

Why You Need a Mudroom Bench

Adding a mudroom bench or locker system will provide you and your guests a place to sit down when taking off shoes. Depending on the model you select, your mudroom bench can also serve as additional storage for your outdoor gear.

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The 8 Mudroom Bench Plans to Build Today

There are eight mudroom bench plans that you can build today:

1. ShelfHelp Open Bottom Mudroom Bench

The ShelfHelp Open Bottom Mudroom Bench is a perfect choice if you want a classic mudroom bench. Because of its open-bottom design, you don’t have to store your dirty shoes on a shelf. It also offers maximum storage, and you can even customize it to fit any mudroom.

2. Frills and Drills DIY Mudroom with Built-In Bench

The  is another classic mudroom bench with an open-bottom design. This bench is perfect for homes that don’t have a designated mudroom but need extra space for dirty shoes and clothes. Because of the size of this bench, you can place it in your hallway or anywhere else where shoes are frequently taken off.

3. House By Hoff DIY Mudroom Bench and Storage

The House By Hoff DIY Mudroom Bench and Storage is a super easy and affordable mudroom bench with additional storage. It uses various IKEA products so that you can maximize space while stretching your dollar. You can use this in a designated mudroom or in any room with high foot traffic.

4. Liz Marie DIY Mudroom Bench

The Liz Marie DIY Mudroom Bench is one of the classiest-looking products on this list. It has a simple bench design, but the bottom of the bench is closed. This allows the entire room to look clean and put together while providing your guests an area to sit down on while removing dirty shoes.

5. Honeybear Lane DIY Mudroom Bench

If you don’t have any extra hands to help you out during the creation process, you might like the Honeybear Lane DIY Mudroom Bench. This bench is simple enough for just one person to make. It also comes with tons of storage and hooks to hang up jackets on.

6. The Awesome Orange Shiplap Hall Tree Bench

The Awesome Orange Shiplap Hall Tree Bench does not advertise itself as a mudroom bench, but that’s exactly what it is. Its design is very similar to the other products on this list. Because it isn’t specifically designed for mudrooms, it will look perfect in your home’s entryway or other rooms.

7. Creations By Kara Mudroom Corner Bench

So far, all the mudroom benches we have looked at are designed for straight walls. If you have a small mudroom but need an extra-large bench, you might love the Creations By Kara Mudroom Corner Bench.

This plan stands out from the other products in that it is designed to be put into your mudroom’s corner. This design will allow you to maximize space so that your mudroom can have seating and all your shoes to have storage.

8. Woodworking Talk Mudroom Locker/Bench

One of the most basic mudroom benches is the Woodworking Talk Mudroom Locker/Bench. This no-frills design is perfect for minimalistic homes that also want practical appliances. Its locker and bench design provides areas to sit, store dirty shoes, and keep your and your children’s items separated.

The plans for this mudroom bench are not as extensive as some of the other options. So, it’s better suited for individuals who have enough experience and skill to eyeball the design a bit.

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Conclusion: Mudroom Benches

We hope that one of these plans helps you to elevate your mudroom. No matter which one of the plans you select, your mudroom bench is guaranteed to be functional and attractive. If you want, don’t hesitate to add any personal touches to truly transform the bench into a one-of-a-kind feature in your home.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Prokop, Shutterstock

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