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Parts of a Ladder (Explained with Pictures)

parts of the ladder

The ladder is a ubiquitous tool that just about everyone can find a use for. Whether you are a roofer, or just someone that needs to figure out a way to get the Christmas tree back up in the attic, you will need a ladder.

But for as common as these products are, they are put in a position of immense responsibility. The stability of the ladder is, quite literally the only thing standing between you and serious injury. Before you step up on one and start heading towards the roof, you might want to understand how they work.

That in mind, today we will be taking a look at the parts of a step ladder so that you can use yours with confidence the next time that you need to get to high places.

divider 1 1. Shoes

ladies shoes storage
Image By: moerschy, Pixabay

The shoes are the part of the ladder that makes contact with the ground. They provide stability and ensure that you can get up to the top safely.

Most will include some sort of slip-resistant property that will further increase the safety of the ladder. Though this feature is common to pretty much every ladder, you should make sure that yours has it. Why take risks, after all?

2. Rear Side Rails

The rear side rails will look a lot like the part of the ladder that you climb up, but with the key difference being that there are no steps.

Basically, it is the reverse side of the step ladder that allows for the unit to stand upright without the support of a wall, or another structure.

3. Spreaders

close up Scotts Elite Spreader

The spreaders are the little brackets at the halfway point of the ladder that connect the two sides together. They allow the unit to spread open so that the ladder can be used safely. Once fully open, they lock into place for maximum stability.

Once you are finished using your ladder, you can then easily close the spreaders for natural transportation and easy storage.

4. Steps

Of course, you know what the steps are. This is the part of the ladder that you will be climbing up. Many units will feature textured, slip-proof steps that will maximize the safety factor of the unit.

Naturally, that is a feature that you will want if you can get it. Otherwise, steps are very simple, and unremarkable.

5. Ladder Cap

Aoneky Fire Escape Rope Ladder

The cap is just the top of the ladder. You won’t stand on this part, but you might rest tools on it. Some even feature recesses for small equipment to be handily put in and organized as needed.

divider 1 Conclusion

As you can see, the step ladder is actually a very straightforward tool. But in its simplicity, there is also lots and lots of efficiencies.

These tools have been around forever for a reason: they work well. Hopefully, now that you understand how your ladder works, you will feel more comfortable, and well-informed the next time that you find yourself in need of using it.


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