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18 Safest Cities in France (2022 Update)

France Street

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

France is consistently one of the most popular tourist destinations. From its rich culture to its beautiful scenery, people from all over the globe travel to France to enjoy what the country has to offer.

Just like any other country, crime is present in France, which means you need to be careful when traveling or moving there. Although petty crime like pickpocketing is the most common, the country has also been targeted by terrorist attacks and other more serious crimes.

Nevertheless, there are some cities that are very safe. To learn about the safest cities in France, keep reading.

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The 18 Safest Cities in France: A Quick Look

1. Rodez

Population: 23,949
Average Household income: €20,410
Violent crimes in 2021: 20/100

Rodez is the safest city In France. It is home to only about 25,000 people, making it a very small city. This small-town environment means there are way fewer serious crimes here than elsewhere in the country.

Located in southern France, it is in close driving distance to larger cities, including Montpellier and Toulouse. This means you have great access to larger cities while being safe in one of the smaller cities in the country.

Rodez is beloved because of its geological diversity. It has gorgeous flowers and mountainous terrain, in addition to historic buildings. This makes Rodez one of the most attractive cities in the country because it has many types of beauty.

For practically all types of crime, the rate is very low in Rodez. Because the town itself is so small, you don’t have to worry much about attacks, acts of terror, and muggings. Petty theft is most common here, as it is with most other cities.

2. Pau

Population: 77,215
Average Household income: €39,828
Violent crimes in 2021: 22.73/100

Pau is right on the Spanish border, and it is the runner-up for the safest city in France. It is a favorite location for retirees wanting to live an expat life. This city is absolutely gorgeous and was even a location that many Royals vacationed at.

Given that Pau is not the cultural hub of the country, it is a lot safer than some of the other options. Although pickpocketing and scamming can happen, this relatively affluent community sees few violent crimes.

3. Reims

reims france
Image Credit: guy_dugas, Pixabay
Population: 184,076
Average Household income: €39,828
Violent crimes in 2021: 22.73/100

Reims isn’t as known as some of the other cities on our list, but it is a great location to visit if you want to travel to Europe. It has a long history that dates back to the Roman Empire, which means it has a lot of architecture and history you don’t want to miss.

In terms of safety, you don’t have a lot to worry about, but you need to be cautious of your surroundings. Because Reims is such a high tourist city, pickpocketing is reported. Being aware of yourself and those around you will help ward off most criminals.

4. Strasbourg

strasbourg france
Image Credit: strasbourg france, Pixabay
Population: 277,270
Average Household income: €51,200
Violent crimes in 2021: 29.57/100

Strasbourg is home to many historical sites and artistic focal points. Strasbourg is also pretty close to other cities, making it a popular destination for individuals wanting to view many locations around France.

Practically all types of danger and crime are low in Strasbourg, including pickpocketing risk, natural disaster risk, and attack risk. However, the city has had a problem with terrorist attacks in the past. Although this hasn’t happened in a couple of years, it still means that the city is a higher target than others in the country.

5. Bordeaux

bordeaux france
Image Credit: stuthnagyniki, Pixabay
Population: 249,712
Average Household income: €46,000
Violent crimes in 2021: 39.67/100

In many ways, Bordeaux is considered Paris’s biggest rival. This ancient city is in the wine-growing region, making it very beautiful. This city is even listed as a top World Heritage site because of its rich history and heritage.

Like most other cities in France, you’re most likely to become the victim of pickpocketing and scammers. Violent crimes, mugging, and murder are not common, especially against tourists. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about violent crimes in this gorgeous area.

6. Toulouse

Toulouse france
Image Credit: Gaspartacus, Pixabay
Population: 471,941
Average Household income: €52,400
Violent crimes in 2021: 40.95/100

Toulouse is in southwestern France. It is the 4th largest city, and it is sometimes referred to as la Ville Rose, which means the Pink City. Toulouse has large universities, making it a popular destination for students.

Despite its large size, Toulouse is one of the safer cities you can visit in France. There are not many violent crimes reported, such as murder or muggings. Issues with pickpocketing and scamming are more frequent.

7. Lyon

lyon france
Image Credit: Roses_Street, Pixabay
Population: 512,275
Average Household income: €42,84
Violent crimes in 2021: 44.37/100

The third-largest city in France is Lyon. Lyon is rich in history because it was an important city for the Roman Empire and medieval experiences. It is the birthplace of cinema and offers metropolitan and international events you can enjoy.

This city is very safe, especially for tourists. The police force here is known for being very effective. Crimes like pickpocketing and scams are the most common, but there are some areas in the city that aren’t as safe. The Rue St Catherine, for example, should be avoided at night since it is often a hangout for drunk individuals.

8. Le Havre

le havre france
Image Credit: ddzphoto, Pixabay
Population: 172,366
Average Household income: €40,554
Violent crimes in 2021: 44.64

Le Havre is in northern France. It is home to many landmarks and was the hub for the impressionist movement. Today, the city is still going on with a lot of historical, academic, and artistic benefits.

Despite the picturesque views, Le Havre has some crime problems. Car crime, pickpocketing, and scams are very common here. There is also an issue with natural disasters and forest fires you should consider.

9. Lille

lille france
Image Credit: jovanel, Pixabay
Population: 232,741
Average Household income: €41,288
Violent crimes in 2021: 44.88/100

Lille is a gorgeous city that is great for youngsters. There are many universities in the area, making it a hot hub for students. The city itself is small, but its downtown is designed so that it feels like you are in a big city environment.

Historically, Lille has had a more serious crime problem than other French cities. Over the past few years, the police force has tried to tackle the problem head-on. This has resulted in a large decrease in serious crimes but pickpocketing and scammers are still common.

10. Rennes

Population: 215,366
Average Household income: €40,456
Violent crimes in 2021: 48.74/100

Most tourist guides do not mention the city of Rennes, but that is a shame. This city is the capital of the Brittany region, allowing it to have a history of over 2,000 years. The city is home to many historic buildings and hosts the Festival des Tombées de la Nuit every July.

Even though Rennes is a smaller city on this list, it isn’t as safe as some of the other options. There are problems with pickpocketing, but there are also more crimes against women reported, as well as violent crimes. If you avoid being out by yourself at night and do not flash excessive wealth, you should remain safe.

11. Montpellier

montpellier France
Image Credit: ennelise, Pixabay
Population: 277,639
Average Household income: €38,900
Violent crimes in 2021: 49.49/100

Montpelier has boomed in popularity over the last few years. The atmosphere of the city is relaxed and offers a ton of things to do. There are beaches, villages, and delicious restaurants that you can check out.

The city is surprisingly safe, but you need to know where to go. Certain areas of this city are notorious for muggings and other violent crimes. Avoiding these areas will allow you to avoid the most dangerous criminals.

12. Sarlat-la-Canéda

Image Credit: cvittoz, Pixabay
Population: 9,030
Average Household income: Not reported
Violent crimes in 2021: 50/100

Sarlat is very small, with only about 10,000 people. This small city has a small-town atmosphere with the convenience of bigger city activities and offerings. When most people imagine small-town France, this is the city that comes to mind.

Because of its small-town environment, Sarlat is safe. If you are not careful, you can be pickpocketed or scammed, but violent crimes are relatively uncommon in this quaint atmosphere.

13. Grenoble

Image Credit: RichardMc, Pixabay
Population: 160,649
Average Household income: €42,616
Violent crimes in 2021: 51.93/100

Grenoble is in southeastern France. Rivers from the French Alps meet here, making the city truly beautiful. It has plenty of fun things to do, dubbing it the title “Capital of Alps.”

As the Capital of the Alps, Grenoble sees a lot of tourists, which means it sees its fair share of theft and vandalism. Violent crimes are low in most areas, but you need to steer clear of the more dangerous areas at night.

14. Paris

Image Credit: nuno_lopes, Pixabay
Population: 2,161,000
Average Household income: €36,085
Violent crimes in 2021: 52.54/100

Anyone who knows anything about France is familiar with Paris. Paris is the capital of the country and sees over 30 million tourists every single year. It is often called the city of light and is loved due to its romantic setting.

Because of its size, Paris is one of the least safe cities on our list. Although the country is doing everything it can to make the city safe, pickpocketing and scamming is very common. Paris has also been the focus of many terrorist attacks and violent crimes, though most of these are not directed at tourists.

15. Nice

Image Credit: lecreusois, Pixabay
Population: 342,522
Average Household income: €41,212
Violent crimes in 2021: 58.93/100

Nice is another large city in France. It is a favorite location for tourists because it is located on the Riviera. It is known for having some of the most beautiful waterfront views on the continent. The city’s center is still dedicated to the natural beauty that can be found.

Because Nice is such a popular tourist destination, it does have some problems with pickpocketing and petty theft. This mainly happens if you leave your items unattended or if you are not aware of your surroundings.

16. Nantes

Image Credit: barskefranck, Pixabay
Population: 303,382
Average Household income: €40,506
Violent crimes in 2021: 62.37/100

Nantes is about two hours from Paris, but it is right by the water. There are many schools in this area, making it one of the better nightlife destinations. It also has historic districts that are rich in culture.

Because of the nightlife in Nantes, there is more crime reported. Most of the crime is petty, relating to pickpocketing or scams. Luckily, violent crime is relatively low, especially against tourists.

17. Nimes

Image Credit: Ridoe, Pixabay
Population: 150,672
Average Household income: €39,382
Violent crimes in 2021: 60.29/100

Nimes is rich in history. It was popular during the Roman Empire. Some of the monuments here were even constructed as early as the 1st century. There is a beautiful amphitheater that you will not want to miss.

Tourists are more likely to experience crime in Nimes than in other cities. Pickpocketing, scamming, and other petty crimes are very common here. There is also some danger associated with public transportation and mugging. It’s important to be on your guard in this city.

18. Marseille

Marseille france
Image Credit: dkatana, Pixabay
Population: 861,635
Average Household income: €53,500
Violent crimes in 2021: 63.53/100

Marseille is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. It is the second-largest city and was founded by Greek Mariners. It has a diverse population, and tourists are attracted to the oldest parts of the city for their history.

Pickpocketing and scams are relatively frequent. Street crime is especially prevalent. So, you need to watch out for your credit cards, passport, and valuables. Violent crimes aren’t as common, but mugging is reported at night in the more dangerous parts of town.

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divider 1How to Stay Safe in France

Like most other major European countries, France does a pretty good job of monitoring crime and keeping violent crime at a minimum. Still, you want to do everything in your power to protect yourself and your loved ones.

In France, pickpocketing and scams are common against tourists. The criminals know that tourists are easy targets and act accordingly. Being aware of your items and keeping them secure at all times is a way that you can keep them safe from theft.

Be aware of your surroundings as well. Do not be distracted on your phone or doing other things whenever you are walking around. This will make you an easy target.

Be smart, no matter where you are. Avoid areas that are more dangerous and do not walk around by yourself late at night. Just exercising caution in these scenarios can do a lot of good when it comes to protecting yourself and your valuables.

Lastly, France has been one of the most common destinations for terrorist attacks. Especially when you are in big cities, be aware that this is a potential issue. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for any suspicious behavior.divider 1


France is a relatively safe country. Because it is backed with security measures and a diligent police force, violent crime against tourists is relatively uncommon. By sticking to the cities above and by being smart whenever you are out and about, you should have a safe and memorable trip to France.

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