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How to Spray Paint a Chair in 30 Minutes

how to spray paint a chair
Image By: Creative Commons CC0., Pxhere

Have an old piece of furniture that you would like to see revamped? Spray painting is the way to go. It’s quick, it’s affordable, and chances are it is probably a lot easier than you are likely to guess.

It’s also a lot quicker. Today we are going to go over how you can spray paint an entire chair in just thirty minutes or less.

Read on to learn how you can quickly breathe new life into tired old furniture!

Step One: Prep Time:

The first thing that you are going to want to do is make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area that has been properly covered with newspaper.

Working outside can be effective but do keep in mind that spray paint and the great outdoors do not always agree with one another.

Step Two: Give the Chair a Scrub Down:

No matter what you are painting, one of the first steps that you are always going to need to take is to clean the workpiece.

Whether the impurity is rust, or simply just dirt that has accumulated over time, you are going to want to make sure that your chair is blemish-free before you start painting.

If you skip this step, you are likely to find that the paint job won’t turn out very well, and it may suffer from a shorter lifespan.

For wood, just take a wetted warm cloth, and some mild detergent over the entirety of the workpiece.

For metal chairs, you may need an iron brush to eliminate rust.

Step Three: Time to Bust out the Primer…Maybe:

A lot of spray paints actually have primer already integrated into the mix, but many also don’t. Before you begin, check to see what you are dealing with If your can does have primer already integrated, its go time. If not, you will want to add a layer before you start.

Why? Priming a work piece creates a solid foundation that expands the lifespan of a paint job, and also enhances the colors.

It’s a true win, win.

white wooden chair
Image Credit: Creative Commons Zero – CC0., Max Pixel

Step Four: Its Time to Paint:

Now that your chair is cleaned and primed, its finally time to paint. Using a spray can is usually thought to be pretty simple. Just focus on maintaining a steady pace, keeping the nozzle a healthy twelve inches away, and avoid overspraying in any one given area.

Less is more is always a good approach. Remember that it is very easy to add more paint, but quite a hassle to remove it.

Once you finish, and your chair looks nice and pretty, give yourself about twenty-four hours before moving or using it.


Hopefully you can see from the steps that we have illustrated here that spray painting a chair can be a simple and quick project that just about anyone can do.

Chances are that just about everyone has a piece of furniture they would like to see improved. Now that you know just how simple spray painting can be, you never have to deal with an eyesore of a furniture piece again!

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