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Turn Your Toilet into a Star Wars Sarlacc Pit with This Cool Gadget

A toilet sarlacc pit

For many people, the toilet represents a place of calm tranquility: somewhere to catch up on the news headlines or even update their social media statuses. It can even be used to grab an unsanctioned and unplanned five-minute break from the working day.

For those people, the Sarlacc Pit toilet decals, made by Robbie Rane, probably won’t make a welcome addition to the bowl. The vinyl decals, which require users to completely drain the water from the toilet before application, allow you to turn your potty into a Star Wars-themed Sarlacc pit.

While it doesn’t promote calm, the decals will be highly sought after by Star Wars fanatics looking to expand their collection of themed items.

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What is a Sarlacc Pit?

When Robbie Rane and friends were discussing euphemisms for using the toilet, one friend suggested: “Toss Boba Fett in the Sarlacc”, referencing the famous Star Wars scene. Following this idea, Rane took on a quest of his own, to turn his toilet into the aforementioned Sarlacc pit made famous by the George Lucas film.

The Sarlacc is a giant alien beast that lives in the Great Pit of Carkoon, a hollow in the desert of Tatooine. It features in the original version of the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. In a 1997 special edition of the film, which included additional special effects the tentacles and beak are added to make the Sarlacc even more fearsome.

In the film, Jabba the Hutt condemns Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to be thrown into the mouth of the monster. Skywalker frees himself and his friends with the help of Lando Calrissian and R2-D2, but Boba Fett gets knocked into the Sarlacc’s mouth during the ensuing fight. In the toilet version, Fett can be seen being dragged down the U-bend.

Now, thanks to Rane’s entrepreneurial spirit, fans can turn their toilet bowl into their very own Sarlacc.

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How to Install the Sarlacc Decals

The vinyl decals need to be applied to a dry surface, which means that users must first drain the toilet of all water. The original kit cost $25 but these quickly sold out, following unexpected popularity. Rane hopes any future sets will be available for a lower cost.

Once installed, the decals include Sarlacc tentacles and teeth as well as Boba Fett falling into the pit. It also features Chewbacca and Han Solo rescuing Lando and there is a sail barge as well as Tatooine’s two suns.

According to the instructions, “the maker of these decals is in no way responsible for anything bad that happens to your toilet or plumbing. I am only responsible for the joy of turning every bowel movement into a galactic battle.”

The decal might be too much for some homeowners, but it could encourage kids to use the toilet and give Star Wars lovers something to aim for.

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