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3 Types of Mosquitoes Found in Georgia (With Pictures)

White-Dotted Mosquito

If you live in Georgia, you know there are mosquitoes big enough to carry you away in the spring and summer. Since Georgia is a warm, humid place that doesn’t get that cold, you can sometimes even find mosquitoes during the fall and winter of the year.

If you live in Georgia, you also know there’s not just one type of mosquito. However, with a clear understanding of the three most common types of mosquitoes that live in the Peach State and having a solid plan, you can protect yourself and your family from being bitten, regardless of the season.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the three types of mosquitoes found in Georgia, plus some tips to avoid them and the diseases they can carry.

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The 3 Types of Mosquitoes Found in Georgia

1. Aedes Mosquito Species

Asian Tiger (Forest) Mosquito
Image Credit: WikiImages, Pixabay
Lifespan: 2 to 4 weeks
Color: Black

The Aedes species is one of the most common mosquitoes in Georgia. The Aedes mosquito most people have heard of is the Asian Tiger Mosquito. These mosquitoes are attracted to humans and feed on human blood, although they’ll feed on any available mammal.

This species is also a carrier of a few deadly diseases, including chikungunya fever, the yellow fever virus, dengue fever, and the dreaded Zika virus. Tiger mosquitoes prefer to hide in the forest and heavy brush. They can be found everywhere in the world and are considered to be a very invasive species. They breed quickly, and you must take precautions as the spring season begins.

2. Anopheles Mosquito Species

Close up of an Anopheles mosquito on a person's skin
Image By: Somboon Bunproy, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 2 weeks
Color: Light brown

The Anopheles species is a nasty one known for its ability to carry and transmit Malaria. While this isn’t a disease that the United States worries about much today, it’s still something to keep in mind when the summer season rolls around in Georgia.

Anopheles will feed on humans and animals alike. The mosquitoes are active from dusk to dawn and need quite a bit of moisture to breed and survive. If you have water standing in your yard, it’s best to get rid of it before the summer.

3. Culex Mosquito Species

Northern House Mosquito
Image By: Anest, Shutterstock
Lifespan: Males: 3 weeks, Females: 4 weeks to several months
Color: Grey with white, silver, green with iridescent blue scales

Last on our list of the three types of mosquitoes most commonly found in Georgia is the Culex species. This one is commonly called the house mosquito because it’ll easily invade your house if you leave an unscreened window or door open. It is the one that you must worry the least about, but they still bite.

The Culex species prefers to live on birds and other animals as opposed to feeding on humans. They’re most active at night and are responsible for transmitting the West Nile Virus, which they pick up from the birds. This species must have blood to survive and feed their young, so cutting off the source will help get rid of them, but that’s easier said than done.

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Types of Mosquitoes in Georgia: Prevention, Tips, and FAQ

While not foolproof, here are tips to prevent mosquitoes in Georgia from attacking you when you’re outside.

  • Make sure to tip over or drain any standing water on your property before mosquito season begins.
  • Get rid of any debris, leaves, and other debris that built up over the winter months, as they can attract pests to your yard.
  • Turn over any plastic items or toys that could hold water.
  • Tie down any tarps and other materials that could hold water from summer storms.
  • Take care of outside home maintenance tasks such as gutter cleaning ahead of time.
  • Have your property sprayed to keep the mosquitoes away.

When Is Mosquito Season in Georgia?

Mosquito season in Georgia is said to be between March and October. However, if it isn’t a cold winter, you can sometimes find stragglers in the Peach State.

The CDC reports that there are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes, and at least 12 of them carry life-threatening diseases.

It’s important to take mosquito prevention seriously since you never know when the one that bites you will be the one that carries the Zika virus or any other diseases they’ve been known to carry.

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Although there are only three types of mosquitoes in Georgia, that doesn’t mean that you should take them any less seriously. These species carry diseases that can harm your pets, you, and your family. It’s essential to take steps to prevent them from attacking you and your property by following the tips above.

Also, make sure to wear long sleeves and pants when you’re out, as well as wear a mosquito repellent that is strong enough to keep them away from you. If you start feeling sick after being bitten, it’s better to be on the safe side and contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Featured Image Credit: frank60, Shutterstock


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