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Can I Use My Vitamix as a Food Processor? Important Information!

Vitamix 6500 with berries

Vitamix 6500 with berries

If you are familiar with a Vitamix blender, you know how versatile it is, and how handy it is in the kitchen. Can I use my Vitamix blender as a food processor, though? Yes…and no. While Vitamix can do a lot of food processing tasks, there are some it cannot.

For the most part, when people ask whether they can use the Vitamix as a food processor, what they really want to know is whether they need to have both? That depends entirely on you! To help you decide whether you need both machines, we will take a closer look at what a Vitamix can do and what it can’t.

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What a Vitamix Can Do?

The Vitamix is a versatile appliance that can do everything from blending, chopping, and mixing. Whether you want your ingredients to be smooth or coarse, you can accomplish it as long as you use it correctly.


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Image By: marvorel, Pixabay

The Vitamix has a great track record at chopping all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Coarse chopping is one of its specialties, however. Take harder veggies like carrots, kale, cauliflower, onions, and cabbage. You can easily chop them up for different dishes in a quick time. Don’t forget, you can also create crushed ice or grate hard cheese.

A handy tip to remember when using your blender to chop is to make sure you are doing so correctly. For example, dry chopping is best if you’re only using a small number of ingredients. Wet chopping, on the other hand, is more conducive to larger quantities. It’s also important to note that wet chopping will create a smoother finish than using the Vitamix dry.

Mixing & Blending

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Image By: Mylene2401, Pixabay

Mixing and blending is another task this blender can handle with ease. In fact, it’s one of its most impressive functions. There is no end to the possibilities of what this machine can do.

Take a look at some of the most popular blending and mixing recipes:
  • Smoothies
  • Almond butter
  • Salsa
  • Hummus
  • Juice
  • Soup
  • Ice cream
  • Burger meat
  • Doughs

This blender can create smooth blends, as well as leave texture, depending on what you are after. When it comes to the world of blenders, this puppy does almost everything you need it to do!

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What a Vitamix Cannot Do

There is one area which a food processor has the Vitamix beat. That is slicing. Unfortunately, Vitamix doesn’t have the capability of slicing fruits and vegetables the way a food processor can. Take cole slaw, for example. Most people enjoy their summer slaw cut in long slices. Another example would be slicing a tomato Julian style.

If you find yourself doing a lot of slicing for various recipes, this is one area where a food processor would be helpful if you are not handy with kitchen knives. That being said, Vitamix has realized their one drawback and made some interesting adjustments… which we will talk about next.

Where a Food Processor Is Lacking

As you can see from above, Vitamix has you covered for most of your blending needs. Still, many people ask themselves whether they still need both appliances if their blender can’t do any slicing.

Before we answer that, let’s take a quick look at what a food processor can’t do:
  • Make smoothies
  • Create fresh juice
  • Make butters
  • Blend soup
  • Make ice cream

We could go on with this list, but as those are the major functions of the Vitamix blender, we didn’t want to hit the nail too hard on the head—so to speak.

To answer the questions of whether you need both, no you really don’t. First, you want to take a look at your blending versus slicing needs. If your basic recipes don’t call for slicing that often, you can probably do so by hand. What’s even better, if you do find yourself lugging out the food processor often to slice up some slaw ingredients, you can now do it in the Vitamix.

Vitamix has recently launched its food processor attachment. This long-awaited little feature is the answer to all your slicing needs. It’s also interesting to note that Vitamix patented their food processor idea with many details based on research and designed it to be as durable and efficient as their blender.

Other Reasons to Choose the Vitamix Blender

So, now that we have covered the basics, let’s quickly recap. The Vitamix blender is great for chopping, blending, and mixing. It can also slice with the help of its food processor attachment. Without the attachment, however, you will not be able to slice with the blender, nor will you get cuts that are as even.

That being said, you can create smoothies, juices, ice cream, nut butter, and even hot soup with your Vitamix. The blender is also easier to clean, typically more attractive on your counter, and will likely last far longer than a mid-range food processor.divider - blender banana strawberry


If you have asked yourself whether you can use your Vitamix blender as a food processor, the answer is yes. This is even more true now with their new attachment that makes slicing your fruits and vegetables easy. We hope that you now have a better understanding of this multi-functional product, and you can put it to use in the most beneficial ways for you.

Featured Image Credit: sspiehs3, Pixabay


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