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What Is Window Glazing? Advantages, Disadvantages, Types, & FAQ

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Window glazing is a fancy term that refers to the glass inside a window; however, some people refer to glazing as the putty that holds the glass in place or even the process of installing the glass into the window using putty. If you are looking into replacing or repairing a window and want to learn more about it, keep reading as we go over what glazing is and other information.

house divider How Does It Work?

Window glazing is a broad term that refers to a pane of glass inside a window; it’s not a type or brand of glass. Some windows may even use other materials, like plexiglass. Manufacturers mount the glaze in the frame using glazing putty, and people often call a single glaze in the frame a pane.

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What Are the Different Types of Window Glaze?

Single-Glaze Windows

A single sheet of glass in a frame is often labeled a single-pane window. You can still find single-pane windows in older buildings, especially in rural America, and it’s popular in garages and small outpost buildings, but it is the least energy efficient, so this type of window will likely lead to high energy costs, whether you are heating or cooling your house. Single-glazed windows are good for areas where you are not concerned about insulating your home from the outside. It’s also a good choice for special situations, like when you want to use tempered glass or stained glass.

Double-Glaze Windows

A double glaze is the same as a double-pane window. As you might have guessed, this window uses two sheets of glass with a small airtight space between them that is usually filled with argon to create a better barrier between the inside and outside of the building. It’s the most popular type of window in the United States due to its efficiency and reasonable cost.

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Triple-Glaze Windows

Triple-glaze windows follow the pattern of the previous types. It uses three panes of glass with small gaps filled with argon gas to provide even more insulation from the outside. Triple-glaze windows can also be called triple-pane windows, and they are the most expensive type, so you are only likely to find them in cold climates, where the extra insulation reduces energy costs enough to warrant the price.


Most glaze is a single sheet of plain clear glass; however, other types exist, like tempered glaze. Tempered glaze is made to withstand punishment, so it is a good choice if you have kids that like to play ball in the house, for example.

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Laminated glaze has a protective layer of vinyl between two sheets of glass to provide increased strength and better insulation at an affordable price.


Insulated glaze creates a stronger barrier between the inside and outside of your home, helping to reduce energy costs significantly. It works so well, it even reduces the amount of sound that enters your home, helping to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

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Safety glaze is similar to tempered glaze, but it uses a design that helps protect the window from damage on the outside of the home. The tight seals help make the glass more difficult to break.


Tinted glazing is a great way to protect your privacy by making it more difficult for people to see inside your home. It also helps keep your home cooler in the summer by reducing the amount of sunlight that can enter, which will also help protect your furniture and other items from getting bleached by the ultraviolet rays.

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Where Is It Used?

Glazing is used in every window, as it is part of the construction.

Advantages of Window Glazing

The biggest advantage of window glazing is that it helps insulate your home from the outdoors, reducing your heating costs. The more sheets of glass that you have in your window, the better it will insulate your home.

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Disadvantages of Window Glazing

The disadvantage of window glazing, especially double- and triple-glazed windows, is that they can deteriorate and wear out after several years, leading to several problems.


Gaping can occur if the foundation settles, which can stress the window, causing the panes to separate or break loose, creating gaps that dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the window.

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Seal Failure

Seal failure is another way that air and moisture can reduce the effectiveness of your windows. One good way to tell that you have a problem with your seals is if you start to see moisture or fog building up between the sheets of glass. A settling house can cause seal failure, as can intense ultraviolet light, so it’s not uncommon to experience more problems with your windows on the sunny side of your home.

divider 4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does It Mean to Reglaze a Window?

Reglazing the window means replacing one or more sheets of glass in the window. People often do this to replace a cracked window or to repair a worn-out seal.

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What Is the Difference Between Glass and Glazing?

Glass is a type of material, like stone, metal, or clay. Glazing is the panel in a window, and while it is almost always glass, it can be many other things, like plexiglass or acrylic.

What Is a Window-Glazing Compound?

Window-glazing compound is the putty that manufacturers use to attach the glaze to the window frame. It’s easiest to see on single-glaze windows, as manufacturers tend to use more of it to provide a better seal and to help keep it in place in the frame. If you have single-glazed windows in your garage or basement, you may need to reapply the glazing compound every few years to help reduce drafts, especially if the window gets a great deal of sunlight, which can cause the putty to break down faster.

house divider Conclusion

Window glazing is the term used for the glass or other material in a window frame. However, many people refer to it as the process of adding the window to the frame using a glazing compound putty or even to the putty itself, so make sure you know what the other party is talking about if you find yourself in a discussion about it. Most window glaze is glass, but it can be plexiglass, acrylic, or several other materials. It can also have special features, like tempering, which makes the window stronger, or tinting, which can make your interior environment more comfortable. Double- and triple-glazed windows can improve your home’s insulation, dramatically reducing your energy costs in winter and summer. However, due to high costs, triple-glazed windows are not nearly as popular as double-glazed windows, which are the American standard.

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