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11 Baroque Interior Design Ideas You Can Try Today (With Pictures)

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In the late 16th through the early 18th century, a decor style was invented that was extravagant, elaborate, and a little over-the-top. That style became known as Baroque and was seen mostly in massive churches and cathedrals of the day. The effect of this new Baroque design style was significant and can still be seen today around the globe.

It is difficult to sum up the Baroque style in a few words, but if you were to try, extravagant, symmetric, elegant, and ornamental would all work well, along with a flair for the dramatic and a definite feeling of grandeur.

We’ve compiled 10 baroque interior design ideas with pictures to give you a visual description! If a dramatic, indulgent Baroque look is what you seek, read on!

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The 11 Baroque Interior Design Ideas

1. Go for the Gold

Nothing says “Baroque” more than gilded gold on everything. Remember, Baroque is known for being decadent and dramatic, and there are few things more decadent and dramatic than gold. Gold gilding on walls, ceilings, mirrors, and chandeliers is a hallmark of this classic design style.

You don’t need gold to achieve it, either. High-quality gold paint will do the trick nicely. There are also gold sheets you can purchase at a reasonable price. However, your DIY game needs to be on point if you use them.

2. Change Traditional Doors to Curved Archways

Another hallmark of Baroque interior design is curved archways. Remember, when it first arrived, Baroque was used primarily in churches and cathedrals, where massive archways were common.

While it is a complex project, changing traditional rectangular or square doorways to arched doorways is one of the most attractive renovations you can have done in your home and will immediately invoke the Baroque design style.

3. Decorate with Ornate, Vintage Pieces

Nothing says “Baroque” better than classic, or vintage, pieces of furniture or other decorative items, especially chandeliers. Baroque has always been known for incorporating pieces crafted with rare or precious materials, especially gold, silver, and crystal.

Porcelain and lacquered pieces are also a great choice and have been featured in Baroque-styled homes in Europe for centuries. Furniture with a style called marquetry is also popular in Baroque-inspired homes. Marquetry is a style of inlaying small, brightly colored wood pieces and other materials into furniture.

4. Decorate with Ornate Oriental Rugs

You’ll hear the word “ornate” used in Baroque design all the time, and many of the decorative items used in the style are intricate, complex, and highly embellished. Those adjectives fit Oriental rugs to a ‘T’, which makes decorating with them an excellent idea if you want to achieve a Baroque look in your home.

One design recommendation is to use rugs several in the same room, especially if it is a large space. Using multiple rugs of different sizes and shapes will add warmth and comfort to any room, or you can use one to make it the focal point. Using two Oriental rugs on either side of your bed in the boudoir is also a stylish Baroque design idea.

5. Use Damask Fabrics on Your Walls and Furniture

If elaborate is the Baroque look you crave, you can use damask fabrics to achieve it. They are reversible fabrics made from various materials, including cotton, wool, linen, and synthetics. You can find wallpaper with damask patterns, also. Both can be used to, for example, cover a sofa, footstool, or other furniture piece or to decorate one or several walls in your home.

Some damask wallpapers come in gilded metallic and textured patterns, which add a luxurious Baroque air to your home in a big but easy way! Damask fabrics are also reversible, so you can use both sides. That’s convenient for high-touch areas that, over time, may become stained or discolored.

6. Decorate with Louis-Style Vintage Furniture

What is Louis-style furniture? It’s furniture inspired by the various Kings of France named Louis, including Louis XIII, XIV, XV, and XVI. The monarchs had a different style but were all somewhat similar in their love of over-the-top design, gilded parts, and elaborate patterns.

Many Louis-inspired furniture pieces are made with beautiful hardwoods like oak, ebony, ash, and mahogany; they’re painted with either a varnish or lacquer. Some incorporate porcelain and marble, also, as well as copper and steel. Where do you find Louis-inspired pieces? You can find them in antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, and online marketplaces.

7. Use Large, Embellished Mirrors to Add Space to a Room

A true hallmark of Baroque interior design is large, embellished mirrors, especially when they’re gilded with gold or silver. Not only do ornate mirrors instantly add a Baroque feel to any room, but they also make the room feel much larger than it is. Used in the correct position, mirrors can also bring more light into the room.

Large mirrors, especially gilded ones, can be incredibly expensive. If your budget is tight, you can repurpose an old mirror with a decent wooden frame. You can purchase gilded spray paint to add a gold or silver color to the frame. It’s quick, easy, and much easier on your wallet or purse!

8. Decorate with Fancy Wall Sconces

One relatively easy way to add a Baroque interior design style to any room is to hang wall sconces on your walls. Wall sconces are elaborately decorated and embellished lighting fixtures used in Baroque design since the beginning. They used to hold candles before the invention of the light bulb!

Wall sconces come in a various styles, from extremely intricate to more subdued and modern.

9. Use Glass in Your Decorative Scheme

Glass has been used in Baroque design since the beginning, such as the stained glass windows you’ll see in most large Catholic churches. You can incorporate glass into your interior design ideas in many ways, including glass cabinets in your kitchen, decorating with vintage glass bottles, or using vintage glass vases to display flowers and arrangements.

Finding vintage glass pieces to display is relatively easy if you have an antique store nearby. Alternatively, you can use glass vases from your local Dollar store or other big-box stores. They don’t have to cost a fortune, thankfully. An arrangement of several glass vases with dried flowers would be perfect in any room and add a Baroque feel for an affordable price.

10. Include French Provincial Designs into Your Decorating Plans

When it comes to the Baroque style one thing to remember is that it wasn’t a particular country but a European design style. In other words, it took bits and pieces from many European countries, including England, Spain, Italy, and France. That makes incorporating French provincial or farmhouse styles a fantastic choice.

French Provincial is known for its rustic, lived-in look. Parquet floors are a big part of that look, as well as distressed furniture. Of course, there’s also the French château style, which is much closer to Baroque since it’s more intricate in its detailing. Bronze and crystal are a big part of this style, but ornate clocks and oversized furniture like sofas and beds also play a role.

11. Don’t Forget the Floral Print Fabrics

One of the most eye-catching elements of Baroque design, after gold gilding, is colorful floral prints. They are usually floral-printed fabrics that are used on furniture.

Flower print fabrics used to upholster chairs or as curtains are a delightful method of bringing them into your Baroque-themed living space. In the bedroom, floral duvet covers and bedspreads are equally as good and an easy way to incorporate florals on a budget.

Design experts recommend that, if you use several floral prints, place larger prints next to smaller ones to offset and balance them. You can also hang floral shower curtains to go Baroque in the bath. Designers recommend using florals mixed with solid colors to balance the boldness so that it’s not divider

Final Thoughts

By its very nature, Baroque design can be an expensive way to decorate. On the other hand, with a little creativity (and the tips above), you can incorporate Baroque style into your home without going broke in the process. Wherever you decide, we hope these Baroque interior design ideas we’ve presented today will help you achieve your decorating goals. Whether renovating a single room or your entire living space, the Baroque style will bring it alive with bold, decadent, and eye-catching brilliance!

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