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7 Baroque Interior Design Ideas You Can Try Today (with Pictures)

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Baroque is the name of a style of architecture, sculptures, interior design, music, and other arts that thrived in the latter half of the 17th century and 18th century. It’s characterized by rich, bold colors, gold trim, luxurious fabrics, and all-around lavishness. Today, Baroque style is sometimes considered gaudy, but done right, it can turn an ordinary home into an elegant palace. Let’s check out some of the best ways you can apply Baroque design to your home today.

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The Top 7 Baroque Interior Design Ideas

1. Bling Galore

At its core, Baroque style is about bling. It overuses lavish features and elements to purposefully evoke an emotional response. While a regular home might have a single chandelier or a gilded edge here and there, Baroque homes are dripping in opulent furnishings and accents. Other inclusions like elaborate tapestries and detailed paintings heighten the effect.

2. Floral, Damask, and Silk, Oh My!

The luxury of Baroque style doesn’t end at the bling. Plain old linen and cotton simply won’t do. You need to amp it up with ludicrously rich damask and silk. Floral prints like vine and ivy are especially prized in Baroque style, used to add a connection with nature and exceptional craftsmanship. Your upholstery, tablecloths, drapes, carpets, and even bed sheets should be covered in the richest, most tactile fabrics money can buy.

3. Bold Colors Are a Must

Baroque style is striking, designed to catch the viewer’s attention and wow the imagination. While neutral colors like taupe can be a good choice for large spans of wall, bold colors like royal blue, crimson, and emerald green are ideal. For best results, consider giving a room a theme where most furnishings and walls are the same color. And don’t forget the gold trim!

4. Oversized Decorative Furniture

Baroque furniture tended toward elaborate ornamentation, moldings, accents, and other frippery. One interesting element of Baroque furniture is that they tend to have four diagonally interlaced legs, with no other parts touching the floor. Sleek, space-saving modern furniture looks especially out of place. Instead, opt for heavy moldings and other decorative elements that further enrich the room’s sense of opulence.

5. Add Tons of Carvings And Ornamentation

Baroque style eschews plain, clean edges in favor of extraordinarily detailed carvings and ornaments on every possible surface. Finely crafted rosettes, grilles, pillars, medallions, and other embellishments are strongly encouraged. There’s no hard and fast rule, but intertwining and sprawling floral patterns are very common.

6. Use Crystal and Glass

Crystal chandeliers, candleholders, wine glasses, and mirrors are perfect accents for a Baroque home. They reflect light and add additional dimension while adding visual interest. While the most extravagant Baroque homes have numerous chandeliers, even adding one or two in your largest rooms can draw attention to other decorations placed high on walls or the ceiling.

7. Plush Flooring and Bedding

Many Baroque homes use hardwood extensively, but for smaller, intimate spaces you’re better off using thick, plush carpets. In bedrooms, only use the cushiest, plush bedding you can find. Pillows are also essential, and cloudlike softness is especially coveted. Don’t forget to add some comfortable yet elegant couches or armchairs to entertain guests!

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Baroque style is one of the most enduring aesthetics, designed to transport viewers to the gilded 17th century. While most of the components are expensive, having your very own French palace is well worth the price of admission.

Featured Image Credit: max-vakhtbovych, Pexels

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