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9 Brilliant Uses for Old Windows: Reuse & Repurposing Ideas

Old wooden windows on a construction site

People have collected antiques for centuries. We think of the prized objects as special pieces made by artists and artisans. That’s why it seems a shame to discard them if you move out of an old home or find them in a shop. Fortunately, there are many ways to repurpose these seemingly useless objects. Old windows have enormous potential to make anything they frame stand out from the crowd.

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The 9 Brilliant Uses for Old Windows

1. A Frame for a Cherished Object- my repurposed life

A Frame for a Cherished Object- my repurposed life
Photo Credit: my repurposed life
Materials: Vintage object, glue, staples (optional)
Tools: Drill, stapler
Difficulty: Easy

This frame is the perfect setting for a beloved object, especially if it’s vintage. An old window draws attention to itself. Placing a cherished item within it is an excellent way to highlight its age and prestige in a clever way. We like it because it puts the spotlight on both things in a complementary way.

2. Updated Window- dish functional designs

Updated Window- dish functional designs
Photo Credit: dish functional designs
Materials: Vintage objects, stained glass panes
Tools: Drill
Difficulty: Medium

This one can be a bit more difficult than the previous one, depending on the fragility of the materials that you use. You can start with the old window frame and use modern glass panes, which are more durable. However, we can’t resist taking the vintage theme to the next level with period ones.

3. Mini Greenhouses- how to build it

Mini Greenhouses- how to buildit
Photo Credit: how to buildit
Materials: Vintage items
Tools: Drill, staples
Difficulty: Medium

Mini greenhouses are an excellent way to give your plants a vintage take on life. They need protection during those early days from frost and other environmental elements. They may even need them later in life. However, your garden can do it in style with old windows repurposed for this role. The best part is that the constructed windows make it easier than ever to set up your garden.

5. Frame for Art

Image Credit: Laborant. Shutterstock
Materials: Vintage items
Tools: Drill, glue
Difficulty: Easy

The panes within an old window are an ideal way to showcase collections or themed artwork pieces. The great thing about an old window with panes is that it adds a cohesive element to a piece. The design unifies the theme in a way few things can.

6. Frames for Pithy Sayings

Materials: Vintage items, paint, stencil
Tools: Drill, spray paint, stencils
Difficulty: Easy

Pithy sayings deserve a worthwhile setting. An old window frame serves the purpose well by adding interest to the subject. Of course, the font and text color make a difference in the presentation. We love these projects because of the impact the entire set-up has on its viewers.

7. Coffee Table- how to build it

Coffee Table- how to build it
Image Credit: how to build it
Materials: Vintage items, decorative lumber pieces, glue
Tools: Saw, drill
Difficulty: Moderate

A vintage coffee table is a fun way to repurpose an old window. If you’ve decorated your home in a retro style, it’s a no-brainer. It’s another example of making old things new again in a splendid style unmatched by modern techniques.

8. To-Do List – diyn crafts

To-Do List - diyn crafts
Image Credit: diyn crafts
Materials: Vintage items, chalk, blackboard
Tools: Drill
Difficulty: Easy

Many of our uses for old windows are decorative. This one is practical, too. Its beautiful look encourages you to use it, making it even more useful. Chalk as a backdrop is brilliant, so you and your family can use it every day. After all, that defines how useful an item is.

9. Outdoor Patio Lighting- dodods on designs

Outdoor Patio Lighting- dodods on designs
Image Credit: dodods on designs
Materials: Vintage items, lighting, hooks
Tools: Drills
Difficulty: Easy

Outdoor lighting and patio use have reached a fever pitch. We realize how enjoyable it is to spend time outside. Consumers have glammed onto the beauty of vintage lighting. Using an old window as a frame for it adds to its glamour. We think Thomas Edison would love the use of the bulbs bearing his name.

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Final Thoughts

An old window holds many possibilities. It may be even more valuable as a vintage piece than it was in a house. The craftsmanship of these elements often exceeds modern-day products. It may have decorations and styling that you don’t often see these days. It’s a shame that many of these details are lost. However, your keen eye for detail can revive them in unique ways.

Featured Image Credit: MHP, Shutterstock


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