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Can You Mount a TV Above a Fireplace? Problems & Suggestions

TV with mantel over fireplace

Mounting a TV on your wall is the best way to maximize usable floor space, plus it looks very modern and stylish. If you are running low on wall space or just think it would look cool, you may have wondered whether you can mount a TV above a fireplace. Well, can you?

You can mount a TV above a fireplace, but it may not be the best idea. The mount will hold the TV and work fine, but you may face some issues with your fireplace itself. Read on, and we’ll cover what issues you may face mounting a TV over a fireplace, how to protect it, and more handy info you may find useful.

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Problems With Mounting a TV Above a Fireplace

There are a few notable problems with mounting a TV above a fireplace, and you should be aware of them if you intend to try it for yourself. Let’s check out what common problems you may face when mounting a TV here.

Big TV over the fireplace
Image Credit: Curtis Adams, Pexels

The Fireplace Can Damage the TV

This is the most obvious problem, and not always easily fixed. If you use your fireplace regularly, mounting a TV above it is a very risky idea. The intense heat that rises from your fireplace can damage the delicate electronics and other components within your TV.

That isn’t even considering any other TV equipment: speakers, cable boxes, game consoles, etc. Those are all at risk if they’re directly adjacent to the fireplace, especially above it.

It’s an Awkward Viewing Angle

Before you decide it is the best spot, sit down in the room where you would watch TV with it mounted above the fireplace. Don’t just sit there, though—look directly where it would be. Is that a comfortable position that you could hold your head at for a couple of hours at a time? In a lot of cases, the answer is no.

Lots of fireplaces, especially those built before TV mounts existed, may not have enough space or the right dimensions for mounting a TV. Even if they do, you could seriously strain your neck.

It Requires Masonry Work

Mounting a TV is typically a simple DIY job, but it gets complicated when you add a brick fireplace into the mix. Brick is tougher to drill through than drywall, requiring more work, a hammer drill, and special masonry drill bits.

A professional hired to mount the TV would most likely charge more for the job than if you were mounting it on drywall. If you’re doing a DIY install, expect a lot more work than for a regular TV wall mount.

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How to Protect a TV Mounted Above a Fireplace

Flat TV over minimalistic fireplace
Image Credit: Avinash Gumber, Pexels

While mounting a TV above your fireplace isn’t the best idea, it could be the right move for your home. If you decide to do it, there are a few ways you can help mitigate the problems we detailed above. Let’s briefly look at those below.

Get a Mantel

Mantels aren’t just for Christmas stockings; they also block the heat that emanates from the front of your fireplace, which can serve as a heat barrier for your TV and other heat-sensitive electronic items.

If you use your fireplace and want a TV above it, you’ll have to have a mantel first. It would be a tragedy to buy a brand-new TV and wall mount and have them installed, only to watch them get destroyed. So, be safe and get a mantel or shelf.

Use a Swivel Mount

Fireplaces are usually located in large rooms like dens and living rooms, so why limit your viewing angles? Opt for a telescoping or swivel TV mount that allows you to change the angle of the TV. This makes for a perfect viewing experience for one person alone or the whole family, no matter where your favorite spot is.

Rearrange the Room

With the TV’s future location in mind, rearrange your living room’s furniture as well. This is a big task but will help you out once your TV is mounted. Without the TV as a centerpiece in mind, certain parts of the room may be less comfortable to sit and watch from. Try to make sure every seating area is comfortable and can see the screen without obstruction.

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Fireplaces add cozy warmth to your home, but a TV might be just the thing you need to stay busy on a cold winter’s night. While you can mount a TV above your fireplace, you’ll need a mantle to protect it from damage.

While less serious of an issue, you’ll also need to figure out whether the TV is at a good viewing angle. A swivel mount can help solve that problem but isn’t absolutely necessary.

Featured Image Credit: Get Lost Mike, Pexels


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