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8 Clever Cleaning Supply Closet Organization Ideas (with Pictures)

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If you are one of those homeowners who constantly find themselves in a messy and cluttered area, you may be looking for new ways to organize your personal space. This situation usually occurs with cleaning supply closets since these items require most space and don’t fit in your kitchen or bathroom drawers.

When you are looking for that ideal space to store your mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, cleaning rags, microfiber cloths, towels, and liquid cleansers, you want to have a room that is easy to access throughout the day with a lot of free space. Sometimes this may seem impossible to achieve, but the solution to a better-organized cleaning supply closet can be learning how to maximize your space.

In the article below, you will find some of the best organizing ideas for your supply closet, which will give it a cute, tidy, and polished appearance and help you quickly find what you need, when you need it.

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The 8 Clever Cleaning Supply Closet Organization Ideas

1. Broom and Mop Closet

If your broom and mop closet has always been messy and unorganized, we’ve got an organization idea that will help you create a much cleaner space. Supply closets are generally cluttered because of the wide range of supplies you need for cleaning. Bottles and containers take a lot of work to arrange in order, especially if you keep them together with your brooms. By creating an additional small closet for brooms and mops, you will have enough room to access them freely when needed. Your space won’t seem cluttered anymore, and you will enjoy maintaining a tidy space.

2. Labeling and Shelving

Gather all your plastic or glass containers and label them accordingly. It would help if you filled your entire closet with these little transparent containers, where each one will serve its purpose. By adding additional shelves into the mix, you will have a much easier time reaching your desired bottle. If you’ve got a room that can easily fit all your cleaning supplies but you need more organization to make it happen, this is a great idea.

3. Kitchen Cleaning Supplies Organization

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Image Credit: Budimir Jevtic, Shutterstock

If you’ve got a tiny space in your kitchen or a kitchen closet, you can transform it into a useful and practical cleaning supply pantry. This little closet will have everything you need to maintain a clean kitchen, and everything will fit snugly into place. By hanging several hangers and baskets on the door, you will gain extra room for hanging your brooms, clothes, towels, and spray bottles. You can even hang a clipboard on the door containing all the valuable information on cleaning schedules for your family.

4. Door Shelf Organization

Using the door of the supply closet as additional storage space may seem like an impossible thing to do. However, if you are creative enough, with the help of a few door racks and metal shelves, you can use your door as extra space for displaying all your cleaning bottles, sprays, towels, and kitchen cleaning supplies. It will give your closet an entirely new appearance and make all your supplies easily accessible.

5. Pegboard Supply Closet

Cleaning supplies and tools arranged on shelves in cabinet storage place
Image Credit: Budimir Jevtic, Shutterstock

One fantastic idea to avoid using hooks and hangers in your supply closet is to install a pegboard on the closet’s back wall. This unique idea will provide you with an eccentric yet convenient closet. All your cleaning tools and supplies will be hanging on the peg wall, being easily accessible at all times. It will provide more space for any items you want to store that don’t belong anywhere in the house.

6. Narrow Pullout Supply Closet

cleaning supplies storage cabinet
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Narrow pullout closets are gaining in popularity due to their discreet nature. For homeowners who need more space to store their cleaning tools, gadgets, and appliances, maximizing a narrow space is the way to go. This space can seem like an ordinary closet or drawer, but once you pull it out, you will find countless shelves filled with cleaning supplies. This way, you can utilize an area that had no purpose beforehand but now serves you as a tiny supply closet or pantry.

7. Additional Shelf Organization

cleaning products and tools
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Suppose you are among the majority of homeowners with a tiny closet in their house that is constantly cluttered with unnecessary items. In that case, it is time to reorganize it and give it a new purpose. It is essential to sort everything out and eliminate anything you may not need anymore. An organized closet will be much easier to maintain and clean and will have all your cleaning supplies stored neatly in one convenient place. Adding shelves, hangers, cute baskets, and containers will provide you with a much cleaner supply closet where everything will be easy to reach.

8. Cleaning Closet with Cleaning Schedule

cleaning cloth and detergent
Image Credit: congerdesign, Pixabay

A cleaning closet with a schedule is a fantastic idea to fuse a beautiful design with functionality. It has all the necessary compartments and shelves to store your tools while appearing tidy and organized. On the very side wall of the closet, you can incorporate a blackboard, which will be your best friend for planning activities, cleaning schedules, or a simple groceries list. Adding small plastic containers with labeled cleaning supplies can help you achieve a clutter-free closet, with each item in its designated place. This way, you won’t have trouble reaching your tools and supplies, and you won’t have to think about where you’ll store a certain item.

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After learning about these cute organization ideas, you can easily store your supplies without a lot of hassle. These storage rooms must be maintained properly to serve their function, and maintaining them is much easier without all the clutter. After reading this article, you will hopefully quickly achieve a tidy space, making your cleaning schedules much more fun and stress-free.

Featured Image Credit: appleyayee, Shutterstock


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