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7 Cottagecore Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

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Cottagecore is one of the hottest and latest interior design trends, focusing on natural, rural beauty and simplicity. In our ultra-technological age, it emphasizes coziness, whimsical charm, and a return to simpler times. Let’s check out a few ideas you can employ to help make your home achieve a cottagecore aesthetic.

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The 7 Cottagecore Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

1. Bring Nature Inside

Adding natural elements to our homes is nothing new, but cottagecore takes it to the extreme. Celebrating nature is in the DNA of cottagecore, whether it’s in the form of an indoor garden, houseplants, or abundant natural decorations. Gather some driftwood, shale, or other bits of nature and use them to line your surfaces.

If you do opt for plants, consider using clay pots or other natural-looking planters. Finally, natural materials like stone and wood are perfect for furniture, paneling, flooring, and other core elements of a cottagecore home.

2. Curl Up by the Fireplace

Cottagecore is all about cozy nostalgia, and what better symbolizes that than a fireplace or hearth? The primal aroma of wood smoke can turn any home into a place you want to curl up with a book or gather with family over a board game.

In many ways, fireplaces are the symbolic heart of any cottagecore home. Not much else can evoke the romantic fairy tale feeling of cottagecore than a fireplace, wood burner, or hearth.

3. Mix Warm Neutrals With Cheerful Pastels


While warm neutral colors are the base layer, cottagecore employs pops of pastel colors to give a sense of warmth and contentment. Shades like blush, fuschia, and robin blue are just a couple of the gorgeous colors you can use, but be sure to use them sparingly. Too much pastel can overpower the neutral colors and compromise the intended aesthetic. Painting your walls a warm beige and using pastel picture frames or other practical decorations is a perfect example.

4. Floral and Bohemian Style

Think of flower-themed doilies or sprawling vine wallpaper. Rustic decor like sprawling vine wallpaper, patterned pillows, and old-timey rugs perfectly encapsulate the cottagecore aesthetic. Cottagecore evokes a sense of flower meadows, babbling brooks, and even witchy vibes.

Consider upholstering your furniture with worn fabric to give them a homespun feel. Wouldn’t a floral rug look perfect in front of your fireplace? Forego modern chic and lean toward handmade artisan decorations. Even better, why not try your hand at making your own?

5. Embrace Clutter

Unlike modern styles that demand everything go in its place, cottagecore isn’t so particular. Ingredient jars, fresh-baked bread, yarn, and stacks of books all fit cottagecore perfectly. Watch out for tech, because cottagecore eschews tech-heavy designs in favor of vintage and rural.

Tie some fresh herbs from your garden along a length of string and hang them around your kitchen, or proudly display your antique dish collection. Love plants? Put those suckers everywhere. Cottagecore embraces low-tech personalization in all its forms, so go wild!

6. Think Vintage & Sustainable

Nature is at the heart of cottagecore, and what fits that better than sustainable materials? Reupholster that old chair collecting dust in the garage or opt to use baskets as storage vessels for clean linens. Hemp macrame decorations, wicker baskets, and other natural materials further enhance the enchanting connection to nature that cottagecore emphasizes. Rustic farmhouse-style furniture with French influences are some of the most beautiful additions to any cottagecore space.

7. Layer It Up With Soft Furnishings

Making your house feel lived in is a core tenet of cottagecore, and what better achieves that than soft pillows and wool throws? Warm up your barren wood flooring with some colorful floral rugs or drape a homemade quilt over your vintage sofa. Those plain wood chairs could use some cushions, don’t you think? In the bedroom, go crazy with thick quilts and duvets, and maybe put some sumptuous drapes around your window. Cottagecore isn’t afraid of hard edges, but it softens them.

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Cottagecore isn’t going away anytime soon as the modern era of always-on connectivity makes us yearn for a simpler, cozier time. Calm color schemes and rural nostalgia help ground us and find a sense of tranquility. Embrace nature, clutter, and all the things that make you feel like you’re living in a Brothers Grimm story.

Featured Image Credit: Spoot, Pixabay

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