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20 Brilliant Pressure Washer Uses You Didn’t Think About!

person using air compressor as pressure washer

person using air compressor as pressure washer

Still on the fence about buying that pressure washer?

Usually, handymen hesitate to buy a new tool for a simple reason: they don’t think it’s likely that they’ll get much use out of it. But the truth is that the average pressure washer has far more uses than most people can imagine!

Don’t believe it? Here are 20 brilliant pressure washer uses you didn’t think about!

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1. Clean the Car

Clean the Car
Image Credit: Nima Sarram, Unsplash

Got a dirty car but don’t want to run it through the car wash? Just break out the pressure washer instead!

More often than not, the water alone is enough to make your car look as good as new. And you can always get special attachments for your pressure washer to make cleaning the car easier than you ever thought possible.

2. Under the Car

Under the Car
Image Credit: Bob M, PxHere

While you’ve got the pressure washer out, don’t overlook the bottom of the car. You may find that the pressure washer can do great work when it comes to cleaning the undercarriage of your car.

The washer by itself may get the job done. But for best results, you should get a water broom for the pressure washer. You’ll be amazed at how the undercarriage looks when you’re done!

3. Driveway Transformation

pressure washer
Image Credit: Virrage Images, Shutterstock

Your driveway can never stay clean for long. Between storms to lawnmowers throwing dirts to leaking oil from your car, the driveway will soon look very dirty.

But a pressure washer can literally make the driveway look brand new after half an hour of work. And that’s a small price to pay to make the outside of your home look pristine.

4. Make First Impressions with Your Fence

Image Credit: Jakob Søby, Unsplash

They say good fences make good neighbors. But that’s not necessarily true if you are letting your fence get dirtier day by day.

All it takes is a bit of pressure washing each week, though, to make your fence look amazing. Trust us: your neighbors will love you for this!

5. Clean the Lawnmower

Clean the Lawnmower
Image Credit: Alexander Schimmeck, Unsplash

Lawnmowers are pretty much destined to get dirty. What else can you expect from a tool that you spend hours driving through the dirt and grass?

But a pressure washer does a great job of cleaning off everything from the wheels to the grass catcher. And cleaning it before you put the mower up is a great way to keep your garage or work area nice and clean.

6. Bathe the Boat

Image Credit: Lena De Fanti, Unsplash

Boats often feel like a paradox. You might expect something that sits in the water all day to stay clean on its own. Unfortunately, dirt, mildew, and mold quickly build up on your boat’s hull.

But you guessed it: a pressure washer set to the right settings can clear everything off the hull and make the boat downright dazzle in the sunlight.

7. Get the Grill

Image Credit: Adonyi Gábor, PxHere

Grilling out may be the most universal pastime of handymen. But the worst part of grilling is always cleaning the damn thing! Fortunately, pressure washers can change all of that.

The washer takes care of things quickly and efficiently. And no soap is needed, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the next thing you cook!

8. Wash Those Windows

Image Credit: Nathan Fertig, Unsplash

It’s especially important to clean your windows when you’re cleaning the house. It helps the home look awesome from the outside, all while making sure you can see through the window from the inside.

A bit of pressure washer water at the right setting can make your windows clean enough to eat off of. We recommend getting the windows when you are outside pressure washing your home’s exterior.

9. Take Care of the Truck

Image Credit: Deva Darshan, Unsplash

We already touched on how pressure washers can clean everyday dirt off of your car. But if you drive a truck, you might encounter more problems with mud than other drivers, especially if you like to take your truck off-road.

As it turns out, mud is quite easy to remove with a pressure washer. This means you can enjoy all the fun of driving through the dirt and all the joy of having a spotless truck.

10. Outdoor Furniture, Good as New

Outdoor Furniture
Image Credit: Fikri Rasyid, unsplash

Outdoor furniture is a great way to encourage your family and guests to hang out more outside. Sadly, outdoor furniture tends to get very dirty over time.

Pressure washing gets the job done in record time. In fact, because most outdoor furniture is made from materials like plastic, vinyl, or wood, this furniture is a perfect target for your washer.

11. Birdbath Blues? No More!

Image Credit: PxHere

Birdbaths are a double-edged sword for homeowners. Everyone loves to kick back and look at the pretty birds. But the birdbath won’t look so pretty when it’s covered in bird droppings.

Fortunately, a pressure washer can help you clear those droppings off without chipping away the plastic or stone of the bath. This means you get to enjoy the view each morning without having to put up with a mess!

12. Patio Fit for Company

Image Credit: Arcwind, Unsplash

Patios are a great place to entertain guests. But all that entertaining means that the patio may look dirty and discolored before you know it.

Luckily, the pressure washer works great on concrete and other common patio materials. Once you get everything clean, you can go back to entertaining.

13. A Whole New Sidewalk

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water_Piyawat Nandeenopparit_shutterstock
Image Credit: Piyawat Nandeenopparit, Shutterstock

Most homeowners know that a pressure washer can make a sidewalk look amazingly clean. But did you know that’s just the start of what you can do?

For example, a steady hand, a pressure washer, and some creativity can help you create some sidewalk art. And you can get the kids involved in the “artwork” to maximize the fun.

14. From Stairs to Stares

Image Credit: Alessandro Padovani, unsplash

The stairs in front of your home are a special spot. They naturally draw the eye of anyone first looking at your home. And stairs make for a natural area where everyone can hang out and relax.

Of course, it’s tough to relax when the area is too dirty. Bust out the pressure washer to clean up the stairs. It will be easier for everyone to hang out once things are clean, but beware all the extra stares your house will get!

15. Vinyl Renovation

Vinyl Renovation
Image Credit: Jon Tyson, Unsplash

If you really want your home to dazzle in the neighborhood, you need to wash the exterior. And that means finding a way to clean the vinyl on the outside of your home.

While many methods will do the trick, we really love using the pressure washer. It takes very little time, and you can use the opportunity to clean other areas (like windows and outside decks).

16. Shiny Farm Equipment

Farm Equipment
Image Credit: Jon Tyson, Unsplash

Farm equipment like tractors and plows get very different when they are being used. But it is difficult to justify spending hours cleaning the equipment when it’s just going to get dirty again.

The good news is that pressure washers can clean the equipment off in almost no time at all. If you want to, you can have that tractor looking like it came fresh from the showroom floor every day!

17. Cleaning Play Sets

Play Sets
Image Credit: Sigmund, unsplash

Backyard play sets are a great way to keep the kids entertained, all while introducing a love for the great outdoors. Unfortunately, these play sets get dirty very easily, and no parent likes their kid to play around in filth.

Trying to clean a big play set with soap, water, and elbow grease takes way too long. But a pressure washer gets the job done in a small fraction of the time, letting your kids get back to playing in no time.

18. Keep Cool with Your Air Conditioning

Air Condition Cleaning_shutterstock_Witsawat.S
Image By: Witsawat.S, Shutterstock

Your A/C unit has many different moving parts, and some of them can be cleaned with the pressure washer. This includes things like the coils and the fan blades.

Obviously, you need to use lower-pressure settings to avoid damaging your unit. But if done right, the pressure washer can make A/C maintenance a “snap!”

19. Captain on Deck!

white deck bench white bench
Image By: JayMantri, Pixabay

A deck is a great way to get the most out of a yard. From grilling to reading a good book, it’s a perfect place for some outdoor fun. Unfortunately, decks are exposed to the elements and can get very dirty.

The pressure washer can clean the deck off better than any water hose, and it goes much quicker than scrubbing each plank with soap and water. The quicker you get the job done, the sooner you can get back to relaxing!

20. Cleaner Awnings

Cleaner Awnings
Image By: Nathan Bang, unsplash

Awnings are a great way to help your home stand out. Unfortunately, awnings are very difficult to clean, and nobody wants to show off a dirty awning.

Pressure washers can make short work of a dirty awning. Whether you add the pressure washer to your usual regimen of soap and scrubbing or let the washer handle all of it is up to you.

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