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9 Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Bunk beds

DIY Bunk Beds

For some reason, almost every kid wants a bunk bed, whether it’s practical, or necessary, or not. But the truth is, bunk beds are a great way to save space and they can be a fun project to build that will provide an immense sense of satisfaction. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be too complicated! In fact, we’ve already gathered 9 different free DIY bunk bed plans for you to get started with.

Browse through the following plans to learn how to build a bunk bed, and figure out which one will fit your home best. Then start gathering materials! Luckily, they won’t cost too much since you’re building everything yourself.Divider 2

The 9 DIY Bunk Bed Plans

1. 2X6 and 2X4 Bunk Bed by jayscustomcreations

Apply a coat of stain to this 2×6 and 2×4 bunk bed and you’ll have a beautiful, rustic-looking bunk bed that costs very little to make. You need only basic materials for this build, and every step is carefully laid out for you to follow.

2. Modern Bunk Bed Plans by Ana White

DIY Bunk Bed
Photo Credit By: Ana-White

Bunk beds are difficult to move once they’re built, but this modern bunk bed is built in sections that you can easily disassemble if you need to move it. It’s got a very modern look that will fit perfectly in a variety of settings, and the plans are very detailed, thorough, and easy to follow.

3. Bunk Bed Designs with Dimensions by Engineering Discoveries

My Home Done My Way Triple Bunk Bed Plans
Photo Credit By: My Home Done My Way

These bunk bed design plans aren’t as detailed as others, but you’ll get several different styles to choose from with measurements listed to help you figure out how to build them. All of them look great, but you’ll need decent woodworking skills to craft them.

4. Loft Triple Bunk Bed by Ana White

This loft bunk bed has room for three to sleep, though you can arrange it however you see fit. The space is there to be used as you desire, so build these plans and then feel free to arrange them to suit your needs! Build it right and this will drastically change the feeling of your room.

5. Toddler Bunk Beds by Ana White

DIY Bunk Bed
Photo Credit Byt: Ana-White

If you’ve got toddlers, finding a bunk bed for them can prove quite difficult. So, just make one! These toddler bunk beds are easy to build and inexpensive. Best of all, you can tailor the size to fit your children!

6. Farmhouse Style Bunk Bed by hertoolbelt

DIY Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Hertoolbelt

This farmhouse-style bunk bed features a beautiful rustic look with a twin bed on top and a full-sized bed on the bottom. Of course, you can change the finish to look however you want, allowing this bed to work in many settings.

7. Industrial Bunk Bed Plans by cherishedbliss

DIY Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Cherishedbliss

With the steampunk look gaining traction, these industrial bunk beds are likely to be a popular build. They use basic materials: wood and iron pipe. This makes it a cheap project to build, even if the finished product looks amazing.

8. RH Inspired Kenwood Bunk by thedesignconfidential

DIY Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Thedesignconfidential

These plans for an RH inspired Kenwood bunk are very detailed and will walk you through every step of the process with helpful pictures, measurements, and even written instructions. Every measurement you need is clearly printed on the materials list, simplifying the entire build.

9. Simple Bunk Beds by Ana White

DIY Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Ana-White


A project doesn’t have to be complicated to look amazing, like these simple bunk beds. They’re not difficult to build or expensive, but no one will know that from looking at the finished product! Since both beds are twin-sized, this is a great way to save a lot of space.

Featured Image Credit: misska420, Pixabay


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