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7 DIY Butcher Block Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Butcher Block

Butcher block is a fantastic project for any woodworker. It requires precision to create a durable surface that you can cut and chop on that’s also attractive. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading as we provide you with several plans that you can start building today. For each one, we list what the completed project looks like, how difficult it is to complete, and what materials you’ll need.

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The Top 7 DIY Butcher Block Plans

1. MyOutdoorPlans Butcher Block Table

diy butcher block table
Image Credit: MyOutdoorPlans
Materials: Lumber, screws, nails, wood glue
Tools: Circular saw, hammer, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

The MyOutdoorPlans Butcher Block Table is easy to create, and it’s a great place to start for anybody looking to gain experience building a project. All the steps are simple to follow, and you won’t need many expensive tools to complete it. Most people can finish it in just a few days.

2. Maker Gray Butcher Block Counter Top

diy butcher block countertops
Image Credit: Maker Gray
Materials: Stain, wood conditioner, caulk
Tools: Orbital sander, circular saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Maker Grey Butcher Block Counter Top is an easy-to-build project that uses a purchased butcher block to create a countertop. The plan walks you through the steps of finishing the butcher block with stain, wood conditioner, sealer, and more. It also walks you through installing it in the kitchen to create a countertop.

3. Instructables Butcher Block Kitchen Island

diy butcher block kitchen island
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Lumber, wood screws
Tools: Drill, table saw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Instructables Butcher Block Kitchen Island is a plan that uses a recycled butcher block to create a new island for the workshop or home. It has a durable butcher block top for working and two shelf areas underneath for storing supplies. It’s also surprisingly light, and you can move it around without it tipping over. Thick wood does need cutting, and some of the screws go in at an angle, which can be difficult for inexperienced woodworkers.

4. Tyler Garner Butcher Block L Desk

diy pipe & butcher block l desk
Image Credit: Tyler Garner
Materials: Paint, stain, wood screws
Tools: Screwdriver, handsaw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Tyler Garner Butcher Block uses a purchased butcher block to create an L desk. Even though you don’t need to build the butcher block, you will need to cut and finish the wood and attach it to a homemade metal frame, so it’s a great project with plenty to learn, and the instructions are easy to follow.

5. BorkWood Butcher Block

diy butcher block
Image Credit: BorkWood
Materials: Lumber, wood glue, stain
Tools: Clamps, sander,
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The Barkwood Butcher Block is an advanced project that walks you through the process of creating a butcher block from scratch. It requires multiple cuts and plenty of patience, but the directions are clear and easy to follow, so even if you don’t feel ready for an advanced project, there is a good chance that you can complete it if you take your time.

6. Instructables Butcher Block Table

diy butcher block hardwood table
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Lumber, wood glue, polyurethane
Tools: Clamps, table saw, sander, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Instructables does a good job of producing projects that are easy to follow, and this butcher block table is no exception. The instructions walk you through building the butcher block from scratch and then through the steps of using it to create a table.

7. Nicholas Lusk Butcher Block Countertop

diy butcher block counter
Image Credit: Reality Daydream
Materials: Lumber, wood glue
Tools: Miter saw, clamps, jigsaw, drill
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The Nicholas Lusk Butcher Block Countertop is an advanced project in which you build a butcher block countertop from scratch out of several pieces of lumber. You then go through the process of turning the butcher block into a countertop.

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What Is a Butcher Block?

A butcher block is a board created out of many thin boards to create a surface that is extremely durable and attractive. Butchers use this type of surface as a cutting board, and its popularity in that field led to its name.

What Project Should I Begin With?

If you are an inexperienced woodworker, we highly recommend starting with the first plan to gain experience before moving on. Building a butcher block can be challenging because it requires several small pieces of wood to have the proper measurements so they can fit together to create the surface. However, even many moderately difficult projects use a purchased or recycled butcher block, so you can still get the appearance of a butcher block without the big job of creating one yourself.

Once you have enough experience to tackle creating a butcher block from scratch, the project can be quite rewarding, and you can use it on a project that uses a recycled one.

divider 1 Summary

There are many projects that you can build that use a butcher block for its extreme durability and attractive appearance. While a butcher block makes a fantastic cutting board, you can also use it as a desktop countertop or any surface that gets plenty of use. Building one from scratch will give you the experience that you need to tackle more complicated projects.

Featured Image Credit: Igor Palamarchuk, Pixabay


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