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9 DIY Deck Bench Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

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A deck is a wonderful addition to any home. It looks attractive and provides you with a level space to store your grill and outdoor seating so you can enjoy your summer more. If you are a woodworker, a deck bench is a great project to tackle as you can usually build it cheaper than you can purchase it and there is a better chance it will match your deck if you DIY.

If you are looking for a new DIY deck bench project but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading while we list several great projects you can build today. We’ll give you a picture and a short summary of each so you can learn more about it to see if it’s right for you.

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The Top 9 DIY Deck Bench Plans

1. How To Specialist Deck Bench

  • Difficulty: Easy
The How to Specialist Deck Bench is a fantastic first project that will attach to almost any deck. You use mostly 2X4s to build it and a few nails. There are no difficult cuts, and you should be able to have it finished in a day or two even if you have very little experience. Once complete, you will want to sand it down and apply a varnish or weather-resistant paint to keep it looking great.

2. My Outdoor Plans 2X4 Deck Bench

  • Difficulty: Easy
The My Outdoor Plans 2X4 Deck Bench is another beginner plan that results in durable and portable benches that look great on any deck. As the name suggests, you only need a few 2X4s to complete it, and many people might already have some lying around the house. These benches are comfortable, and there is room for two or even three people.

3. Etsy Deck Bench

  • Difficulty: Easy
The Etsy Deck Bench is an easy-to-build project that uses primarily 2X4s in its construction. It’s quite long and has plenty of room to seat three or even four people, and it’s quite durable. If you use good high-quality wood and seal it with an exterior paint or varnish, it can last several years. Most builders can complete it in a single day without any advanced tools.


4. Flour Sack Mama Wooden Deck Bench

  • Difficulty: Easy
The Flour Sack Mama Wooden Deck Bench is an easy-to-build bench that attaches right to your deck’s posts to create a stable bench perfect for looking at large landscapes. It works well as a single or two-person bench, and you can probably complete it in a single day with very few tools or lumber. Since you use many 2X4s to create the seat, it’s a perfect chance to use any old lumber you have lying around because you’ll only see the edge of it.

5. DIY Deck Plans Composite Deck

  • Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Deck Plans Composite Deck is a little more difficult to build than the easy projects, but it results in a durable and attractive bench. The maintenance-free composite material helps it last for years, and it’s large enough to fit several people. It’s a perfect choice for looking over a large landscape.

6. Free Garden Plans Deck Bench

  • Difficulty: Moderate
The Free Garden Plans Deck Bench is a moderately easy-to-build bench similar to others on this list but slightly larger. Strong supports make it durable and sturdy so you can fit more than one person, and it doesn’t require any advanced tools to build. You should be able to complete this project in a day or two, and the reason it’s a moderate difficulty is that some holes require a router, but if you have this tool, it’s easy to build.

7. Pink When Outdoor Patio Bench

  • Difficulty: Moderate
The Pink When Outdoor Patio Bench is an attractive old-style bench that is inexpensive to build. The legs require some angle cutting that needs to be correct, or the bench can wobble, so it’s better suited to woodworkers with experience cutting angles, though if you are patient and don’t mind a lot of sanding, you can straighten out any mistakes.

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8. Build Eazy Bench Seat

  • Difficulty: Advanced
The Build Eazy Bench Seat is one of the more difficult benches to build because it’s very large and circles around the entire deck, making it well suited to large families and gatherings. It requires several posts, which can be hard to install on the deck, but the instructions are very clear and detailed, so a less experienced builder with the right tools and plenty of patience will likely be successful.

9. Construct 101 DIY Outdoor Bench

  • Difficulty: Advanced

The Construct 101 DIY Outdoor Bench is a two-seater style bench that is extremely comfortable and durable. It’s an advanced build that may take a few days to complete, but it provides arm supports and plenty of space for drinks and other items, so it is a great choice for people that like to drink their morning coffee on the porch while reading the newspaper and conversing. It uses primarily 2X4s, so it’s not too expensive, but there are a lot of cuts, and many of them are angled.

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As you can see, there are quite a few options available for the woodworker that wants to provide more seating on the deck. If you are new and don’t yet have a lot of tools or experience with angled cuts, we recommend starting with one of the many easy projects. The How To Specialist Deck Bench is one of the best choices because it’s relatively small, and you can install several or remove them without altering the deck. Once you have the experience, the Construct 101 DIY Outdoor Bench is one of our favorites, and the Build Easy Bench Set will make sure you have all of the seating you need.

Featured Image Credit: JayMantri, Pixabay

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