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8 DIY Macramé Plant Hangers Ideas You Can Try Today (With Pictures)

Macrame plant hangers in scandinavian interior.

Using a macrame hanger to hang your plant is extremely attractive, but it can be quite expensive to buy online or at a store. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to make one at home using inexpensive items that you might already have. Keep reading for several plans that you can follow to produce an attractive and functional macramé plant hanger.

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The 8 DIY Macramé Plant Hanger Plans

1.  Yarn Macramé Plant Hanger by A Cultivated Nest

Yarn Macrame Plant Hanger
Image Credit: acultivatednest

The Yarn Macramé Plant Hanger is a fantastic project for people just starting with macrame. You can use yarn instead of cotton cable, which is less expensive and easier to find. It’s also extremely colorful, so you can create an attractive hanger that works well as a gift. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can finish the project in just a few hours.

2. Beginner Macramé Plant Hanger by Rachel Colton

The Beginner Macramé Plant Hanger is a fun project for beginners because you can build this project quickly. It looks nice but doesn’t require you to make many intricate knots. You only need a ring and macrame cord, and the finished project is surprisingly durable and will hold your plant securely

3. Fringe Macramé Plant Holder by Marching North

Simple Rope Plant Hanger DIY __ Easy Macrame Tutorial
Image By: marchingnorth

The Fringe Macramé Plant Holder is easy to build and attractive to look at. It uses only simple knots but cleverly incorporates extra macrame cord to create a fringe that will stand out.

4. Easiest Macramé Plant Hanger by Paisley & Sparrow

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial
Image By: paisleyandsparrow

The Easiest Macramé Plant Hanger lives up to its name and provides a useful plant hanger that is surprisingly durable. The instructions are easy to follow and show you how to turn the regular cotton rope into something that will hold your plants securely. You can follow the instructions by reading or watching a video, which helps make the project even easier.

5. Diamond Macramé Plant Hanger by Macrame School

The Diamond Macramé Plant Hanger is a moderately difficult project that you can complete in a few hours using only a cotton cord, a wooden ring, and plenty of patience. The instructions for this plan are easy to follow, though, and even a beginner can complete it if they take their time. Once finished, you will have an attractive macrame hanger with a diamond design.

6. Double Macramé Plant Hanger by Marching North

How to Make a Double Macrame Plant Hanger
Image By: marchingnorth

The Double Macramé Plant Hanger is a moderately difficult project that results in an impressive two-tiered plant hanger that will enable you to hang more plants in your home. You only need a cotton cord and scissors to create it, and the instructions are easy to follow, so you can complete the project in a few hours.

7. Macramé Terrarium Plant Hanger by Marching North

DIY Macrame Hanging Terrarium
Image By: marchingnorth

The Macramé Terrarium Plant Hanger is a moderately difficult project that is fun to build and results in a unique and attractive terrarium plant hanger. The material list is small and only requires cotton cable, a small fishbowl, and a few rocks and moss to complete the appearance. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can complete the project in a few hours once you have the materials.

8. DIY Macramé Plant Hanger by Macrame School

The DIY Macramé Plant Hanger results in an extremely attractive and decorative hanger that will look great in any home. The video instructions are easy to follow, making the project fun to do. While it’s considered advanced, anyone can complete it if they work slowly.

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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Macramé Plant Hanger

Tips & Tricks:
  • Always use good quality cotton rope for the best result with macrame.
  • Keep the rope tension even as you tie your knots.
  • Keep all your leftover rope because you will need it.
  • Learn the easy knots first, then move on to the harder ones.
  • Work slowly and your speed will increase naturally.
  • Use a heavy cotton cord for macrame plant hangers that will hold heavy pots.

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Macramé plant hangers are fun to build and something that you can use to hang more plants around your room, which will help liven it up and improve the environment. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with the Yarn Macramé Plant Hanger or the beginner Macramé Plant holder to learn how to make a few of the simpler knots. Once you get a bit of practice, move on to the more difficult projects and create something amazing.

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