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7 DIY Yarn Wall Hanging Plans – Easy Ideas You Can Try at Home!

rainbow wall decoration made of yarn

Yarn wall hangings are a great way to add a unique and stylish touch to any room in your home. Not only are these crafts easy to make, but they also look stunning when hung up on the wall. From geometric shapes to dreamy clouds, you can make some stunning wall art with just a few simple materials and a bit of creativity.

These 7 easy DIY yarn wall hangings ideas will show you how to create some amazing works of art without having to leave the comfort of your own home. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, you’ll enjoy trying out these fun and cool yarn wall hangings.

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The 7 DIY Yarn Wall Hanging Ideas

1. Geometric Yarn Wall Hanging

Simple DIY Yarn Wall Hanging for $10 (or Less!)
Image Credit: thathomebirdlife
Materials: Yarn, wood rod
Tools: Scissors, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Easy

This geometric yarn wall hanging is both stunning and easy to make. All you need to do is create a simple shape, such as a diamond or hexagon, then crochet and hang it on the wall. This is a great beginner’s project as you don’t need to know how to read a pattern or how to create a certain shape.

You can use any colors to create this wall hanging, meaning you can make it match your room’s color scheme or use colors that reflect your personality. This is a great project to do with friends and family, meaning you can all make your own geometric yarn wall hangings. They also make great gifts that are sure to be loved by anyone who receives them.

2. Fringe Yarn Wall Hanging

Boho Triangle Fringe Wall Art
Image Credit: madeinaday
Materials: Yarn, foam sheet, jute twine, glue
Tools: Glue gun, foam cutter, ruler
Difficulty Level: Easy

This fringed yarn wall hanging is perfect for those who want to add a bit of color to their wall hangings. This wall hanging will bring a bit of color and vibrancy to any room in your home. This is a great beginner project as it only uses basic crochet stitches. You can create this wall hanging in all different colors, meaning you can use it to match your room’s color scheme or reflect your personal style. This wall hanging is sure to add a unique and stunning touch to any room in your home.

3. Cloud Woven Yarn Wall Hanging

Image Credit: fleecefun
Materials: Yarn, cotton balls, wood rod
Tools: Exacto knife, glue gun, pencil
Difficulty Level: Easy

Who doesn’t admire the beauty of a cloud while they’re out and about? This cloud yarn wall hanging is sure to give your home a dreamy feel. This project is great for all skill levels and is relatively simple to create. You can make this yarn wall hanging in any color, meaning you can choose a color that matches your room’s color scheme or reflects your personality.

This is a great project to do with friends and family as you can each create your own cloud wall hanging in different colors. A wall hanging depicting a cloud is often used in a baby’s nursery.

4. Southwestern Crochet Yarn Wall Hanging

How to Make Your Own Woven Crochet Wall Hanging
Image Credit: 1dogwoof
Materials: Yarn, wood rod or driftwood
Tools: Crochet needles, ruler
Difficulty Level: Medium

This southwestern design yarn wall hanging is great for those who want to add a bit of brightness to their room. The multiple colors in the colorful pattern are sure to liven up any area in your home. If you’re new to crocheting, don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks, and once you get the pattern down, you’ll be good to go. You can create this southwestern crochet wall hanging in a couple of weeks or so.

5. Simple Hoop Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Simple Yarn Wall Hanging
Image Credit: aliceandlois
Materials: Yarn, circular hoops (can be wire or wood)
Tools: Crochet needles, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Medium

Do you have a plain-looking room you want to add a bit of pizzazz to? Well, this simple hoop wall hanging is the perfect addition. The simplicity and retro look of this wall hanging is sure to add character to whichever room place in which you place it. You can find these hoops online or at any local home decor store. Add a bit of yarn and you’re good to go. Just remember to measure the yarn before you added to the hoops, this way you don’t fall short while you’re putting everything together.

6. Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

Large-Scale Braided Wall Hanging DIY
Image Credit: abeautifulmess
Materials: Yarn, wood rod
Tools: Scissors, tape measure or ruler, scotch tape
Difficulty Level: Medium

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to add a pop of a bohemian look to your home, you should try making this Boho wall hanging. This project is perfect for beginners (all you need to learn is how to braid—which is easy) and looks great when it’s finished. All you need is a wooden panel, some yarn in your favorite colors, and a little bit of patience.

The process is surprisingly easy, just measure the yarn and lay it against the areas of the wood panel (or stick) where you want it to go. Initially, you may want to tape it in place to ensure that you have your measurements and placement right. You can choose whatever colors and patterns you like, making it truly unique and tailor-made for your home.

7. Macrame Yarn Wall Hanging

How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging
Image Credit: splendry
Materials: Yarn, wooden rod (or stick), metal ring
Tools: Scissors, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Macrame yarn wall hangings are an easy and beautiful way to add a touch of crafty charm to your home. From bohemian-inspired knots to modern geometric shapes, wall hangings like this example are sure to make a statement in any room. It may take a minute to start out the pattern initially, but it’s smooth sailing after. This beautiful, eye-catching design is created with a single metal or wood hoop, a few lengths of multiple colors of yarn, and a few basic knots. The end result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind wall hanging that will add texture and style to any room.

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Generally, yarn wall hangings are fairly easy to create, though complicated designs can be a bit challenging. However, if you run into trouble, you can simply check out a YouTube tutorial to see how to get started with crocheting or knitting or even the best way to start a thread pattern for more involved designs.

And the best thing about these decorations is that they’re super cheap to make and you can have one ready in a day or so in many cases. So, the next time you need to add decoration to a wall in your home, don’t worry about buying a new expensive portrait, try a yarn wall hanging instead!

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