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5 DIY Mailbox Post Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Red Mailbox


Red Mailbox

Research shows that positive first impressions lead to social cohesion, while negative first impressions often result in biases and social prejudice.1

Therefore, you want to give a great first impression whenever you can. When it comes to your home, the humble mailbox is one of the key features of your curb appeal. As such, if it is shabby, it might not give off a good impression of your home.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mailboxes, most people spend the bulk of their time planning and designing the box, while not giving much thought to the post. Nonetheless, the post is an integral part of the mailbox, and therefore, even the most unique mailbox will not look like much if it is supported by a raggedy post.

Fortunately, you can learn how to build a mailbox with one of the DIY plans we have compiled. We can help you upgrade your mailbox game.

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Top 5 DIY Mailbox Post Plans

1. Cedar Post by Instructables

diy mailbox project
Photo Credit By: Instructables

This post is made from cedar boards and is anchored to the ground using concrete and cement. It is simple to make and offers sturdy support to your mailbox.

2. Bicycle Sprocket Mailbox Post by Like Sara

diy bicycle sprocket mailbox post
Photo Credit By: Like Sara

If you like “out of the box” ideas, then you might want to give this mailbox post a go. Of course, it will take serious effort and skill to pull off, but you will be glad that you did.

3. Paneled Mailbox Post by This Old House

diy paneled mailbox post
Photo Credit By: This Old House

The paneled mailbox post is tall and classy, which means that it would be a great addition to your curb appeal.

To make this post, all you will need is a few pieces of lumber, basic carpentry skills, and a couple of hours.

4. DIY Mailbox Post by TwoFeetFirst

diy mailbox post
Image Credit: TwoFeetFirst

This is a simple, elegant, and handy mailbox post. What you will especially love about this design is that it only takes basic carpentry skills and a few hours to complete. This particular post cost only $44 for the creator to construct.

As such, if you are on a budget yet want an elegant and functional mailbox post, you might want to try your hand at this design.

5. DIY Mailbox Post by Instructables

diy mailbox post
Image Credit: Instructables

This is another mailbox post design for those operating on a tight budget. It is also quite easy to make. Follow this DIY plan to get this project done.

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How to Install a Mailbox Post

If this is your first rodeo with DIY mailbox posts, you must learn the correct way of installing the post to ensure that it stays sturdy, in addition to making sure that you comply with regulations.

Dig a Hole for the Post

If the old post were held together by cement at its base, you’ll have to dig out that cement before you install your new post. Utilize a post-hole digger to make your new hole. The standard postal service codes state that a mailbox should not be higher than 45 inches from the street level. Make sure you adhere to that guideline.

Secure the Post

Place your post in the new hole, level it, and then attach two support beams at the center to ensure that your post stays upright.

The first beam should go to the side of the post, while the other goes to the back. Doing this will ensure that your post does not move when you start pouring concrete into the hole. The beam will also help keep it upright when the concrete is drying.

Add Concrete

Pour concrete into the hole. However, be keen to leave about 3 inches of space from the top of the hole. Most mailbox posts require a 50-pound bag of concrete. After pouring the dry concrete, saturate it with a gallon of water and leave it to dry. Do not remove the support beams until the concrete is dry.

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Learning how to build a mailbox post can be as easy as buying a wooden post and driving it to the ground. Nevertheless, that will not add much to your home’s aesthetics. What you need is a good-looking yet unique post to complement your mailbox’s design. The DIY mailbox post designs in this article are definitely worth considering!

Featured Image Credit: MemoryMan, Shutterstock


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