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10 DIY Pendant Light Plans (With Pictures)

three artistic pendant lights

Whether you’re looking for farmhouse décor or something more unique for your home, DIY pendant lights can be a great way to completely overhaul the look of a room.

There are 10 DIY pendant light ideas for you to consider here, and even with beginner skills, you can complete any of these and give yourself a great set of lights without spending much money!

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The 10 DIY Pendant Lights

1. Basket Pendant Light

Image Credit: younghouselove
Materials Basket, two pipe plates, lightbulb, electrical plug, and wires
Tools None
Difficulty Level Easy

Basket pendant lights are among the trendiest and most popular styles on the market today, but if you’re looking to purchase them from the store, they also tend to be expensive. This can give you a big incentive to build your own!

This DIY basket pendant light enables you to capture the trendy look for a fraction of the price, and it’s simple to make. You don’t need any special tools, and with a few low-cost trips to the home improvement store, you’ll have all the supplies that you need!

2. Jute Yarn Pendant Light

cheap DIY pendant light tutorial using jute yarn
Image Credit: cuckoo4design
Materials Four jute yarn roles, white pendant light kit, two lampshades, flux, sandpaper, paper clip, plastic pipe, and a glass pendant dome
Tools Soldering iron, wire cutter, scissors, and a brush
Difficulty Level Moderate

This DIY jute yarn pendant light might not be the easiest project to complete, but there’s no denying the outstanding results. If you have a soldering iron and a bit of patience, you can easily do the job yourself, regardless of your DIY skills.

When picking a location for a jute yarn pendant light, ensure that kids and pets won’t have access to it because while it looks great, the soft materials that it’s made of are not the most durable

3. Hemp String Pendant Light

DIY Make Hemp String Pendant Lamps
Image Credit: coolcreativity
Materials Bouncy balls, craft glue, 20-lb. hemp string, light fixture, and hardware
Tools Permanent marker and a ball inflating needle
Difficulty Level Easy

A hemp string pendant light is a style that you can find at craft and home décor stores all over the place. It’s extremely popular, and it gives a great homey appearance to just about any room.

Like many other pendant lights, this one can quickly blow your budget out of the water. But if you’re willing to put in the time and work, a DIY hemp string pendant light is the solution that you’re looking for. It’s easy to make, looks great, and doesn’t cost much!

4. Simple Pendant Light

Image Credit: twofeetfirst
Materials Lamp bulb guard, light socket, cloth wire, wire cord grip, wire, wire staples, electrical tape, wire caps, spray paint, bulb, pull-chain switch, lamp nipple, tube coupling, chain, wood boards, finishing nails, and bolts
Tools Drill, screwdriver, wire stripper, voltage tester, hammer, razor blade, safety glasses, face mask, and hearing protection
Difficulty Level Moderate

This simple DIY pendant light is perfect if you’re looking for multiple pendant lights over a sink or countertop. It looks great in kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s not a freestanding pendant light.

Instead, it’s part of a larger assembly for multiple pendant lights, which adds its own unique flair. It also makes it a bit more challenging to build, but the guide does a great job of walking you through everything that you need to do!

5. Paper Mache Pendant Light

How to Make a Paper Mache Pendant Light
Image Credit: hgtv
Materials Clamp light, aluminum foil, masking tape, play ball, newspaper, ruler, glue, water, sandpaper, spray paint, and ceiling texture spray
Tools Mixing bowl, knife, scissors, and an awl
Difficulty Level Easy

While paper mache might seem like a grade-school activity, if you do it right, these DIY paper mache pendant lights look fantastic. Even better, if you have older kids, you can turn the project into a fun family activity!

Just take your time making it because it can quickly turn into an elementary-looking piece if you don’t get the small details right.

6. Glass Pendant Light

DIY Glass Pendant Light Fixture (Knockoff)
Image Credit: uglyducklinghouse
Materials Pendant light cord, BLANDA glass bowl, wooden bun foot, stain, and sandpaper
Tools Self-adjusting grip pliers, ½” glass drill bit, and a ½” spade drill bit
Difficulty Level Easy

The toughest part of making this DIY glass pendant light is finding the glass bowl that you want to use for the pendant light. Fortunately, the guide breaks down everything that you can do to find the perfect bowl, and it then walks you through completing the project.

If you take the time to find the right supplies for this project, you can get a premium-level pendant light for a fraction of the price and not much work!

7. Macrame Pendant Light

How to Make a Macrame Pendant Light
Image Credit: bhg
Materials 1 lightbulb cage, 1 cording or yarn, 1 pendant light kit
Tools Scissors and a glass bottle
Difficulty Level Easy

If you like making things from yarn or string, these DIY macrame pendant lights are outstanding. You get to pick your yarn color and pattern, and overall, they’re easy to make.

However, if you don’t like working with yarn or don’t like macrame products, this project isn’t for you.

8. Folded Rope Pendant Light

DIY Folded Rope Dome Pendant Light How To
Image Credit: dorseydesigns
Materials Glue, mod podge, rope, and painter’s tape
Tools Beach ball
Difficulty Level Easy

If you decide to go with this DIY folded rope pendant light, you’ll end up with a light that’ll have others wondering how it’s staying together! It’s easy to make, but it’s a time-consuming project from start to finish.

Overall, though, it’s low cost and looks great, which are two big wins if you’re making your own pendant lights. Just take your time when you’re making this; otherwise, you won’t have the premium-looking light that you want.

9. Ball Jar Pendant Light

Ball Jar Pendant Light; {DIY Pendant Light}
Image Credit: thediyvillage
Materials Ball jars and pendant light fixture
Tools Drill and drill bits
Difficulty Level Easy

Ball jars are an iconic part of farmhouse décor. You can use them in typical canning applications or as a part of countless décor items. So, it’s no surprise that you can transform Ball jars into great DIY Ball jar pendant lights.

They’re easy to make and look great, and they’ll blend into any farmhouse décor application that you have in mind!

10. Wastebasket Pendant Light

Dollar Store Wastebasket Pendant Light
Image Credit: thekimsixfix
Materials Wastebasket, pendant light kit, and a light bulb
Tools Wire cutters
Difficulty Level Easy

While you don’t want to use just any wastebasket for this DIY wastebasket pendant light, you don’t need to find the fanciest one to get the look that you want. Instead, you can get a wire basket from the store and transform it into this great pendant light.

It’s one of the easiest projects to complete, and depending on where you get your wire wastebasket, you also won’t have to spend much to make it!

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know about these outstanding DIY pendant light ideas, pick a few of your favorites and start gathering supplies. With work and dedication, you can build yourself a unique pendant light without spending that much money. Get your creative juices flowing, set out a time, and build your new lights!

Featured Image Credit: wu yi, Unsplash


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