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18 DIY Rocking Chair Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Rocking chair

Rocking chair

If you are looking to build some rocking chairs, we have you covered. We’ve scoured the internet for the best DIY rocking chair plans to share with you, and we’ve come up with quite a list. Rocking chairs are a great project to build, and they are very useful once completed. We’re sure your handmade rocking chair will be one of the most popular in your home. They also make great gifts.

Join us while we look at how to build DIY rocking chair projects that the internet has available.

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The 18 DIY Rocking Chair Plans

1. The Design Confidential Rocking Chair

DIY wooden rocking chair
Image By: The Design Confidential

The Design Confidential Rocking Chair is easy to build as far as rocking chairs go, and doesn’t require a lot of lumber r special tools. In many cases, you will be able to complete this chair in a single day. Detailed instructions, along with illustrations, are included.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Wood, screws, glue

Tools Needed: Hand saw, drill, sander

2. My Outdoor Plans Rocking Chair

DIY wood rocking chair
Image Credit: My Outdoor Plans

The My Outdoor Plans Rocking Chair is another moderately easy-to-build rocking chair that doesn’t require any advanced tools and only a small amount of lumber. This rocker is similar to the last one in size and comfort and also includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Wood, screws, pain

Tools Needed: Hammer, hand saw, drill

3. Instructables Child Rocking Chair

DIY single sheet of plywood rocking chair
Image Credit: AUTODESK Instructables

The Instructables Child Rocking Chair is a fantastic project for building a rocking chair suitable for a small child. This rocker is a moderate difficulty project and includes all directions. This project doesn’t require much wood, and you can build it without advanced tools. Instructables also includes an instructional video for additional help.

Skill Level: Medium

Materials: ¾ inch plywood, nails, wood glue, paint

Tools Needed: Hammer, jig-saw, drill

4. Design By Studio C Rocking Chair

DIY rocking chair
Image Credit: Designs by Studio C

The rocking chair plan by Studio C is another moderately hard to build rocking chair that you can create without the need for advanced tools like a router or table saw. You can stain and paint this chair as you wish and it’s very lightweight and useful.

Skill Level: Medium

Materials: Wood, nails, wood glue, sandpaper

Tools Needed: Hammer, hand saw, drill

5. April Wilkerson Rocking Chair

DIY rocking chair
Image Credit: REAL CEDAR

The April Wilkerson Rocking Chair is a professional-grade rocker presented in easy-to-follow steps on YouTube. The finished product is extremely durable and comfortable. It does require advanced tools like table saws and routers, however. You can also purchase a set of templates to use while cutting.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, nails

Tools Needed: Hammer, table saw, router, drill

6. Instructables Wooden Rocking Chair

DIY wooden rocking chair

The Instructables Wooden Rocking Chair is an advanced rocking chair plan brought to us by the people at Instructables. This chair does require some advanced tools like the bandsaw, but it has step-by-step instructions that include pictures.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, screws, wood glue

Tools Needed: Chisel, bandsaw, router, drill

7. Geeks Wood Shop Rocking Chair

The Geeks Wood Shop Rocking Chair is a high-quality rocker, and the YouTube video demonstrates all of the steps required for construction. It’s easy to understand and follow along with, but you are required to use some advanced tools like the table saw.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, nails, glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, table saw, router, drill, sander

8. Shaun Boyd Rocking Chair

DIY Plywood Rocking Chair

You can make the Shaun Boyd Rocking Chair from a single sheet of plywood. Shaun Boyd demonstrates every step in the YouTube video, and you can also follow a link to the rocking chair plans. This chair is a challenging build because it requires advanced tools like the table saw and drill press.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Plywood, nails, wood glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, table saw, router, drill

9. French River Springs Rocking Chair

The French River Springs Rocking Chair is built by following along with the helpful YouTube video. The video is easy to follow along with and demonstrates everything you need to know. Some advanced tools are required like the table saw, but if you have the tools, the build is pretty straightforward.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, nails, wood glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, table saw, router, drill

10. Vasilis Papadopoulos Rocking Chair

The Vasilis Papadopoulos Rocking Chair is another build found on YouTube that creates a beautiful and functional chair that’s durable and will remain in service for many years. It does require the use of a table saw, but you may be able to complete the construction with a hand saw.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, nails, wood glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, table saw, drill

11. Canadian Woodworking Rocking Chair

DIY curly cherry rocker
Image Credit: Canadian Woodworking

The Canadian Woodworking Rocking Chair is a popular project that helps you create a timeless piece of furniture that your family will admire for many years to come. This project requires advanced tools like a drill press and a table saw, as well as cherry and ash woods to complete.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Cherry and ash woods, nails

Tools Needed: Hammer, chisel, table saw, drill press

12. Construct 101 Adirondack Rocking Chair

DIY adirondack rocking chair
Image Credit: Construct 101

The Construct 101 Adirondack Rocking Chair is an advanced chair that uses a unique rocking system. All instructions include illustrations, and you can download them to keep with you while you work. This chair is an advanced project, but you can complete it without the need for a table saw or a drill press.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, nails

Tools Needed: Hammer, jig-saw, drill

13. WikiHow Rocking Chair

DIY rocking chair
Image credit: wikiHow

The WikiHow Rocking Chair provided by WikiHow provides you with extremely detailed directions to build your rocking chair from scratch. This build does require some advanced tools like the bandsaw, but once complete, this rocker is fantastic looking and comfortable.

Skill Level: Challenging

Materials: Wood, nails, wood glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, band saw, drill

14. Double Rocker Plans From Yellawood

DIY double rocker chair
Image credit: YellaWood

What’s better than relaxing in a rocking chair you made? Relaxing in that rocking chair with someone you love. Thanks to these rocking chair plans from Yellawood, now you can build a two-person rocking chair to share with your favorite people. Or, you can just have all that extra room to yourself.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Wood, glue, screws

Tools Needed: Miter saw, table saw, jigsaw, drill/driver, drill bits, countersink drill bit, square, clamps

15. Kids Rocking Chair Plans From My Outdoor Plans

DIY kids rocking chair
Image credit: My Outdoor Plans

This rocking chair is perfectly sized for children. As such, it’s a bit easier of a project than some of the larger chairs, and you’ll likely finish it in a single day. These rocking chair plans are rather simple, but the end result is something you’ll be proud of. Best of all, your kids will love it!

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Wood, screws, brad nails, glue, stain

Tools Needed: Hammer, tape measure, square, miter saw, drill/driver, sander

16. Comfortable Outdoor Rocking Chair by Wood Archivist

DIY outdoor rocking chair
Image credit: Wood Archivist

Comfortable and attractive, this is one rocking chair that people might not believe you built. That said, it’s going to take some woodworking skills and even a few specialized tools to complete this project. But if you’re looking for a challenge to help push your craftsman skills to the next level, then this might be exactly the sort of project you’re looking for.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials: Wood, biscuits, dowels, screws, wood glue

Tools Needed: Spindle sander, table saw, drill, disc sander, biscuit jointer… (see full plan for the entire tools list)

17. Shaker Rocker by Fine Woodworking

DIY shaker rocker chair
Image credit: Fine Woodworking

These plans for a shaker rocker will test even the most advanced woodworker’s skills. You’re going to need some advanced tools for this project, including a lathe that you’ll use for spinning each of the pieces you need. You’ll also need to make a steam box so you can bend the posts, slat, and rails. Luckily, all the information you need is included in the rocking chair plans.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials: Wood, glue, screws, woven tape

Tools Needed: Lathe, table saw, drill press, jig, steam box… (see plans for full tools list)

18. Muskoka Rocking Chair by Canadian Home Workshop

DIY muskoka rocker chair
Image credit: Woodwork City

If a rocking chair isn’t a challenging enough project for you in its standard form, then you might try building this Muskoka rocking chair instead. With this chair, the base is stationary and the seat rocks above it. It will require extremely accurate workmanship if you want it to function properly. You’re going to need a solid collection of tools and some expert-level skills to tackle this project.

Skill Level: Expert

Materials: Wood, copper pipe, threaded rod, lock nuts, washers, hinges, bolts, screws, glue

Tools Needed: Drills, saws, sanders, router… (see plans for full tools list)

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That concludes our list of 18 different rocking chair plans that teach you how to build a rocking chair yourself. Many of the chairs have similar designs but arrive at the finished product differently. We recommend looking over several guides before settling on one to build. Get all your supplies and wood together beforehand, and don’t forget about safety. Makes sure you always wear gloves and eye protection while building these chairs.

If you have found this short guide helpful, please share these DIY rocking chair plans on Facebook and Twitter.

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