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12 DIY Sewing Machine Cabinet Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

a sewing machine

a sewing machine

Many of us start out sewing on the kitchen table or dining table, but there comes a point when a sewing hobby and the equipment required outgrows these surfaces. When this happens, you will need to find a dedicated sewing machine cabinet or sewing machine table. These are designed to hold the machine as well as your workpiece, additional fabric, and sewing equipment. Some cabinets offer permanent or semi-permanent storage, while sewing tables assume that you have a basket or other storage location already.

Making your own sewing machine cabinet or table means that you can get exactly the dimensions you require. Whether you need something different from a standard size because you work on unique pieces, or because you need the table to fit into a compact space, you can modify designs and dimensions to meet those special requirements. You can also find plans for folding tables, Ikea table hacks, and the obligatory DIY pallet conversion.

In fact, below, we have included plans for learning how to build a sewing machine cabinet or tables. Choose the one that most closely fits your needs, make any required changes to the plans, and get to work making your next piece of craft furniture.

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The 12 DIY Sewing Machine Cabinet Plans

1. DIY Car Jack Sewing Machine Lift

A sewing machine lift allows the machine to be hidden away inside the table when not in use. When it’s time to do some sewing, the machine rises grandly out of the table ready for use. Different machines have different weights, but no matter how heavy your machine is, this design will cope. It uses a car jack as the lift mechanism, which gives it a weight limit of 3,000 pounds: enough to lift a car.

2. DIY Sewing Machine Cabinet Update

If you have an old sewing table in the garage or loft, give it a clean and maybe refinish it, before converting it to work with your new electric sewing machine using this guide. This particular conversion ensures that the table exactly fits your model of sewing machine and you may have to remove and replace the modification if you change machine in the future.

3. DIY Upcycled Entertainment Armoire for Sewing Machine

This DIY project uses an old entertainment or TV armoire and converts it to a durable sewing station. As well as offering a base on which to sew, it has numerous shelves, drawers, and cupboards, where you can store everything from replacement needles to fabric, off-cuts, and more. The fold-down table is convenient and it means that the whole thing will fold away for better storage.

4. DIY Sewing Machine Dining Table Conversion

Rather than paying hundreds of dollars to buy one, you can take an existing table, like a dining table, and convert it. This guide shows you how to strengthen the table because it will need to take some weight during use, and then how to fit the sewing machine into its new housing.

5. Make Your Own Sewing Machine Cabinet Table

This is another modification of an existing table. When choosing an appropriate table to convert, you do need to ensure that there is room under the table to comfortably be able to operate the pedal.

6. DIY Singer Sewing Base Table

The brand Singer is, of course, synonymous with sewing machines, and there are still a number of the wrought iron sewing table bases with the Singer brand, knocking around thrift stores and antique stores. There are quite a few in lofts and that have been converted into tables or display cabinets, too. This project shows you how to reconvert a Singer base into a functional and stylish looking sewing machine table.

7. DIY Folding Sewing Table

Even if sewing is your full-time job, you don’t necessarily want a full-time sewing table around the house. This folding sewing table is functional, easily holding the sewing machine and fabric. It is also sturdy, which is essential when using it for this purpose. And it is convenient because it can be folded down so it is easy to store and enables you to put the table away whenever it is not in use. There’s even some storage for the sewing machine itself, as well as an additional section that can be used to house fabric and other materials.

8. Ikea Ingo Table Conversion

Ikea furniture hacks are becoming increasingly common. The furniture superstore offers inexpensive and decent quality furniture. Many people love the items they sell without having to adapt or adjust them, but with a little imagination and plenty of DIY skill, you can convert some of their furniture into highly specific and functional pieces. In this case, you can turn the Ikea Ingo table into a sewing table for your home.

9. Custom DIY Sewing/Cutting Table

Another Ikea hack, this custom cutting table is arguably even better than the last. It uses the Expedit cabinet, has ample legroom and open space so that cutting and sewing are viable. It does require additional plywood and some fastenings, but it is considerably easier than starting from scratch and making your own cutting table.

10. Modular Office Sewing/Craft Table

This plan uses modular office plans, including storage drawers and an additional desk countertop. It gives a corner unit that can be used for measuring, cutting, and adorning really big pieces of fabric. It has storage for everything you use, and it looks good. If you’re serious about sewing and want a sizeable section of a room dedicated to your pastime, this plan is the way to go.

11. Ikea Kallax Hack

And, finally, we end with yet another Ikea hack. This time, the plan calls for the use of the Kallax. The Kallax is very popular and it offers modular storage so that you choose the shelf size you want and design the inserts to give you cube storage, drawers, bookshelves, and more. Using this plan, you can create a great sewing desk or craft island that has ample storage as well as masses of workspace.

12. Another Ikea Kallax Hack

This is another Ikea Kallax hack, using two of the storage units and offering more storage cubbies than most craftspeople will know what to do with. The great thing about those little storage cupboards is that you can include drawers or baskets, or use them for folded linen and other materials. This flexibility means that the cutting table is also suitable for quilting and other crafty hobbies.

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DIY Sewing Machine Cabinet Plans

The 12 plans above offer convenient and functional storage and workspaces for your sewing, cutting, and quilting. Many of them utilize existing furniture, from new Ikea Kallax units to old Singer sewing table bases. Some are portable and designed to fit in small spaces. Others are much larger and assume you have a dedicated sewing space. We hope that you have enjoyed learning how to build a sewing machine cabinet. Once you choose the plans, and adapt them to your dimensions and requirements, you can enjoy the new sewing space you make for yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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