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10 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

a planter with strawberries hanging down the side

Strawberries are an easy plant to grow.1 They prefer full sun to ripen, with a quick turnaround between harvests. They are robust and will likely spread if there’s available space. That makes confining them to a planter ideal. You can get as much fruit as you want without worrying that they’ll take over your garden or yard.

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The 10 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas

1. Berry Tower by a Piece of Rainbow

diy strawberry tower
Image Credit: A Piece of Rainbow
Materials: 5-gallon pots,1-liter plastic beverage bottle, potting soil
Tools: Drill, hole saw, awl
Difficulty: Easy

This DIY berry tower is an excellent way to keep the long vines of your strawberry plants organized and easily accessible for picking. The addition of the plastic bottle for a reservoir is brilliant for ensuring the seedlings are properly watered. It’s a great way to grow strawberries if you have limited space or no room for a garden.

2. Strawberry Planter by the Handyman’s Daughter

diy strawberry planter
Image Credit: The Handyman’s Daughter
Materials: PVC pipe, (3) 1x6s, (1) 4x4s, brad nailer, wood glue
Tools: Drill, hole saw, brad nailer, clamps
Difficulty: Moderate

The best thing about this planter is that it conserves space and is decorative. It’s more involved than our previous entry. You also need more tools that put it in the DIYer category. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can decorate it by staining the wood or painting an attractive design on the tower. It’s the perfect addition to your patio, with delicious snacks within arm’s reach.

3. A Basket of Strawberries by Learning as I Go

diy hanging strawberry planter
Image Credit: Learning as I Go
Materials: Basket, coconut fiber
Tools: Drill, scissors, Exacto knife
Difficulty: Easy

Strawberries are vines, so it makes sense to put them in a basket like this idea. It gives you several options for placement. Air circulation is ideal. However, you’ll have to ensure your plants get enough water. It’s a functional and decorative display, which makes it an even better choice. We also like that birds may use the coconut fiber for nesting material.

4. Vertical Tower Riff by Hometalk

diy homegrown strawberry tower
Image Credit: Hometalk
Materials: Old fence posts, brad nails
Tools: Drill, hole saw, brad nailer
Difficulty: Moderate

We like the design of this tower because it can confine your plants to a small space. You can repurpose old fence posts to give them a second, useful life for your strawberries. It’s more attractive than PVC pipe, which you can decorate to fit your landscaping theme. We like that you can get it done in an afternoon.

5. Tiered Planter by Hydrangea Treehouse

diy tiered strawberry planter
Image Credit: Hydrangea Treehouse
Materials: Brad nails, screws, 8-foot 2×4, 8-foot 1×6
Tools: Drill, brad nailer, clamps, miter saw, tape measure
Difficulty: Moderate

This planter works well with vines like strawberries because air circulation is ideal for keeping the plants healthy. We like the look of the strawberries cascading down their length. You can adjust the width and height to fit your space. The simplicity of the design will work well with any landscaping theme. You can also customize it by staining or painting it.

6. Fancy Tray Planter by Dunn Lumber

diy strawberry planter
Image Credit: Dunn Lumber
Materials: Wood glue, PVC pipe, slip cap, finishing nails, (4) 6-foot 1×4, plywood sheet
Tools: Drill, circular saw, drill bits, hammer, tape measure
Difficulty: Intermediate

If you want an attractive planter, this design is for you. It’s a more complicated project because of all the cutting. However, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. This one looks great no matter where you put it. The growth pattern of strawberry plants is an ideal fit for this plan. It will enhance its beauty and provide welcome air circulation.

7. Pallet Planter by the Homestead Guru

diy pallet planter
Image Credit: The Homestead Guru
Materials: Pallet, plastic
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

We are big fans of repurposing pallets. This planter is another stellar example. The best thing is that a lot of the work is done already with your choice of materials. All you need to do is prepare the pallet to hold the soil and plants with plastic. You can lean it against a wall to aid water drainage and give the strawberries some room to grow.

8. Pallet Planter v2.0 by DIY Everywhere

diy strawberry planter
Image By: DIY Everywhere
Materials: Pallet, brad nails
Tools: Hammer, brad nailer, tape measure
Difficulty: Moderate

This plan is another riff on a pallet planter. Only this time, you need to disassemble it and rebuild it to size. It works for the reasons we’ve cited with other ideas, including providing adequate support for the growing plants and their fruit. Again, repurposing otherwise scrap wood is a brilliant use of your time and effort.

9. Three-Tiered Planter by RUGGY DIY

diy 3-tier strawberry planter
Materials: Plastic or clay pots, plastic bottles
Tools: Tape measure, level, shovel
Difficulty: Easy

This plan is a riff on our first entry that uses a graduated approach that adds to its beauty and simplicity. We liked the idea of repurposing unused pots for this function. It saves space and gives the strawberry plants room to grow. You can make it a focal point in your landscaping by using more decorative pots than simple clay ones.

10. Fencepost Strawberries by Busy Mom’s Helper

diy fencepost strawberries
Image By: Busy Mom’s Helper
Materials: Rain gutters, fence posts, L-brackets, wood screws, wood slats, concrete
Tools: Tape measure, screwdriver, shovel, bucket
Difficulty: Moderate

This fencepost idea works great if you have a large yard, especially if it has an existing fence. It makes it more functional by creating a place to grow strawberries. After all, this structure is a support that needs some plants to use it. It’s more involved since you’ll need to dig some holes to set the posts if they aren’t there already.

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Final Thoughts

The best thing about these planter ideas is they tame these often unruly plants so anyone can grow them, no matter what your space limitations. They are also an excellent way to help them grow and keep them healthy. They boost air circulation to prevent mold from developing. You have the added satisfaction of making them yourself to show off your DIY talents.

Featured Image Credit: Shalev Cohen, Unsplash


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