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25 DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas You Can Build Today (With Pictures!)

Toilet Paper holder

Everyone uses toilet paper. Well, at least in most of the western world, pretty much everyone uses toilet paper. We might argue about which way the paper is supposed to face, but we rarely argue about the need for toilet paper.

For the budding DIYer looking for a new project, a toilet paper holder is a great choice that’s both practical and fun to build. Every house needs a toilet paper holder, and many that you can build don’t require you to put holes in the wall to mount them! Moreover, lots of these hold multiple rolls of toilet paper, making them far more useful than traditional wall-mount toilet paper holders.

If you’re ready to make your own toilet paper holder, then any of the following ideas are a great place to get started.

divider 4Top 25 DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

1. DIY Toilet Paper Holder from Scrap Wood by Walkers Woodworks

Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you’re tired of changing the toilet paper roll every other day, try building this DIY toilet paper holder that holds several roles at once. Best of all, it’s made from scrap wood that you can find laying around the house. You’re going to need quite a few tools for this one, including a miter saw, table saw, and a biscuit jointer, so it’s probably best suited for those with plenty of tools at their disposal.

2. Toilet Paper Cabinet by The ShavingWood Workshop

stack of toilet paper
Image Credit By: Jasmin_Sessler, pixabay

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This Toilet Paper Cabinet looks great and will tuck nicely into any corner of your bathroom. It features a cabinet beneath the toilet paper roll where you can neatly store several more roles. Most of this project is completed with hand tools and it’s designed to look rustic. But hand tools aren’t always easy to work with and they can take some additional time over power tools, but you will need a router and a table saw, which aren’t in every workshop.

3. Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holder by MyATCtv DIY

Difficulty Level: Beginner

If the first couple of projects looked a bit intimidating, then maybe this Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holder is what you’re looking for. This is an easy build that won’t take much time or skill. Likewise, it’s pretty simple and you’ll only need a few basic materials. Anyone can build this one in an afternoon for a fun way to personalize your bathroom.

4. Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf by

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

We always like projects that allow us to repurpose old materials that we already have on hand, making our DIY projects cheaper and even more fun. If you feel the same, then check out this Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf. This one is made from some old fence panels that were taken down, but you can make it out of any old wood you have laying around like a pallet or an old table

5. Simple DIY Basket Toilet Paper Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you’re looking for the simplest, quickest DIY toilet paper holder you can build with low effort and minimal materials, then try this Simple DIY Basket Toilet Paper Holder. It requires almost no construction. Just get the right basket and a wooden rod to fit through the handles. The best parts about this toilet paper holder are that it doesn’t have to be screwed into the wall, it can hold multiple rolls, and it will cost you next to nothing to build!

6. Simple Shelf for Toilet Paper by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Simple Shelf for Toilet Paper is actually an accent to your existing toilet paper holder, offering a way to spice up something that’s normally boring and drab. It’s a perfect project for someone who’s just developing their DIY skills and needs something simple yet fulfilling to tackle. This one can be easily completed in an afternoon with only modest skills and tools. The materials list is also minimal, consisting of a single piece of white 1×4 that you can find for a few bucks at the local home improvement store.

7. Cat-Proof Toilet Paper Holder by I Like to Make Stuff

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Are you tired of your cat tearing up your toilet paper and looking for a fun DIY project that can keep you entertained and solve this problem at the same time? If so, that’s a very specific set of criteria to meet, but we have found the perfect DIY project for you in this Cat-Proof Toilet Paper Holder. It’s not that difficult to make, though it will test the skills of any DIY beginner. Still, don’t shy away from it, as this project can produce something unique and useful.

8. The Toilet Paper Cloud Holder by

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

If you’re looking for the most unique way to store toilet paper, you may have found it with this Toilet Paper Cloud Holder. Once it’s mounted to the wall and holding your toilet paper, it makes a cloud of the fluffy white rolls. It’s a somewhat difficult project that requires tools like pipe clamps, a jigsaw, and a nail gun. But the finished product is something we really like and since it only takes about five hours to complete, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon stuck inside.

9. Industrial Pipe Toilet Roll Holder by Cliff’s How To Channel

Difficulty Level: Beginner

If your toilet paper is out of function and you want something a bit more industrial looking, try making a new one out of industrial pipe! You hardly need any tools or experience to build this. It’s as simple as DIY projects come. Simply purchase the right pieces of pipe and screw them together. This build goes a step further with a patina finish, but that’s not necessary for the project.

10. Toilet Paper Holder with Floating Shelf by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

This attractive Floating Shelf Toilet Paper Holder is made from a piece of scrap wood. It looks quite elegant, even though it’s a simple project that you can easily complete in an afternoon. You’ll need only a few materials and even fewer DIY skills, but the finished product will likely impress all of your guests!

11. Built-In Toilet Paper Shelf by Janet Nyden

Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you’re looking for a unique way to hang the toilet paper in your bathroom, try building your toilet paper holder directly into the wall. Not only does this look incredible and completely custom, but it’s also very versatile. You can build it to suit your preferences with additional shelves or toilet paper holders as you see fit. Or you can follow this picture and add a convenient place to hold reading material, though most of us likely find our reading material on our phones these days!

12. Super Simple String Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Dead simple yet still attractive, this String Toilet Paper Holder can be made by anyone who can tie a knot. That’s not even an oversimplification. The hardest part about building this toilet paper holder is the trip to the hardware store for supplies. But the end result looks great, costs next to nothing to build, and is a fun way to turn a boring day into a productive one.

13. Toilet Paper Storage Shelves by

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

These Toilet Paper Storage Shelves can be used to hold a lot more than just toilet paper. They look great. So great that no one will know they only cost you $40 in materials and a day’s time! This is one that pays off every time you walk into your bathroom and take another look at your handy work.

14. Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

We already covered toilet paper holders made from industrial pipe, but this Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder gives that idea a whole new look. Copper pipe is bright and looks great in white bathrooms like the one pictured. Best of all, it’s very cheap, so you can make these for just a few bucks. And you won’t need any previous DIY experience or skills either. Just make sure you get the right fittings and you can easily assemble this without any tools other than a hacksaw.

15. Funny Dinosaur TP Holder by

Difficulty Level: Easy for Children

This is a dead-simple dinosaur toilet paper holder that kids will love and adults will get a kick out of. You can easily make this as a fun craft-day project with your kid and they’ll have great memories every time they see toy dinosaurs for the rest of their life! Just make sure you find one with a very long neck or it might not work for your purposes.

16. Tree of Life by

Difficulty Level: Advanced

This Toilet Paper Tree ensures you never run out of toilet paper, though the top branches might not always be within reach! This is a pretty difficult project to take on and it will require a bit of ingenuity and some decent DIY skills. You can cut the shape out of plywood, or if you have a plasma torch or CNC cutter, you could even do it out of metal. No matter how you look at it, it’s not an easy project, but it’s an awesome way to hold your toilet paper. And we’re sure there’s some hidden message in there about the life cycle of a paper product…

17. Simple Wood and String TP Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Simple String and Wood Toilet Paper Holder is way too easy to look this good, but it does. It will probably take you twice as long to source the materials as it will to make this device, but it will give your bathroom a whole new look that’s simple, yet chic.

18. DIY TP Holder from a Plastic Bottle by Art and Craft

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This DIY Toilet Paper Holder is made from a simple plastic bottle. But even knowing that, it’s hard to tell! It looks so much better than we imagined it would. It looks like a very difficult project, but it’s not as hard as it looks. Even with very basic DIY skills, you should be able to tackle this one in an afternoon. All you need is an appropriately sized bottle, some string, and some scissors.

19. Easy Fabric Triple TP Holder by

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This Fabric Toilet Paper Holder is actually a very simple project, but you need a sewing machine and the skills to use it in order to make it. Aside from basic sewing skills, this project requires very little. You’ll need some fabric, string, and a few wooden or plastic sticks, and you’re ready to make this simple but sweet TP holder.

20. Vertical Industrial Pipe Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Vertical Industrial Pipe TP Holder is a whole new take on the industrial pipe idea we’ve already seen. This one doesn’t need to be installed in the wall and it can hold quite a few rolls at once. Best of all, it’s super simple to make and can be done by anyone in about an hour, plus the time it takes to gather your materials. The materials are very basic; all you need is some industrial pipe and a hack saw. Both are available at your local home improvement store.

21. DIY Vase for Spare Toilet Paper by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Here’s a great way to liven up your bathroom with a personal touch that’s as useful as it is attractive. This DIY Vase for Spare Toilet Paper provides a great way to keep those extra rolls within reach. You can customize your vase any way you like, so get creative! But don’t forget to match it to the existing décor in your bathroom, unless that’s the type of look you’re going for. Hey, it’s your bathroom and your vase. Do whatever makes you feel good.

22. PVC TP Holder by Commando Designs

Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Toilet Paper Holder made from PVC is even easier than the ones made from copper or industrial pipe. PVC is cheap and very easy to work with. All you need is a pair of PVC cutters, a length of pipe, a few fittings, some end caps, and PVC glue. Luckily, all of these items should be located together at your local home improvement store, so you shouldn’t have a hard time locating what you need. And if you don’t like the plain white look, PVC is easy to spray paint.

23. Nautical Cleat Tied TP Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Do you love sailing and spending your time out over the open water? Does someone in your household? Maybe you used to be in the Navy? If you answered yes to any of these, then this Nautical Cleat Tied Toilet Paper Holder is the perfect DIY project for you. It makes use of a nautical cleat with some rope to remind you of the joys of sailing every time you’re in the commode room.

24. Dead Branch Toilet Paper Dispenser by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

We like projects that repurpose materials since it saves money and gives new life to something old. Well, this Dead Branch Toilet Paper Dispenser might just be the easiest repurposing project we’ve ever seen. All you need to do is find an appropriately sized and shaped brand, cut it to size, and screw it into the wall. We suggest putting some drywall anchors in first for some stability. This project is so simple that anyone can easily complete it in just a few minutes. But it looks surprisingly good!

25. Leather and Wood TP Holder by

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Ok, so this Leather and Wood Toilet Paper Holder is actually a towel holder! But we think you could easily repurpose it into a toilet paper holder that looks really nice and unique. All you have to do is cut the wooden rods down to a shorter size and mount the leather straps closer together. The materials cost next to nothing. Wooden rods are cheap and if you look closely at the leather strap, you’ll notice that it’s just an old belt!

Featured Image Credit: Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

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