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4 Doorknob & Hardware Finish Trends in 2024: 18 Ideas (With Pictures)

vintage door knob

If you are redoing your home or parts of it, you are in luck! This year has some of the hottest trends relating to doors, doorknobs, and hardware finishes. If you want your home to look updated, you certainly cannot ignore these parts of your home.

Keep reading to learn about the best doorknob and hardware finish trends this year. This article gives overviews of 4 top trends and dozens of examples to inspire you to transform your home today.

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The 4 Doorknob & Hardware Finish Trends & 15+ Ideas

It is hot to make your door the centerpiece of the room. This is a great way to design your home in a minimalistic way. After all, every room should have a door. Making the door the centerpiece means you don’t have to decorate the rest of the room as much.

Focusing on the door’s doorknob and hardware finishes makes it a lot easier to showcase the door. Remember that doorknobs and hardware finishes aren’t just on room doors. They can also be located on cabinets.

To make your doorknobs and hardware finish shine, opt for geometric shapes, natural finishes, matte finishes, or crystal knobs. Any one of these ideas will help keep your door looking fresh for the new year.

1. Geometric Shapes

One of the easiest ways to make your doorknobs stand out is to opt for geometric shapes. The doorknob itself can be a geometric shape, whether a square, octagon, or perfect circle. You can also paint geometric shapes onto the handles.

For cabinet doors specifically, you might want to go with a slender straight geometric shape. These look clean. Plus, this makes the cabinet doors a lot easier to open.

  • Geometric & Brass Knobs

  • Solid Brass Square Centre Knobs

Hickory Hardware HH075341-EGN Square Knob Brass

  • Cylinder Knobs
brass cylinder knobs
Image Credit: Laurence Katz, Unsplash

  • Octagonal Knobs

  • Hexagonal Knobs

IVAILEX 10 Pack Hexagonal Knobs

2. Natural Finishes

Another hot trend for this year is using natural finishes throughout the home. Natural finishes make the home much more relaxing. Part of the reason why natural finishes have become so popular is the increased interest in the Danish concept of hygge. Luckily, there are tons of natural finishes on doorknobs specifically.

Whether you like natural metallic finishes or wooden finishes, you will not be without options when it comes to incorporating natural finishes into your doorknobs and hardware.

No matter what sort of natural finish you select, make sure it looks rustic and authentic. For example, you don’t want the doorknob to look gilded if you want a metallic finish. Authenticity and rawness are the keys to pulling off this trend.

  • Walnut Knobs

  • Brass Knobs
brass door knob
Image Credit: Gisela Bonanno, Unsplash

  • Gemstone Knobs

mookaitedecor 7 Chakra Drawer Knobs with Screws Set of 2

  • White Rope Knobs

India Nautical White Cotton Rope Door Knobs

  • Sea Stone Knobs

3. Matte Finishes

Another highly popular finish this year is the matte finish. The matte finish looks pretty rustic, which allows the matte doorknobs to match your natural finishes. The most popular matte finishes are found on black, gray, charcoal, and other dark-colored doorknobs.

The great thing about matte finishes is that these don’t really go out of style. If you are on a budget or don’t want to redo your doorknobs anytime soon, dark matte doorknobs are the way to go.

  • Heavy Duty Square Knobs

Olove Hardware Matte Black Door Knob Heavy Duty

  • Flat Rounded Matte Doorknob

Kwikset 97200-896 Pismo Passage Flat Rounded Modern Door Knob

  • Modern Matte Black Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Ravinte Matte Black Kitchen Cabinet Handles

  • Brass Black Matte Knobs

homdiy Cabinet Knobs Brass Black

4. Crystal Knobs

The last doorknob and hardware finish trend to try is crystal knobs. Crystal knobs are unique because they add a touch of luxury to your home, all while matching just about any style your home may have. To level up on your crystal knobs, try to make the crystal look natural, not gaudy or fake.

The classic clear design works perfectly if you want a simple crystal design. However, you might want to splurge on raw gem crystals for your cabinet doors. These small crystals will really make your cabinets pop, all while serving a functional purpose.

The one thing you want to be careful of if you select crystal knobs is that they don’t look too gaudy. Minimalism and naturalism are in. As a result, the crystal knobs do not need to look over the top. Instead, view them as just a bit of pizzazz, assuming that they are simple, raw, and rustic.

  • Rounded Crystal Knobs

CLCTK Crystal Glass Door Knob Round

  • Modern Discshape Crystal Doorknob

COOLNEWS Crystal Glass Modern Discshape

  • Stone Crystal and Quartz Doorknob

American Dream 4 Pack Pink Quartz Crystal Knobs

  • Phantom Crystal Quartz Doorknob

divider 4 What Color Doorknobs Are in Style?

Right now, the most popular doorknob color in style is dark colors, such as black, charcoal, or brown, especially with the matte finish. These colors look incredibly modern, sleek, and put together. They also match most door styles and decor.

Of course, natural styles are in as well. Whether it be wooden finishes, gem finishes, or crystal finishes, these finishes are in style. These more natural finishes will be more expensive than dark finishes. So, opt for dark doorknobs if you are on a budget since they will be easier to find.

Is Oil Rubbed Bronze Going Out of Style?

About 10 years ago, oil-rubbed bronze was all the rage for being the most popular finish for doorknobs and hardware. Unfortunately, this trend has gone out of style.

If you like the oil-rubbed bronze look but still want to be in style, opt for a matte black or matte charcoal finish instead. This will look much more geometric and modern. At the same time, it is reminiscent of oil-rubbed bronze for your personal style.

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Final Thoughts

If you are redoing your home, make your door the gem of the room by using modern trends relating to your doorknob and hardware finishes. Overall, you want to go with rustic, minimalistic, and homey color schemes and patterns.

You should opt for geometric shapes, natural finishes, matte finishes, and crystal knobs to make your doors stand out and match with other trends. Good luck!

Featured Image Credit: congerdesign, Pixabay


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