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How High to Mount Your TV: Optimal Viewing Angle & Comfort

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Usually, we don’t think too much about how high to mount our TV. However, this is actually a fairly important consideration. After all, you want as little glare and picture distortion as possible, and you don’t want to need to crane your neck to see.

Sadly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It does depend a little on how tall you are and where the couch is located. The height you are while sitting on the couch matters, as that’s the angle you’ll be seeing the TV from.

Still, we aren’t usually the only ones that look at our TV. You probably have others in your household and visitors who will watch the TV too. Therefore, it is typically best to mount the TV at an average height that works well for most people.

According to experts, this average is around 42” off of the floor. At this height, the average adult will be looking straight ahead when watching the tv—not up or down. You should not have to angle the TV at all at this height, either.

However, this is average. In some cases, you might need to adjust this. For instance, if everyone in your family is quite tall, then you may want to make it an inch or two higher.

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Is it Better to Mount a TV High or Low?

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Preferably, you’ll mount your TV 42” from the ground or around that. An inch or two difference isn’t going to be a huge deal. However, if you get several inches outside of that average, watchers may develop neck pain and the viewing angle may cause distortions.

However, there are several circumstances where it may make sense to put the TV higher or lower. If there is a shelf or entertainment center that you’re mounting the TV over, you should aim to place it 4” to 6” above the obstruction. This ensures that the shelf won’t get in the way of viewing, and it helps ensure that there is enough room to place things on the shelf.

If you have children, then you may want to place the TV a bit higher so that they will not reach it.

Generally, you’ll want to adjust the angle of the TV to account for being placed higher. While you can measure the angle to get the TV perfect, it is often just as easy to eyeball it and try out a few different angles. If you do measure the angle, you’ll want the TV facing downward at the same angle that you’re looking upward.

While mounting the TV higher isn’t usually a problem, you do not want to mount it lower. This puts your TV at risk of getting hit and knocked, which can cause damage. Plus, looking downward can cause serious neck issues.

How High Should I Mount a 65-inch TV?

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The best height for a TV is 42” from the ground, according to experts. This measurement is based on the height of the average adult and the average couch. Therefore, you may need to adjust slightly if your couch is very high or very low, for instance.

You want the middle of the TV to be about 42”. Therefore, if your TV is 65”, the top will be about 74” off the ground. Being an inch or two off isn’t a huge deal, so don’t feel like you have to measure the exact middle of the TV and line it up with 42” exactly. Feel free to measure 42” and then estimate where the middle of the TV is.

While you don’t want the TV to be extremely high or low, you don’t have to get it exactly at the correct spot. Therefore, it is usually best to measure the wall and then adjust from there.

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Is a TV Above a Fireplace Too High?

Many people put their TVs above their fireplaces. However, we don’t necessarily recommend this. Most fireplaces with mantles are too high for the average TV. Placing a TV at this height can lead to picture distortions and neck pain. Plus, for optimal viewing, you’ll need to tilt the TV, which isn’t always possible.

With that said, it does depend on the height of the fireplace. If your fireplace is rather small, you may be able to fit a TV over it just fine.

When in doubt, you should measure the fireplace to discover just how tall it is. If you still need to mount your TV over it, we recommend tilting it downwards to provide proper viewing.

How High Should A 55” TV Be Off the Floor?

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You want the middle of any TV to be about 42” off of the floor. Therefore, if you have a 55” TV, the bottom should be mounted about 28.5” off the floor. If you want to measure the TV, then use this measurement. However, it does not have to be exact.

Many people simply measure 42” from the floor and get the middle of the TV around that spot. It doesn’t have to be perfect. No one will notice if your TV is actually 42.5” off the floor.

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Generally, the middle of your TV should be about 42” off of the floor. This measurement is about the height of a person’s eyes considering the average person’s height and the average height of a couch. If one of these variables is different from the average in your home, you might need to adjust.

For instance, if you have a very tall couch, then you may want to place the TV slightly higher. We don’t necessarily recommend adjusting for your height, since you won’t be the only person watching the TV. At 42”, most people will be able to watch the TV pretty comfortably.

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