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How Many Bedrooms Are in the White House? The Fascinating Answer!

The White House

Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the building we all know as The White House. It’s where the president of the United States lives and is one of the most impressive buildings in the country. Spread over six floors, the building consists of 55,000 square feet that include 132 rooms (16 of which are guest bedrooms) five kitchens, and a host of other rooms. It even has a swimming pool, a chocolate shop, and a flower shop.

The White House was built in 1792 and has had several extensions and numerous renovations since that time, with new rooms and many rooms having changed purpose. Read on to find out more about some of the more interesting rooms.

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White House Bedrooms

Of the 132 rooms in the White House, 16 are guest bedrooms. These are located on the third floor, which is the floor above where the President and their family live.

One of the bedrooms is named the Queen’s Bedroom and is where Queens stay. Those that have stayed in the room include Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, Queen Sonja of Norway, and Queen Sofia of Spain.

President Truman had one of the rooms renovated and decorated in a style befitting of President Abraham Lincoln, and that room is called the Lincoln Bedroom.


Sixteen guest bedrooms may not be as many as some people expected, but you might be even more surprised to learn that there are 35 bathrooms in the building. Many make up part of the guest suites but there are some for visitors and staff as well.


There are three kitchens in the White House, one of which is a dedicated pastry kitchen. The kitchen and its staff are able to serve a full supper for 140 guests or hors d’oeuvres for 1,000 people or more. There is also a chocolate shop that primarily deals with desserts and also prepares chocolate for the annual Easter Egg Roll that takes place on the grounds every year.

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The 7 Other Rooms in the White House

1. Bowling Alley

Bowling seems to have been a popular pastime with several presidents. Harry Truman first added a bowling alley in 1947, but Richard Nixon moved it to its current location. It is situated below the North Portico Entrance and has been there since 1969.

2. Music Room

Although the room itself has been there for much longer, what is now known as the music room was introduced by Bill Clinton in the 1990s. His wife, Hilary, had an out-of-the-way guest room turned into a music room where her husband could play the saxophone. The room is sound-proofed.

3. The Flower Shop

With so many events, dinners, and occasions hosted in and around the White House, it is not surprising that there is a substantial need for flowers and floral displays. The Flower Shop is the area of the house where staff is responsible for buying flowers and creating those displays.

4. Game Room

The Game Room holds a pool table and other game equipment. It has been in its current location since at least the George W. Bush era, although there has been a pool table in the White House longer than that.

5. Map Room

The map room literally contains maps and eagle-eyed viewers may have seen it on TV and in photos because it is often used for these purposes. It contains historically significant maps including a map showing Germany’s positions in the Spring of 1945. The room itself was introduced by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

6. Calligraphy Room

As well as needing flowers and food, events in the White House also necessitate the sending of invitations. Official letters and other penmanship is conducted by skilled professionals in the calligraphy room. It is on the second floor of the East Wing.

7. China Room

The China Room is an impressive display in itself, containing a substantial collection of state China dinnerware. It was established by Lady Edith Wilson and has been located on the ground floor of the residence since its inception in 1917. The China dishes in the China Room date from as far back as George Washington’s presidency.

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The White House is set on 18 acres and is where the President and their family live. It also incorporates various state rooms and plays host to dignitaries from around the world, as well as friends and family of the president.

In total, there are 16 guest bedrooms, when only taking into account the rooms that are used for sleeping, although there are 132 guest rooms that include bathrooms, living rooms, and other rooms set aside for guest use. There are also 35 bathrooms, which means that there are more than twice as many bathrooms as there are bedrooms.

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