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How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet? Reasons, Factors, & Tips

toilet cleaning

The toilet is a vital part of a building. Every complete building has a toilet, and due to the activities that happen in this little important room, a lot of people are cautious about their toilets. The flush handle, the bowl, and of course, the toilet seats are all prone to germs.

According to research, you can find as many as 83 bacteria per square inch on the flush handle, 295 bacteria per square inch on the toilet seat, and, unsurprisingly, 3.2 million bacteria per square inch inside the bowl. If you wonder why people are always intentional about washing their toilets often, this is a solid enough reason!

So, how often should you clean your toilet?

Although no amount of cleaning can leave your toilet 100% germ-free, it is one of the best bets to reduce the number of bacteria in the room. Some experts say that a bi-weekly cleaning routine will suffice, while others think toilets should be cleaned weekly, and some even go further to say daily.

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The 3 Reasons on Why You Need to Clean Your Toilet Regularly

So, you might be wondering why you need to clean your toilets so often when you only spend a little time in them. You are probably only there for a few minutes at intervals, and everything looks spick and span already. All the countertops and mirrors are sparkling clean, and you can almost see your reflection in the porcelain seats. Well, here are some reasons why your toilet requires frequent cleaning;

1. It Is a Hub for Bacteria

Bacteria tend to thrive in warm, damp areas, and the bathroom and toilet fit this description. Constantly cleaning your bathroom and toilet will leave the bacteria no time to grow and develop. You might not eliminate every one of them, but the fewer, the better.

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2. Health

Bad-smelling toilets with dirty floors and very unhygienic walls will leave anyone uncomfortable. If you are going to spend some time relieving yourself in this room, then it has to be clean. When a toilet is properly cleaned, it can only exude fresh fragrance, and this will help the user of the toilet to relax.

3. It Helps With Maintenance

When you deep clean your toilet, you are able to spot issues quickly. You can tell when a screw is coming off, when there is a crack on a seat, or when a pipe is starting to leak. Cleaning your bathroom regularly keeps you informed, thus, helping you prevent future problems.

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house divider How Often Should You Wash Your Toilet?

Each time you flush the toilet, particles from the toilet are released into the air and can rest on towels, surfaces, and even your toothbrush. Therefore, it is ideal to give your toilet a deep cleaning at least once a week. However, a once-over at the end of each day will not hurt at all. Try using an anti-bacterial wash to clean off surfaces and scrub the toilet bowl and always make sure the toilet floor is dry.

Factors That Can Affect the Frequency of Toilet Washing

  • Kids: If you have kids, then you definitely need to step up your toilet cleaning game. Kids are more likely to leave a big mess; unflushed toilets, wet toilet papers on surfaces, wet floors, etc. You must clean more often if you have kids.
  • Number of People Who Use the Toilet: If it is a personal toilet used only by you, you might not have to clean it too frequently. However, if you share the toilet, then the probability of making a mess is higher, and you will need to clean the toilet more often.
  • Sickness: If you or someone around you is sick, you’re more likely to spend more time in the toilet. Therefore, it is advisable to clean a toilet more often when you have a sick person in the home.
  • The Size of Your Toilet: A small toilet with little to no proper aeration will require more cleaning. Bacteria thrive in dampness, and a poorly aerated toilet will restrict the airflow in the room. This will leave the toilet more prone to bacteria and in need of more frequent cleaning.
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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Toilet

  • Close the toilet lid before flushing to prevent the particles from spreading all over the bathroom.
  • Wipe the toilet seat frequently before sitting on it. Because the toilet seat contains a lot of bacteria, and you will likely have direct skin contact with the seat, it might be a great idea to wipe it with an anti-bacterial fluid before use.
  • Keep the floor dry. A wet floor will attract and grow bacteria, so ensure that you always mop the floor to keep it dry.
  • Try the hot water and salt mix. Put spoons of salt or baking soda into a container of hot water and pour it down the toilet bowl to sterilize it temporarily. This can also unclog toilets if done with enough force.
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Bottom Line

Cleaning your toilet is very important and should not be overlooked. Try to set a toilet cleaning routine that you can maintain and then keep to it. At least once a week is recommended, although a quick clean every day is optimal.

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